Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The proof is in the pudding.

Warning my dear Stalkees, this is a picture heavy post. Click pics for bigger views.

Have you been to See the latest figures for Dulaan? No?? Then run over here and check it out. I'll wait. Go on.

Impressive ain't it? And mine is just getting into the mail. I'm going to overnight it so it makes it on time. Yeah, I procrastinate but you know this about me so just get over it. And I have pictures! Hooray! First off is a shot of the 3 fleece blankets going.

I'm a bit pissed about this because there was supposed to be 4. Somewhere in the last 5 months I have lost an entire fleece blanket. If you saw my house this would not surprise you. It sure as hell doesn't surprise me. On the plus side, I'll find it in 3 days and it will just become the first piece for next year. Stubborn ass blanket.

Next is a picture of the entire pile that is headed for Arizona, then to Mongolia.

In the group we have 9 hats, 3 blankets (dammit), 2 scarves, a fleece coat and 3 pairs of mittens. So 18 items in all. Not too shabby. (Under the table is my Lhasa Apso, Alex. He's not going. He's momma's boy so he has to stay with me.) And no, I didn't make it all myself but that's not the point, is it. But I did make some of it and I have pics of each. Hooray!

Here we have a Ken Hat a la Harlot and a matching scarf. I used 3 strands of yarn in 3 shades of green. I loved how the colors turned out.

This was my first ever knit hat and it was fun to do. I didn't have any DPNs in the house so I improvised by using straight needles and just moving the stitches back and forth. It worked, don't knock it. Next is the Pinwheel/Butthole Hat by Norma Dear made using a strand of pastel variegated and a strand of light purple. It's all shimmery. Oooh.....aaaaah.

Then, having made said Butthole, I of course had to make the Half-assed Hat and I used the 3 shades of green from the Ken Hat and a strand of the light purple from the Pinwheel/Butthole Hat and, well, the picture kinda explains what I did. This was fun because it was my first ever color change in knitting and it prepared me for Sophie. I really like how this one turned out.

And here it is folks. All 17 (Update: 18. There were 18 items, you twit. Not 17. Stop it!) items minus one Lhasa Apso all wrapped up and heading for loving homes across the big pond.

That's a wrap!


Norma said...

FanTASTico! Wonderful, wonderful job, Angie! I'm really anxious to see the photos of Cuzzin Tom handing out the items, and I'm still knitting.

purlewe said...

rock on! you are amazing. So glad to see the box headed to mongoLEEa

Christina said...

Thanks for meeting up in Guild Wars! What fun.

Anonymous said...

wow this is the first i have heard of this dulaan project, nice to see there is an on going project... something i can work towards for next year:) thank you for posting about it so it is known again in the knitting community!

carma said...

Really really cool.

I snuck my hats into Erin's box ;) I did this simply because otherwise I would have lost them first.

I'm going to start on some hats for sending this fall... It's either that or I'll really have to learn how to knit socks! *gulp*