Friday, February 18, 2011

Where The Hell Are We??

A friend of mine suggested I may wanna pretty things up a bit around ye olde blog and I had been thinking about it, so i did. It was easier than I had feared and I would love knowing what you think. In that I also mean you can suggest changes you may want. I only post here, YOU have to try and read it. Need a bigger font? I'm on it cuz I'm blind as a bat myself. HATE the color scheme? I'm always willing to play around and change things to make it more soothing. I draw the line at neon, though. If you want neon do it to your own blog. Ugh.

As previously mentioned, I have been going through a lot in the last umm...well, few years, actually. I have failed at stalking knitters during that time, but you know what? I'm keeping the title. Both of them, mine and the blog's. I mean, yeah I lost touch for a while but I did keep SOME contact with people through Facebook, so technically there was SOME stalking going on. Hah!

Now begins the difficult task of trying to decide where to start. How far do I go back while still moving forward and not just confuse everyone in the process? Pfft. I'll do what I always do. I'll start typing and let my mind ramble on like a crazy person and we'll just see where we end up, shall we?

Since I know some of you are wondering my yarn status, I did some crocheting last year and made some little pot holders for a future kitchen I plan to have but other than that, I just haven't felt the desire to pick up yarn. In fact, and this is going to be difficult to read for most of you, my yarn is packed up and placed in the storage shed at the moment. I'll give you a moment. If you have to switch web sites for a bit to recuperate I'll understand.

Everyone ok to move on? You sure? Ok, then you need to know that my knitting and crochet days ARE NOT OVER. In fact recently I have been feeling the bug to pick my hook back up. This is a good sign! It means I'm getting back to me. It also means Cory has been riding my ass (and not in that oh so fun way) to get back into crochet, knitting, singing and spending more time away from this damn contraption. He's such a good boy.

So previously at Casa de la Stalker I posted that I was going back to school for medical assistant. I did graduate (with a 4.0, thank you) but the job market around here SUCKED. I basically spent last summer going on interviews where my panic attacks slapped me in the face and I looked like an over-eager coke addict looking for a paycheck or a crazy woman that seriously wanted to stick people with needles please can I stick the pretty people??? Well, that's how my mind pictures me anyway. I'm pretty sure it wasn't THAT bad. Or it could have been. Piss off. I am now making a pouty face at you.

We're going to leave it here cuz I just don't feel like getting into what happened in Fall of 2010 yet. We'll just leave it with 2010 sucked major donkey balls and next time we'll get into details about the size of said donkey anatomy. I am pointing out, however, that this is officially another post. Can I has a cookie now? =D

Some changes were made per comment suggestions so I hope it's easier to read now. I cannot stand a solid white web page as it kills my eyes so I compromised. I am now in the process of fixing all the old posts that had light colored (coloured for my non Americans) text in it so it can be read.  


twelvedaysold said...

Can I stick the pretty people? You killed me.

You know, it's weird how it actually did make me sad to hear that your yarn is packed up. I guess I officially have gone to the dark side of fiber crafts.

I really hope you get some of that old knitting and crocheting inspiration back.

Fall 2010 was also a doozy for me, so I am part of the "Last half of 2010 sucked cojones" with you.

twelvedaysold said...

Oh jeez, and I love the picture as your header.

janna said...

I love the new look! Good job! And the idea of yarn packed away makes me sad, too, but I'm glad you feel the mojo coming back.

Cookie said...

I'm old and blind as a bat. :p Darker text on a lighter background would be lovely, but it's not a deal breaker.

Now how big was this donkey?


Christina said...

Looks good, but is hard to read. Not enough contrast for me. Good thing I usually just use a feed reader ;)