Wednesday, May 04, 2005

A post for Ms. Ryan.

Well I suppose it was inevitable. Someone had to get pushy about my lack of updating. I just never thought it would be my very own blog mistress. Say, who's the stalker here, anyway?? So update I shall. Let's see....what shall we talk about? Oh! You want to talk about me?? Perfect! So, I had a birthday a couple of weeks ago. Did too. I turned 33. I thought heading for mid-thirties was gonna be scary. Truth be told, I still see myself as 18. I don't FEEL 18, but I still act like it sometimes. What's that? What did I get? Nosy buggers, ain't ya? Ok fine.

My mom (of the "she gave birth to me variety")gave me a gor-gee-muss frame that had a picture of myself, her and my grandmother in it. It made me cry. A lot. My little brother gave me this really cool music box of a dragon and wizard fighting that has flashy lights when you play the music. Too. Freakin. Cool. Did I ever mention that I collect dragons? I do, ya know. My little sister gave me a really pretty watch and necklace set and she made me a message board that's all irridescent and has beads spelling my name out. Saying she's creative is like saying the Titanic was just a big boat. My mother-in-love gave me a $50 gift certificate to my LYS. Yes she did! Nope, haven't spent it yet. I'm savouring the moment. Cuz T's sister sent me $50 for my birthday and it's going with the gift certificate. That's right, baby. I get to go spend $100 on yarn and still pay the rent. Ooooh yeah. I was debating just putting the money with my cruise money for next Spring. But that would be stupid. Yarn FOR the you're talkin'. I'm buying silk yarn for a shawl to go with me on the cruise. I am one smart stalker. Hubby is getting me a BBQ pit. See? 33 ain't so bad as all that. In fact, it kinda rocks.

The only scary thought about getting older is that whole shrinking thing people do. Now folks, I don't know if you're aware, but I'm not very tall. I'm 5'1" tall. There's not a whole lot of shrinkng room there. And my nephew had bigger hands than me when he was 5. My longest finger is 2 inches long. Think about that for a moment, will ya? Piano is so not in my future. Now T, he's got some shrinking room. Wonder if he'd take my share of the shrinking. I'm his wife, he should shrink for me. The man is 6'7" tall. Yes he is. A full foot and a half taller than me. Am I asking too much here?? Oh, and here's some stalker trivia for you. Hubby and I met on the internet. Did too. We were both living in Houston in the same area of town. We were engaged within 3 months and married before we knew each other a full year. I asked him to marry me. I am not the most patient of people. We've been married for 6 years now. I am one lucky gal. Well that concludes our Stalker Trivia for today. Hope you were paying attention. There will be a quiz.

In knitting news, Sophie is 9 rows away from being felted and she's loving every moment of it. When I got home today I caught her cavorting in the garden enjoying our lovely Spring weather. I just had to whip out the camera. Here's Sophie frolicking in the ivy.

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Now, our ivy isn't really that bright, and Sophie is made from the lovely Cascade 220 I ordered so it's really not that...well, blah. I'm still trying to figure out how that happened. Here's Sophie with the sunflower she insisted on having a picture taken with. Silly Sophie!

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My neighbor has these sunflowers and since we are downhill of them, some of the seeds washed into our yard and we have 6 of them coming up. Can't wait 'til they bloom. Now I want you to notice that my thumb is in the above whole thumb. See? No freakin' shrinking room here, people. In ten years, you can just call me Stalker Nub.

Hope everyone has a great day!!


Norma said...

WHAT you say? You're only freakin' 33?????????????? I can't deal. I truly can't. You know I'm going to be forty-fuckin'-SIX this year??? Acccck. But you know what? I feel 24. Or so. And what the hell is it with you little munchkins that marry giants? It happens so often it's actually a little bit funny. I and my husband are both pretty short, and our daughter is taller than both of us. How's that for embarrassing? If she didn't look exactly like her father, I suppose people would wonder who her father really is! Ok, enough disclosure about ME in YOUR comments. (I got a huge kick out of Ryan chiding you to update.)

Stalker Ryan said...

You're surprised that I nagged you to update your blog when I and 500 of my closest friends are the same people who sucked you away from crocheting and back into knitting? We're ALL about manipulating, you, baybee!

Okay, you're pretty good at the manipulating yourself, missy, since now you've compelled to measure MY longest finger. (Grubbing around in desk drawer for ruler. Doing rude things with my middle finger in order to measure it.) 3" and a bit. Who knew?!

Thank you for posting, Stalker. Really. And belated Happy Birthday. Oh, and happy 05-05-05!

carma said...

Hehehe your post caused me to measure my middle finger too because, well, the reason I knit is because I'm a sheep (I follow). Just a touch under 3 inches which is weird because I'm only like 2 inches (really an inch and a half but I round up) taller than you.

And the most amusing part? My boyfriend is 6'9"... Guess Norma's right we midgets go for the tall ones (or perhaps it's the other way around...)