Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Stalker Goes Domestic

Back from Oklahoma but tired. I did get to talk to Christina today though, on IM (ok, actually, I'm still talking to her shhh don't tell) and I got to meet Lauren today on IM who is a lurker here at Casa de la Stalker but funny as hell. Hi Lauren! Also, I think I scared the poop out of her when I answered her IM. That's what dreams are made for folks. Scaring the poop out of people. She also invited me on up to a Stitch 'N' Bitch but Pennsylvania is a bit too far and a bit too cold. Besides, the next state I visit needs to be Washington so I can meet the neato folks there. Also, I think if I go somewhere else first Christina might hurt me. Just saying.

I hadn't planned to post today cuz I was tired from hanging some shelves all by my lonesome with wall brace thingies that required drilling and everything but y'all Christina totally didn't believe that I hung shelves. And I did. And I even put them up even and stacked shit on em already and they didn't fall out of the wall. Cuz I am that awesome. So here ya go. Proof. Of shelves. Shelves that are NOT falling out of the wall and are even and shit.

Also, cuteness. Warning, you might die from overload. Tinker is my cutie kitty boo. Too bad I don't like cats.