Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Big floppy hats and teeny tiny pastries

First off I want to welcome a couple of Dorks to the blog and some lovely people who found me through said Dorks. Oh, and any other new readers I may be missing. Hi Ladies!!

So the day before Mother's Day, the Historical Society of Millican, Texas had itself a Tea. The Country Gingham Tea to be exact. I was a smidge nervous about going because I didn't have anyone to go WITH and the only person I knew that would be there is my mother-in-love, but she was serving, not socializing. Have I mentioned I have issues about going places alone the first time? I do. I can go out to eat alone, go to the movies alone, drive across states alone...but you get me to go into a library, new store or a meeting place all by myself? No sir, I don't like it. This would be why I haven't been to our local knitting guild meetings even though I know when and where it is. Can someone come hold my hand??

So anyway, about this tea. It was a grand time. It was a hoot and I had a great time. I don't even know where to start, so I guess I'll go from the beginning. I arrive to the Millican Civic Center/Meetin' House. This is the same place the hubby and I vote and it's an old civil war building that is in need of repair. Well, they did some repair. It was too cute. They had planted all around the front ramp and had hanging plants eveywhere. Oh wait! I have a picture! I have no idea who the ladies are, but they were nice and I love the dress.

Well when I got inside, they had patched up the old paneling as much as possible but the walls were covered in hand sewn quilts. All of the tables had white table clothes with gingham ribbon and big ribbon bows in all different colors. Sooooo pretty. Everyone is in pretty dresses and big hats to match. Hell, I even painted my toenails! Then we had a speaker who is a history buff and told us all about how that hall had been the meeting place for all of the counties on this side of the river to be shipped off to fight in the Civil War. It was interesting. Not my thing, but interesting. Then we got tea and food. Mmmmmm boy did we get good stuff. And yippee! I got to be served by T's mom! So the first course I have a picture of. They did everything so nice.

Almost too pretty to eat....almost. Posted by Hello

We had chicken salad sandwiches, apple slices, an asparagus roll and an open face cucumber sandwich. Now folks, I don't like asparagus. I'm not real damn crazy about cucumbers either. It was all wonderful. I loved everything they served.

The next course (sounds so distinguished, don't it) was a cranberry/orange scone with honey butter. Are you drooling yet? Cuz then there was a third plate. Oh hell yeah. Bring on the sweets!

It's Texas. Pecans will be involved. Posted by Hello

That's 2 luscious chocolate covered strawberries, a sugar cookie shaped like a tea pot (too cute!!), a Ghirardelli Caramel and a wonderful, wonderful, mouth watering pecan tart thingy. Oh it was divine.

But alas, I am an idiot. I didn't take any knitting. Not a bit. No crochet either. Stupid me thought it would be inappropriate. Sitting next to me during all of this lovely experience, was a good friend of the M-I-L. I had my camera with me for blogging purposes (see? I was thinking of you) so I showed her stored images of the Sophie bag (discreetly since my MIL was, like, there) and she just went nuts over it. So of course the nice lady across the table wanted to know what the fuss was about so I handed her the camera and she loved the bag and then fessed up that she knits as well. So the lady 2 seats down from her says "Are y'all talkin' about knittin'?" and we said we were and the next thing you know, we're having us a great big conversation about knitting. And I started it. Ms Ryan is probably laughing her ass off right now at the irony of it all.

But every woman at that table either knit, crocheted or both. And then I mentioned the LYS and there was a moment of complete silence and then my table sounded like the trading floor of the stock market. I tell you one thing though. Next time, I'm taking my current project. Screw decorum. By the end of our conversation, I had 2 ladies who would have helped me with an idea I have for knitting and had a couple of ladies that wanted me to show them some crochet stitches. Dumb ass stalker.

Tomorrow or Thursday you will see Sophie. Isn't it exciting??

Hope everyone has a great day!!


Melissa said...

sounds like you had a grand time. I'm with you about the terrible nerves before going somewhere new - I publically begged for company before attending Guild.

Norma said...

Now THAT is just the ticket. I wish I were there and I wish I had one of those to go to TOMORROW, rather than the thing I really DO have to go to, which is NOT going to be fun at ALL.

Stalker Angie said...

Melissa, you and I need to hook up for some brave Guild attending. Seriously. Maybe we can start a therapy group.

Norma Dear, I honestly don't think you and I should do Tea together. Not if there's anyone else around. I don't think you and I together could hold onto any sense of decorum. We might be the first people to ever be banned from a tea house. Dear deities that sounds like fun. Ms. Ryan can play with us and TMK can hold the bail money. *evil grin*

carma said...

Awwww shucks I feel so welcome Thanks! (Is it weird that both Erin and I are proud to be known about the blogworld... and the rest of the world... as dorks?)

I'm the same way I canNOT go pretty much anywhere for at LEAST the first time alone (and most places I can't go alone ever).

And decorum? What's that? Erin and I nearly got shushed in CHURCH (and not that long ago mind you). The pastor laughed at us about it after the service.

But I'm so proud you went to the tea (esp alone) and had such a wonderful time... and started a conversation about knitting!

That'll learn ya! :)

Stalker Angie said...

Carma, you and Erin being known as dorks CANNOT be any worse then being known in the blogworld as "The Stalker." :o)

erin/pinkerbell said...

Thanks for the welcome. I am quite comfortable with my dorkiness. it is part of my *ahem* charning personality.

Tea sounds like a wondeful thing, except when I realize that almost all of my good table manners have long since wasted away and I would just make a fool of myself.