Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Better Late Than Never?

OMG it's Wednesday and this is what should have been Friday's post and omg lol wtf bbq! As Christina has said so eloquently in the comments (I just adore her. I really do. She keeps me on my toes.) this post is sooo late and yes, I suck as a blogger. So to distract you from the lateness of it all, here is a picture I took on the way home last Thursday. Yes, I was driving. It's ok. My camera has a view screen and I kept my eyes on the road at all times. Click to enlarge. It's pretty cool.

Ok, so now we are STILL trying to recap cruise stuff and I am really not trying to drag this out any more than it already is. We're on Day 3.

Day 3 we wake up, head up to breakfast which is a buffet of fresh fruit, breads, oatmeal, 3 different types of scrambled eggs, turkey sausage, hash browns, ham.....just...everything you'd want for breakfast. We pigged out people and I still lost weight while on this cruise. Dancing and walking rule. But only on a cruise. There is no walking in real life. Anyway, we get to our table and I glance out the window and see Key West! Seriously! Key West, Florida! I am offically the farthest I have ever been from home. So we had breakfast as we pulled into port and I hardly ate of the bounty because I was so excited. Think 3 year old on candy and red kool-aid.

I also got to see my first ever lighthouse in person. This is awesome to me because I have a thing for lighthouses. I don't know why, I am just enamored of them. So mom finally finishes breakfast after hearing me whine about "C'mon, Mom, you're taking too long!" and "I wanna go to Key West now!" and "You're killing me here and you are sucking the life out of me!" I'll never understand how she can sit through my tirades calmly. But then, she's had practice. We head up to the room for sunscreen and purses and off we go! (Key West pictures found here)

This is the only port at which we were actually able to dock. The others we had to stay in harbor and take tender boats in. We were greeted at the dock by Pirates! I have a picture of me and a pirate who did something weird to my belly when we took the picture (maybe he thought I was pregnant??) but come to find out, we don't have a scanner. How did I not know about that? I thought our printer did everything. But no. Not so much. So I guess I will need to see if Uber Camera can take a photo of a photo and have it turn out worth a damn. Pirates! Here's mom and I in front of our ship. Mom should eat more. Skinny wench. Hehe. Oh and this is one of the worst photos of me EVER but I'm on vacation. It's allowed, I think.

We didn't do a whole lot int he way of touristy stuffs like meuseums in Key West. We shopped. A lot. Ok, we looked a lot. But there was some awesome stuff there. One of the best thing about cruises? Jewelry in port is much less expensive. MUCH. Mom and I both got an Australian Opal pendant in Key West. Here's mine. (Again, click to enlarge.)

And a close up of the pendant.

After about 6 hours of "Oooh look here!" and "Wow, check this out." we headed back to the ship. They showed us a movie that evening and mom and I just kinda wandered around the ship until we were exhausted. Mom went to bed. I went dancing. Sometimes I have no sense.

Day 4 was at sea again heading for Grand Caymen. We spent the day just lounging around and grabbing fruit from the buffet anytime we got hungry. There was reading and crocheting going on, but mostly it was people watching. Oh and I read the Harlot's latest book outloud to mom. Mom is not a knitter or a crocheter. Mom laughed until she cried. There's hope there.

Now I am going to go load in the pictures for Grand Caymen. It get's it's very own post because so much went on. No peeking!

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Christina said...

Hey, your photo-while-driving looks about like mine.... focused weirdly, but cool.

And I can't tell in the photo. Did you wear your new headscarf?