Sunday, July 24, 2011

A REAL post. With Pictures!!

So I finally have a moment in between my busy schedule of school and...well, school, to post the pictures of the room makeover. I cannot tell you the difference it's made in my general well being. It's soothing to be in here now and I no longer feel as trapped. No, the trapped feeling won't go away until I have graduated, have a job and have become a useful member of society again, but it's been lessened and that's huge.

School is awesome. Not because I adore my instructors cuz that is sooooo not the case. School is awesome because I've already met some amazing people and I've actually enjoyed getting to be around people again. I finally feel like a lot of the anxiety and panic has gone. I'm not 100% but then I may never say I am again because we all know that when I do I end up right back in the crazy so yeah, not 100% but having a DAMN good time talking to people again.

What? Oh! Pictures! Right. Sorry. You know me, I ramble. Shut up. Here ya go!! Pictures of the room makeover with commentary! Comment away.  :)

I still have shelves to put up so I can get my dragons back in the room (and out of Mom's dining room, don't judge me) but otherwise, it's such a vast improvement that I'm very happy with it. A huge thanks to my folks for putting up with it and helping and to my nephew, Dylan, for being a champ during the whole process.

P.S You there. Lurker McLurkerson. There's a comment button below. Click it. Say Hi. Stop being creepy. That's my job, dammit.


Pla said...

How can a purple door NOT make you happy?!?!?! And you have inspired me. It's time I tackle a room in my house. I've been putting it off for months and it's making me crazy. You did a fantastic job with your room and I will get off my butt and try to do same.

ps - I just started blogging again if'n you want to check it out. There is not much there. Yet!

My word verification is SCROCK isn't that delightful?!?! It sounds kinda dirty!! Like, "I got so mad at him that I kicked him in the scrock!"

Stalker Angie said...

Oh Pla, how i have missed you!!! And you have my permission to kick men in the scrock if they get out of hand! <3

Jen Anderson said...

It looks great! I love the purple door and I love having my clothes even semi-organized.

twelvedaysold said...

Yay! It's a huuuuge improvement from where the room was. I'm glad you like it! (Also, I'm horribly jealous of your purple door.)

Thanks for the pictures!

Sara Wootton said...

Great Jorb! I heart it!

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