Monday, January 30, 2006


Ok folks, deadline for the contest? Today. Number of entries for merchandise? Zero. None. Nada. I did get one button submission from Christina and that will get posted on the site for anyone who likes stealing buttons because it is a very cute button. So, unless something shows up in the ol' gmail account by midnight, Pacific time tonight, Stalkee gear will just have to wait for a while. I'll probably work on something in the near future. I do have to say, during the contest time frame, my life did get busy, I got sick and I dropped off the grid for a while. My own fault. You can't start a contest and then *poof* disappear from the blogging world and hope for a good response! So, anywho. There it is. I'm gonna go crochet a tiny bear now.

Hope everyone has a great day!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Stolen meme!

With her permission, I stole this meme from Christina. Wait, if I have permission, is it still stealing? Maybe I just borrowed it from her. If I just borrowed it though, do I have to give it back? I doubt she wants it back really. Well, that's not very exciting and now I don't want to do it. Which is stupid because now what am I going to talk about? This was supposed to be a nice lead in about stealing since it's one of the questions on the meme and there was going to be this big tie in with the meme and my beginning paragragh. Now I'm just rambling about whether or not I really stole the damn thing. This sucks. I wanted to do a stolen meme. Ya know what? This meme was totally taken without permission from Christina's blog. In fact, I bet she's pissed when she sees I stole it. Now I feel better.

Now before we get into the meme, you have to go see Ms. Ryan's blog and see the Dulaan photos of last years distribution in Mongolia. Take tissues. You've been warned.

The Great American (Totally Stolen) Onion Meme

I won't be passing this on. Just steal it then leave me a ransom note in the comments so I can visit it. It's more fun that way, trust me.

layer one
name: Angie
birthdate: April 18, 1972
birthplace: McAlister, Oklahoma
current location: Navasota, Texas
eye color: steel blue with brown around the pupil and brown streaks. Yes, they are as weird as that sounds.
hair color: dark brown with blond stripes. I love stripey hair.
righty or lefty: lefty (Grandpa says this is why I do everything bass-ackwards. hehe)
sign: Aries. take it as you will :)
innie or outtie: so far in I could give small woodland creatures a home

layer two
heritage: If it was part of Europe at any given time, I have it in me. Oh and some Native American too.
shoes you wore today: My plain jane white K-Swiss tennies
your hair: long and curly. tangles if I even think about it.
your weakness: my nephew and anything too small to care for itself
fears: being sick, losing my hubby
your perfect pizza: Cheese with a butt load of sauce. And more cheese. Oh and some melted cheese on top of the cheese.
one thing you'd like to achieve: having a baby. not as easy as these teens make it look, let me tell ya.

layer three
your most overused phrase: yay!, hooray! and piss off....
your first waking thoughts: He better have coffee made. I know he's not waking me up and not having coffee made. He loves me and there will be coffee. Damn I hafta pee.
the first features you notice in the opposite sex: the butt. I have a weakness for nice solid round male booty. I hate this baggy pants fad. I miss the 80's and their tight Levi's!!!
your best physical feature: I have been told I have a cupid's bow mouth. It requires me to shut up long enough for you to see it though.
your bedtime: It should be around 10 or 11. It's usually around 2 or 3 am.
your greatest fear: losing my husband or another miscarriage
your greatest accomplishment: getting out of an abusive relationship

layer four
pepsi or coke: Dr. Pepper. Those other 2 are swill.
single or group dates:I don't think I've ever been on a real date. Let's just leave that alone, shall we?
adidas or nike: K-Swiss!
lipton iced tea or nestea: So long as it's sweet and not that instant shit, I'l drink it.
chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla. mmmmmmm
cappuccino or coffee: Either one so long as there is vanilla creamer or flavoring involved. I really like vanilla.

layer five
smoke: Yes. but trying to quit
cuss: Too much.
sing: Whenever there is an opportunity. Now looks good. Yes, I even sing at work. :)
take a shower everyday: Yes, but I don't wash my hair daily. Too damn much of it.
have a crush: Nope
been in love: Yep.
went to college: I did a couple of semesters in nursing school, but we moved so much back then it was too hard to start nursung school.
liked high school: Only my Senior year.
want to get married: Actually, I never wanted a husband, just kids. Hmmm.....
believe in yourself: Usually
type with your fingers on the right keys: I type 40 words/minute with all of 3 fingers. Sometimes I even spell those words right. I'm a good speller. I am a bad typist.
think you're attractive: I'm cute as hell, does that count?
think you're a health freak: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! No.
get along with your parents: Always now. Didn't when I was in my twenties.
play an instrument:I never really wanted to play one. It takes too much concentration away from singing in my mind.

layer six
in the past month, did you..

drink alcohol: no
smoke: yes
do a drug: Illegal? no
make Out: yes
go on a date: nope
eat an entire box of Oreos: no
eat sushi: eww
been on stage: I wish :(
been dumped: Aww hell no.
gone skating: no
made homemade cookies: no, but I did make muffins
fall in love: That's the fun thing about marriage. Love is always there, but you fall in and out of love on a daily basis.
go skinny dipping: nope
dyed your hair: No, but I really need to either get my stripes done again or have it dyed back to original color. I currently have 4 different colors in my hair and only the dark brown and gray are natural.
stolen anything: This Meme! Hah! Told you there was a tie-in!

layer seven
have you ever...

played a game that required removal of clothing: Yep.
if so, was it mixed company:Yep.
been trashed or extremely intoxicated: Absolutely. Mexico and $3 worth of 25 cent tequila slammers will do it every time.
been caught doing something: Define something *blush*
been called a tease: Nope, but that's not necessarily a good thing.
gotten beaten up: Yep. Severely. But I've given a few beatings in my time as well.
shoplifted: Nope
if so, did you get caught: n/a
changed who you were to fit in: I changed in high school, but not to fit in. Just to make myself happier and all i did was let myself be me.

layer eight
age you hope to be married: Never, but it's too late now!
numbers and names of children: Zero so far, but we have 3 fuzzy children.
describe your dream wedding: Never dreamed of getting married. Never wanted to be married. Looking back, my dream wedding would be to elope. hehe
how do you want to die: Truthfully? I don't want to, but if it has to happen, I'd like to just fall asleep and not wake up.
what do you want to be when you grow up: Not grown up. I want to be a child forever. I never want to forget how to play. I don't mind paying bills, but I want to remember the joy of blowing bubbles on a Spring day. I never want to forget how funny the word "poop" is. I want to always appreciate the smell of puppy breath and how puppy kisses tickle your nose.
what countr(ies) would you most like to visit: Ireland, Scotland and Australia.

layer nine
number of men i have kissed: Ummm...lots actually. I'm a kissy sort of person. I like a good lip lock. Not the slobbery kind. Eww.
number of boyfriends you've had:Ummm...technical boyfriends? 4. Those other people were, ummm....just friends.
number of drugs taken illegally: I have smoked pot in the past. The far past. My nephew is not allowed to read this post.
number of people i could trust with my life: Quite a few actually. I can count at least 10 off the top of my head.
number of CDs that i own: Probably somewhere between 20 and 30. It's a pretty serious occasion if I buy a CD. I'm a radio type of girl.
number of piercings: Zero. I used to have my ears pierced, but those have grown in.
number of tattoos: 5. I would love to get more, but T hates tattoos.
number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: Quite a few times due to being in choir.
number of scars on my body: 3 major. Lots of minor.
number of things in my past that i regret: Just one really. Never getting to sit down and crochet with my grandmother and getting to hear her laugh while I crocheted in my "weird little way of doing things right-handed" when I am a left-handed individual. This always made her giggle at me. "Yer left-handed, Angie girl! Why do insist on doing things with yer right hand? Never did make no sense to me."

Hope everyone has a great day!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Stalker gets weird.

Greetings and salutations, my Dear Stalkees! Yes, tis I again. Yes, I know it's been 13 days since I posted last but calm yourselves I shall explain. I have been quite ill for 8 days so I'm really only a few days late posting. Sick time doesn't count. Does not. Cuz I say it doesn't, now let's move on. I missed all of last week work wise and the suckiest part of all this? The part that seriously sucks donkey butt? I was off an entire week of work and didn't get very much crocheting done. I was too sick for playing with yarn. Too. Sick. For. Yarn. I'll let that sink in for a moment. Take a deep breath, it's ok.

I did get some stuff done but for the most part, concentrating on anything made me very nauseous. So what do I have to show for a week off? Well, I got the rest of the 40 squares done for my sister-in-law's afghan. Pictures? Hell no. I can't think of anything more boring than a picture of 34 small white squares. I did try to do the photo thing. They all turned out so pathetic looking. I even took pictures of the squares outside. Ya know, silly little squares frolicking in the warm Texas winter. It looked more like a crochet massacre happened in my front yard. The Texas Crochet Massacre, if you will. If they had been red squares, I could have shot a video and gone to the Sundance Film Festival with them. Revolting.

I also started another fun little project during my adventures in illness, but that has to wait for the next post. It really deserves it's own post in all it's cuteness. So for now, we'll head off to a meme! Yes, I got tagged and it's actually a fun little one. I was tagged by Angi and you really should go take a peek at her blog. Her banner is highly amusing. Ok, it might have been the drugs, so go check it out and report back, would ya?

***Ground Rules: The first player of this "game" starts with the topic "5 weird habits of yours" and people who get tagged need to write a blog entry about their 5 quirky habits as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next 5 people to be tagged and list their names.***

Coming up with 5 is no big deal. Coming up with 5 I'm willing to admit to? Yeah. Whole new ballgame folks.

1.) I will sing to anything. I adore singing. I'm not great but I don't just suck ass at it either, but I will sing at every given opportunity. Fun little jingle on that commercial? Gonna sing it. If you play music I like during dinner, I will sit there and starve. Must sing. It's like the opposite of Pavlov's dog.

2.) I am terrified of doctors. Dentists? No problem. I get scared every time I have to go to the doctor, even if it's just for a checkup. Yep. Weird like that.

3.) I have to eat in order. I know I've discussed it before, but it's good an weird. I can't mix my food, and I don't mean it not touching. I mean I can't take a bite of one thing, then a bite of another. I have to eat all of my broccoli, then all of my corn, then all of my meat....yep. I even turn the plate so that whatever is next is in front of me.

4.) I like small spaces, but I hate being crowded. If I woke up in a coffin, I'd be fine. If I woke up in a closet, I'd be fine. If I woke up in the mall at Christmas time I'd have a panic attack after about 10 minutes because of all the people. And it's not that I don't like people, I just don't like being crowded by them. I have a very serious personal space issue.

5.)I am a quick learner but I have a very short attention span. This leads me to finding things I wanna learn to see if I can, then quitting to move on. I wanted to see if I could paint. So I did. it wasn't bad. I'm kinda done now. I wanted to learn to knit. I basically know how. I'm kinda done now. I wanted to learn how to build computers. I know how. I don't because it's boring. This is pretty much the story of my life. Ooh something shiny! Oh, ok, it's not so shiny now. Next! The hubby has lasted the longest of all my projects. Thank goodness marriage always changes. Hehe. Next!

Ok, so do I want to perpetuate the vicious cycle that is a meme? Tell ya what, if you wanna do it, feel free to do so and pop over to let me know so I can check it out. I've done the meme thing. I can do it fine. Need to find something else to do now. Guess I could work or something. :)

Hope everyone has a great day!

Update: Because I know everyone really wanted to know, I went back to the doctor today because I wasn't feeling well still. He yelled at me for going back to work too soon and I now have a urinary tract infection because of the previous medications. It's things like this that makes the baby Jesus cry. I can't. Stand. It.

Thursday, January 05, 2006


This is what my G-mail account looks like today. Click on it for a larger, sadder image. This is the inbox that is supposed to be chock full of design ideas. Now, before you think that this is really sad, there are personal emails I have hidden in some other boxes, but none of them have designs attached to them. Yes, the deadline has been pushed back to the end of January, but I think we need some motivation. Remember the prizes involved? No? Well, they rock. You want them. Trust me on this. In fact, let me just recap the contest we are having here at Casa de la Stalker. Yep, this is just parts of the original post all over again. We'll be ok. Take my hand, no, not that one, it's holding the yarn. We'll get through this.

Original post:

Ok so here's the deal. We're going to have a contest at Casa de la Stalker. Yay!!! One of you lovely people will get to design the Stalkee gear. That's right! You heard me. I would like you guys to submit designs for the merchandise. It will be a small something on the front with something larger on the back. Is that vague enough? Hehe

What I had pictured (but then I have a sick mind) is something along the lines of a female figure, dressed in black, sneaking/tip-toeing along with a small black mask on. There should be yarn involved. But then again, that's just my mind. What says Stalker to you? What should the saying on the back be? All entries will be welcomed, but please try to keep them mostly family friendly. While I might find pornographic banners entertaining and worth a chuckle or 2, other folks may not. Also along the way, I am hoping to get a new sidebar button for the blog out of the deal. I know. I'm sneaky. So submissions will be front and back ideas for merchandise and/or a blog button.

Update: Multiple submissions for merchandise design and/or sidebar button are welcome. Feel free to submit as many designs as you would like.

As mentioned this is a contest. That means prizes! Yay!!! It's good ones too, let me tell ya.

1.) Winner of the merchandise design contest, will get a Stalkee gear T-shirt with their design on it, a set of 8 stitchmarkers made by me with their choice of colors, and a shopping spree of up to $35 at KnitPicks. That, my dear Stalkees, is quite a bit of yarn/patterns/books.

2.) Winner of the blog button contest will get a Stalkee gear mug and 2 skeins of the sock yarn of their choice from KnitPicks. If more than one button is used, all of the other submissions used will win a Stalkee gear mug. Buttons are for the sidebar. This isn't a banner sized thing. Think in terms of small please. :)

3.) Due to the upcoming holidays and the fact that people actually may have better things to do than to design stuff for me (I don't know what it would be, but there you have it), the deadline for designs is December 30th January 31st. Yes, 2 months is a long time, but not when there is Christmas knitting/crocheting/crafting to be done, gifts to wrap, homes to decorate, parties to attend, jobs to go to, children to raise and significant others to coddle cuddle.

4.) Please send all submissions to stalkerangie AT gmail DOT com. I think you can figure it out from there.

5.) For the merchandise, it will be through CafePress and they do have image guidelines. The following links should help with any questions you have on that end.

Beginners Image Workshop (A general FAQ on creating images for CafePress.)

Product Templates (A general idea of image sizes per product.)

If there are any questions, comments or you just think I'm off my gourd, shoot me an email or leave your email addy in the comments.

It's all about the prizes anyway. Hee

Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year!

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary describes the word "Resolution" in the following manner:

1 : the act or process of reducing to simpler form: as a : the act of analyzing a complex notion into simpler ones b : the act of answering : SOLVING c : the act of determining d : the passing of a voice part from a dissonant to a consonant tone or the progression of a chord from dissonance to consonance e : the separating of a chemical compound or mixture into its constituents f (1) : the division of a prosodic element into its component parts (2) : the substitution in Greek or Latin prosody of two short syllables for a long syllable g : the analysis of a vector into two or more vectors of which it is the sum h : the process or capability of making distinguishable the individual parts of an object, closely adjacent optical images, or sources of light.

Huh?? Ummm....yeah. That is just way to confusing, but that's not why I swore off New Year's resolutions. If I resolve to lose weight, I will be bigger by June. If I resolve to quit smoking, I'll be up to 3 packs a day by August. I'm just one of those people. Stubborn and bull headed. Now, if you were to tell me that I would die in 3 months unless I took these pills, I'd take the pills. If you told me I had to take the pills or I would die, start the funeral preparations. I don't have to do anything. Yes, it seriously is that bad. Yes, it is retarded. I take direction well. I don't take orders worth a damn. Military was definitely never in my future.

Take for example, my early relationship with my dad. My dad believed in corporal punishment. He spanked us when we did wrong but he never took it too far. Now, he spanked my 2 older brothers well into their teens. He quit spanking me when I was 5-years-old. Not because I was his Little Princess, although I am, but because he was afraid he was gonna kill me. See, the boys had it down. Daddy spanked us until we cried because he felt if we cried, we realized we had done something wrong and he would give us time to calm down then have "the chat." (I hated that shit too. I always felt it was throwing mistakes back in my face.) The boys would let him get a good 2 or 3 swats in and then "burst into tears." They would then go to their rooms for a few minutes, then come out and apologize. Apologize! Brown-nosers.

Anyway, my brothers explained the system to me over and over. They didn't want me to die unless they got to do it themselves, and watching the battle between me and my dad was taxing on everyone in the household. Now, let me interject here that it was a rare occasion that I got a spanking. I was one of those kids that felt disappointing an adult was the worst thing that could happen. If you wanna be mad at me, fine. If you hate me, fine. If you're disappointed in me I'm crushed. So when I messed up, all you had to was tell me I had let you down and I would bend over backwards to fix it. Spanking me is downright dumb as hell. I was already upset. I always felt there was no need to add to it because nothing could make me feel worse than I was already feeling, so spankings really pissed me off.

Now, picture if you will, a little blond girl (cute as hell, I might add), quick to laugh, painfully polite to adults and thought Shirley Temple was the epitome of what all good little girls should be. Not a picture of rebellion, right? Yeah. Until I got bent over a knee. Then I would hear my brothers saying in my mind, "Angie, just cry! He'll stop as soon as you cry." Pfffft. I would not cry for him. In fact, not only would I not cry, I always took it one step too far. I turned my head and glared at him the entire time. I never said a word, I just glared. Which made him mad enough to actually hit harder. Which made me glare harder. This was a very vicious cycle. I remember my mom slapping my dad once to make him stop. I was the only one who ever made him lose it that bad. And I never cried during spankings. I always cried once I got to my room, but never in front of anyone. I really am that damn stubborn stupid stubborn.

Which brings us back around to why I don't do New Year's resolutions. I always break them. I guess subconsciously it feels like being told what to do. Yeah, it's silly and I psychoanalyze myself every time I do it. Anywho, so no resolutions for me. Ok, that took forever to get to, didn't it. Do you guys have any resolutions for the new year? Any of you have any strange psychotic reasons for not making resolutions? Any of you think I should seek therapy for many, many years to come?

Ya know, this post was supposed to be about things I learned over the last year. It turned into this. Who'da thunk?

Hope everyone has a great day year!

*Update: I guess it was inevitable. I have a Frapper Map. I was suckered into it somehow. I am merely a sheep following blindly behind. Go put in a pin before you sheer me and turn me into a sweater.