Monday, September 05, 2005

A Prize Indeed

So, you've been to the site, and you have made your donations. Of course you have. I have faith that you have gone and done just that. And why wouldn't you? There are people to be helped. Fellow countrymen and women. Fellow human beings. And as icing on the cake, there are goodies! I have done my donation, and will probably do so again. I have also donated some little pretties for the drawings. I know! How exciting! And what did the Stalker donate? None other than these little beauties. (Click for larger image of course)

These are a group of 8 stitch markers to go to a very lucky person. I say lucky because I am very proud of these. I want a set for myself and intend to do just that at some point. But there are a lot of beautiful things being donated. And did you see the freakin' total so far?? Almost $55,000 last time I looked. That is just....phenomenal. And here is a close-up of the blue markers and then the white ones.

On the health front, I did get to go to the hospital for the knee, and it is just really inflamed. I got a couple of shots in my ass and things are on the mend. Yay! My bowling career may be shot though. Cuz, you know, I go bowling soooo often. As in the last time was 5 years ago. Heh.

On the yarn front, I did add to the stash and I know you are just dying to see what I added. It will just have to wait. Yes, I am that evil. It gives you something to look forward to.

Hope everyone has a great day!!


Norma said...

Oh, Stalker Angie, you are marvelous. Those stitch markers are da bomb! Makes me want to go and donate again and again.....wait, I was going to do that anyway. Lovely, lovely, S.A.!

margene said...

Angie they are beautiful! Thank you for such a gorgeous prize.

ck said...

Those are so gorgeous! That will make a fantastic prize for some lucky knitter.

Love the name of your blog :)

Stalker Angie said...

Welcome to the blog CK! I promise there will be an update soon guys. Work has just been hectic and I've been switching back and forth between days and overnights to help cover a sick co-worker. Makes a stalker sleepy, that does.

Brenda said...

oh my god - i just read your comments on your experiences in retail over on norma's blog so i had to come over and say "i snorted coffee out my nose when i read that!!" hee.... great blog - i'll be back :)