Wednesday, July 06, 2005

There are no lemons here.

Short post today, my dear Stalkees.

Sometimes life just goes ahead and hands you the damn lemonade without all the muss and fuss and it quenches a thirst you never knew you had. Sometimes, things just happen and you're not sure how or why, you're just, I don't know....Relieved? Excited? Content? Blown away? I feel this way every time I see this. This is the final numbers for The Dulaan Project. We were shooting for 500 items. Go have a look. Accept the warm fuzzies that come with realizing what was accomplished and then go hit your stash and go ahead and start a hat or a scarf for next year. Make a sampler scarf out of squares to improve your stitches. Let's see what we can get done for next year, shall we?

Hope everyone has a great day!


Norma said...

Forget lemonade....this is full-on lemon meringue pie, or lemon poppyseed cake or.....oops, can you tell I've got carbs on the brain tonight? Innit wonderful, though?!

Ryan said...

What a lovely posting, Dear Stalker. It makes me happy when other participants in the project are as moved by the results as I am--but then again I'm paid to care. Oh, wait. What did you say? I'm NOT getting paid for this? Dang.

Jenifer said...

Hey Stalker Angie ... I feel so complimented that you stalked me! :) I'm glad to see that post about the Dulaan project ... I meant to send stuff off and I just didn't (bad me) but I'm happy to know that they were overwhelmed nevertheless. I just need to find another good charity, now. take care!
(P.S., where in Texas are you? My family is from there ... [originally Brady in the center, then the DFW area, in case you were going to ask me that]) Jenifer

Lee Ann said...

Well, you just rock, is all.

Did the mouse eat the fourth blanket?

carma said...


That's all I can say.


TMK said...

Okay, Stalker Angie. Now *I'm* stalking you. Where's your next post? I love your stories. And it *has* been 9 days!!! (And I'm not a very patient person.) ;-)

(I second what TMK says. Yep, I'm sitting right next to her as she is lodging her complaint, and I am definitely cheering her on. Surely SOMETHING is going on in the Great State of Texas. -Ryan)