Thursday, March 10, 2011

Good News! Finally!

So I finally got approved for my Gold Card.  This is exciting because it's a HUGE help to me for several reasons. What the Gold Card does is allow people who live in Harris County, where Houston is, get affordable health care. It's almost like having an insurance plan in that those who qualify only have to pay a nominal co-pay for clinic and hospital visits. They cover primary care physicians, specialists, hospital stays, dental visits and I'm researching to see what else they may cover, such as vision since I'm blind as hell. 

This means I can get a doctor that I see on a regular basis that will monitor my conditions. This means a cardiologist if deemed necessary to monitor my congestive heart failure. This means...

THIS MEANS A CT SCAN FOR MY LUNGS!!!!!!  Woohoo!!!!! Cheer with me, folks!! 

It's not my disability yet, but it's a start. It means health care for me that won't break my parents in the meantime. It means diabetic testing supplies we can afford.  It means visits with a certified nutritionist for education. This means...a lot, guys. I cried with relief when I got the letter.

So things are looking up! Yay!!!! Now if my disability would just come through. Keep up any prayers or well wishes. They are so working!!


twelvedaysold said...

Wahoo!!! I'm so happy for you! Since we found out about Jesse's diabetes, and having to go to the doctor's twice (and a nutritionist, and all the copays)... I just can't believe the healthcare here. And I have GOOD insurance, and yet it was still breaking the bank just to pay those effing copays. We got some great coupons from Bayer (he is using the Bayer Contour meter) so you might look into and see if you can get some good coupons.

I'm really happy for you. This is great news!

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Jen Anderson said...

Great news!