Friday, April 21, 2006


Ok gang, yeah there's gonna be a Friday post but it's gonna be a late Friday post(cuz this is not the REAL Friday post) with pictures of loot and stories and good times. But work today is all "aaaggghhhhh!!!!" and people are literally trying to crawl up my ass about mistakes other people made so I am so trying to stay at least one step ahead of them cuz if I stop......I may never recover. It won't be pretty.

Bear with me, my dear Stalkees. Post will be up this evening with extra special bonus picture I took yesterday and I hope comes out and it will be up for weekend perusal and give you something to ogle as I work on Monday's post *gaaassssp* to keep updated. *whew*

Send yarn and a hook. Or needles. Or just yarn. I have pencils.


Imbrium said...

Literally trying to crawl up your ass, huh? What is it you do again? ;)

I hope they back off, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Christina said...

So here I am back home now. And it's Monday, and the latest post is a pre-Friday one. WTF?