Friday, August 18, 2006

Not Even A Little Surly

So I had my wine cooler and I didn't even get touchy. I did, however, get giggly as hell and slept like a baby Wednesday night. Experiment successful I suppose. Did I mention I felt like a total retard sitting in my house drinking? Hell, even buying the wine coolers were difficult for me. If I am going to someone's house and I buy wine to take as a gift, I always find some way to mention it's NOT FOR ME. Yes, I am an adult. When it's convenient. Shut up.

So anyway, I think I'm supposed to do the wine cooler thing about once every other night cuz, you know, feeling retarded for drinking in your own house will de-stress anyone (she says with oodles of sarcasm). I will say though, that T had an awesome time having a giggly wife. He would say stupid shit and I thought it was yeah. Also, he thinks it's an awesome thing to have a tickle war with a giggly wife and he fights dirty, y'all. He starts doing the Jaws theme and I ALWAYS start giggling when he does and I can't fight while laughing. Cheating bastard. Cheater McCheaterson. I do, however, appreciate the lengths you guys went through to help me along in my alcoholism. I found it awesome and hilarious to read comments suggesting different alcohols to try. You guys soooo rock. Also, for future reference? Raspberry = Ewwwww! Just sayin.

So Sunday is my dad's birthday, so I'll be going down to Katy, Tx. on Saturday and spending the night. I'm a total Daddy's Girl and always have been. In high school I was a choir geek and my senior solo was the song Daddy's Hands and it made him cry. I have made him cry other times, but those weren't warm fuzzy moments so we'll just move on, k? Thanks.

I have a yarn dilemma though. See, Katy has a relatively new yarn store there that's like, huge and stuff? And I wanna go? But I'm flat ass broke? Cuz the insurance company hasn't paid T for his disability time off for a month and stuff? But dammit, I really wanna go. I know they have fabulous yarns. What would you do? Multiple choice format, please choose one answer only.

a.) Avoid the store! It will be there when you have money again! You don't hit the corner when you can't afford the crack!

b.) Go to the store just to look around. Take a notebook and write down the things you'd really like to go back for. This will also give you the opportunity to look online and see if you can find it cheaper. It's possible to go and not buy anything and act responsibly. (Yes, I giggled like an idiot the whole time I typed that)

C.) You have money in your savings account right? What's the problem? It's not like your taking bread off the table. Take a little money out of savings for a little something for you.

D.) Why is this even a question? Close yarn store, money in savings that's YOURS and the insurance company has to pay T sometime......duh.

E.) OMG you selfish tart! It's your Dad's birthday, not yours! Use some of your savings money to buy HIM something or if you buy yarn, at least buy something you'll use to make him something. Damn, woman!!

Saturday, October 14th is being worked on diligently. I have a couple of phone calls in to suggested restaurants and they are being picky and wanting numbers closer than "somewhere between 10 and 40 knitters/crocheters/bloggers." If anyone wants to start compiling lists of people you know are going let me know. It could help to be able to pinpoint numbers a bit better. Also, if anyone wants to step up and kinda coordinate things in your area, that would be cool too. Car pooling is a great idea for folks. Also, email me. We're only 2 months away. Hee!

Update: I have caved to the pressure (and cuz I want to) and I will be at Yarntopia tomorrow. I'll try and get there by 10:30 am, but warning, I am late to everything. I should be fine, after all, I managed to not buy anything when I went to see the Harlot. We'll see. hehe


pacalaga said...

Um, I vote to not go until you have money to blow. You will feel so much more entitled if you are good now and spend money later. Besides, later you will get more Daddy points cuz you can go back and visit. Definitely stay out of the store until you have the money for a good long yarn high.
Or go and buy whatever you want. Who the hell am I to tell you what to do? ;-)

Stacy said...

GO!!! Go!!! Go!!!
It's their one year anniversary! Door Prizes! BIG SALE!!
Read about it here:
It's a beautiful store and Amy and Cheryl are both wonderful.

meg said...

did i miss something? it's bad to drink at home? says who?
if that's the case i'm going straight to hell. i love my wine/beer/martini (not all at once or in that order) and a little yarn at my fingers. well, as long as i'm sipping slowly.

i say get your dad a gift AND go there and get some yarn. that way you won't feel guilty about it.

my reasons are pretty selfish, i admit. it's on my way to visit friends and family in houston so i'm curious to hear what you think.

Childe said...

Yarn Store? In Katy? ooooooo-
I understand NAYY but What and Where?

Please Advise -

Stalker Angie said...

Stacy is evil for telling me about the sale. EVIL. So now I'll be going on Saturday and I'll have on my I Stalk Knitters t-shirt so if you see me, come say hi and introduce yourself. I love meeting new people.

Bad Stacy. No sock yarn. *Hmmmfff*

Cookie said...

What if you take your dad with you and ask him to pick out a yarn that he likes and you can make something out if it? Talk about your good daughter points. ;^)

Oh, and what about drinking while sitting on the porch with the dogs? Then you won't be in the house.

Kristin said...

I vote C. You can always turn your air-conditioner up a couple of degrees for the next month to make up for it or some other really smart money-saving thing.

Hey, you might want to email caro splityarn at was talking about maybe a bbq at her place in October. We should make it a whole weekend event.

Anonymous said...

I vote to go and look around - if something catches your eye - then go for it - otherwise, will power girl, will power :-)

Lauren said...

My vote is for secret option F.) Go to the yarn store, shop and fill your basket. When you get to the counter, offer to work for store credit.

Christina said...

What's wrong with drinking at home? You don't have to worry about who the DD is that way ;) Plus it's cheaper.

Dene said...

Let me know what time you are going to be there and I'll meet you!! I met you in line in Austin when the Yarn Harlot was signing autographs. I've not been to the Katy store either but am anxious to visit.

email me if you decide to go ;)


Stacy said...

You want to know what's evil?
We usually go straight down I-10 to Austin on Friday afternoons. For some EVIL reason my husband gets a wild idea to go Beltway 8 to Mason Road and stop for Starbucks before we get on I-10. That means we will be driving RIGHT PAST YARNTOPIA!!!
THAT's evil.
Go have fun for me.

Lee Ann said...

I'm giggly too. Until the third one and then I cry. It's SO much fun.

You going to Rhinebeck? Because not only will I be wicked happy to see Stalker Angie (and I promise I won't touch your yarn unless you tell me to) but I might even hug you.

No, that's not a might. I WILL hug you. You have been warned. Midget with a brain problem, incoming, hug alert :-)))

einsteinella said...

C. Definitely C. You're buying yarn, not heroin. Yarn will eventually be turned into a beautiful gift for someone you have to give a gift to anyway; so really, you are just using the money you would be using to buy that person that gift. And on sale! You are actually SAVING money! And the more you buy, the more you will save. (Becky Bloomwood logic, read 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' by Sophie Kinsella)

P-la said...

Just so you know, I completely agree...raspberry is not a good thing.
Sory I missed a giggly stalker, that's a site to behold I'm sure!!!

S t a c i said...

Go ahead and spend a little money... after all, you're drinking habit is still an inexpensive one.

You are a mighty cheap drunk, in a good way.

Nanc said...

Oh, my. You are a stronger knitter than I to think that you can go, touch, and feel but not spend. But then again, I expect my will to simply collapse like... (damn, I wish I had a good analogy here - insert your own).

Hee! Giggly Stalker is fun, I just know it. And I'm like you in that if I *know* tickles are coming, then I'm already on the floor in a fit.