Thursday, March 31, 2011

Still Here.

There's a post. I need to read through it, but there is a post, I've just been busy. That almost said, "I've just been busty."   That would have been awesome.  Anyway, I will try and read through it tonight and get it posted. I haven't forgotten you guys, I swears. 

For those of you bugging me in MSN, Facebook and e-mails, thank you.  It helps to know you care.  Sincerely.

Oh, and if anyone wants to add me to FB, please feel free. I am easier to keep track of that way.  :)

Angela Ingham Hughes.   (zomg she put her full name on teh interwebz!!!!)  haha


twelvedaysold said...

Well. I never said I was above facebook stalking. Facebook here I come!

Sara Wootton said...

You said you needed something to keep you coming back and posting. So I'm taking that as a green light to make a pain in the ass of myself on your FB profile. :)

Seriously, Megabewbs that BLOG? That's something that has to be shared at every moment possible! :)

HAHA Busty Megabewbs...

<3 Shade.