Friday, December 08, 2006

Friday! Yay!

First off my apologies to Erin. She won the granny square. I only had to throw bits of paper in the air five times to get Tinker to pick a winner. The first 3 times he just watched them flutter to the ground then looked at me like I was stupid. The 4th time he showed a little interest and on the 5th try he actually pounced. Now he's mad because I woke him up from a nap to play with bits of paper I then took away from him. Poor Kitty Boo. So Erin, be aware that this hideous thing is going to show up on your doorstep. This is poor payment for you sending me Clucky Rooster. I'll try and do better next time. Hehe

The last few days have been all about trips to the doctor cuz my blood pressure is still too high so now I'm on 2 meds for it. As of Wednesday, I have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. As of Wednesday I am going to a psychologist and I've already seen her twice. As of today I am on a paid leave of absence from work until I get my meds taken care of. My job is supposed to be ending as of December 29th. This should be interesting. I'm handling things ok. Don't worry too much about me at this point. I'll still have my bad days but I have found I have an awesome support network and people calling me daily just to see how my day is going.

Now, as promised, pictures of the animals. See, we got a new coffepot. I know! Yay us! And you know how coffepots come in those big boxes packed in shaped styrofoam? Well, Tinker found one of those pieces. He play with it. He plays in it. He also sleeps in it. Thank goodness I didn't go but him a $50 kitty bed. It's easier to go buy another $15 coffee pot. Everyone needs extra coffeepots, right?

Also, the babies are getting their hair back and Saoirse couldn't be happier about it. Well, she could but she has way too much attitude.

Alex is happy about his hair growing back, but he fell asleep watching me knit. He leads an exciting life.


chris said...

Awwww, what cute babies!

Cats are such an enigma, eh? I knitted Abby a cat bed when I first learned how to knit, and she never sat more than her elbows on it -- I ended up giving it to NanC's cats, and Marie just lurrrves it.

Glad stuff is okay, despite all the doctors -- best to get all that stuff fixed or in the process of being fixed now rather than later!

Also, pssst! What is your AIM name?? I wanna IM you, but I can't find you (yeah, i may just be tech dumb).

Cookie said...

That's why I never buy cat toys. *L*

I'm glad you're still working thru the medical stuff. Keep it up! It really will get better. Just think... more time to knit now. ;^)

catsmum said...

the puppies are looking much better but I'd still be pissed at the clipper person.
Glad you're on the right track with the meds and all.
and I'm sending EVERYONE I know the photo of Tinker!

Christina said...

Poor Erin!

And yay for critter pics! Saoirse still looks mad though.

And the "kitty bed" is cute, but what are you going to do when he outgrows it? Buy something bigger packaged in styrofoam? *lol*

erin/pinkerbell said...

whoo hoo I'll be sure to proudly display it as a warning to others.

janna said...

Yeah, cats are a lot like kids - they like the packaging better than the gift (although I guess is would be really weird if Tinker liked the coffee pot....)

And, yay, you, for getting your health issues taken care of -- ironic, though, that you're on medical leave this close to the end of your job.....

s t a c i said...

Just the thought of styrofoam makes my teeth itch, and the idea of kitty claws making noise on styrofoam is nearly sending me into hysterics!

I should probably get some meds, huh? :)

Carol said...

Whatever you buy, kitty always prefers the packaging. The poochies are looking really adorable. Good luck with the meds & sending good career karma your way!

Leeny said...

Yay! Furry baby pics! My Teddy is like Tinker - the packaging is so cool to play with, hehe! Glad you're getting yourself taken care of, hon!