Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Well.....Hi there! Wow. I'm a better Stalker than I thought. So many awesome new people I have now met on the interweb because I took pictures of them. I'm getting around to stalking everyone and saying "Howdy!" and then those blogs are leading to other bloggers who were also at the Harlot sighting and it's just. So. Crazy.

Speaking of, you Texas knit bloggers are a few biscuits short of breakfast, ain't ya. I am having some serious Stalker love for all of you right now. I am considering seeing if anyone is interested in a luncheon meet & greet (cuz y'all, I saw some of the after party lunches and I am so jealous) and getting together in Austin, just cuz. I know, insane right?? Any thoughts or is anyone interested in trying to piece together a meet n' greet for Austin? Towards the Fall when we won't melt cuz we stepped outside? Cuz I would so be in.

I so wish I had had some semblance of sleep for that day and that I hadn't been gimpy. I'm normally not so stand-offish and have been know to walk up to people at events and loudly proclaim, "Hi! I'm Angie and you're new." This scares the new people at work, too. I also would have wheedled my way into one of those lunches and had a grand time. Have I mentioned I'm loud? I can be. I have good lungs for a smoker. I must say, it was still so awesome to see all of the knitters gather and be able to take pictures. There was also fun when I got home. Yes, it's time for another retarded Stalker/T conversation.

Me: Look at all the knitters and bloggers! I have awesome pictures.

T: Damn....That's a lot of people.

Me: Yeah. Hehe

T: So, who's that?

Me: No idea. A knitter. Isn't she cool?

T: Umm....Ok. So who's the lady with that a Ken doll??

Me: Yep!

T: So who is she?

Me: Not a freakin clue but I blogged her! How cool is that? She knit him bermuda shorts!

T: Baby, do you know who any of these people are?

Me: They're knitters?

T: ..........

Me: Well, what?? They were there and they knitted and stuffs so I stalked them! The word is out there, baby. They'll come visit, see themselves and tell me who they are. I will meet them through blogging them.

T: You honestly think that's going to work? Are you on drugs? What are they putting in wool these days? I notice you people sniff it a lot.

Me with the pursey lipped, narrow eyed angry face: You'll see. You underestimate the power of the blog side.

T: Whatever, Dork Vader.

Me: Jerk

And what happened? So who won that argument, Obese One Kenobi? I did! That's right! Hah! And stuff. Yay knit bloggers! Yay internet! You guys rule.

So, responses to comments since Blogger doesn't always allow for emailed responses which sucks.

Christina - I totally got to hold the sock. Although I found out later that some people took advantage of a Harlot potty break and molested the sock. Shocking, I know. Hee!

Staci - Dig the handbag. Lurv the face eating sunglasses. Really. Very retro. I'll be over later for some TV Theme Song, k? I'll bring snacks.

P-La - I missed a Stitch N' Pitch in Texas?? WTF?? And there was nacho cheese spillage?? *cry* I demand a re-enactment! Hehe

Sachi - Right back at ya babe. *wink*

Kristin - Argh!!! Argh I say!!! I was like what, 3 feet from you? I call do over!

Caro - Lurv the Orangina. Ees veddy veddy nice. Pssstt, Susan, just kidding about the anger face. Hee!

Chris - Grr. You totally owe us a trip to Austin for a meet up now. Bring NanC and the rest of the grrls. You know you wanna. :)

Stacy - If it's any consolation, I didn't do a whole lot of introducing myself either cuz I felt like a dork for even thinking the words, "Hi, I'm Stalker Angie." It all felt like I should have on a polyester leisure suit with big gold chains and like I should lean back and do the finger pointy gun shooty thing with my hands then say it like, " Yo, I'm Stalker Angie, babe. What's your guage? Rowr..."

Meg - You sat in my pew. Not only am I in shock, but my juvenile side is now making me giggle like a moron. Yay! Sorry we didn't get to truly meet.

Childe - Blogless? I need a link woman! I cannot stalk without a link! Oh and yes, we seriously need to all meet up again. I feel like such a heel for not meeting more people. Chickie, I even checked over at Ryan's and the Harlots, scanned for comments and there's no link there, either. *le sigh*

Susan - You and Ken are now famous. You have been stalked by several people and it's a good schtick, let me tell ya. Also? I promise, no dead animals from me. I cannot vouch for any neighborhood cats who really, really like you though.

Jo - Hooray for stalking! It's an awesome gig. Ken was kinda hunky in the shorts, huh.

So, I may have some knitting updates for you on Friday, depends on how much knitting I get done. I just found out that my overly wealthy sister-in-law and her hubby are coming down from Colorado soon and want to come by my house. Which is still in a state of dog induced destruction. And I'm gimpy. Maybe we can claim no A/C and spend a quiet evening on the porch. Yeah, I like that. Easier than having to vacuum. Heee!

Update: You guys leaving comments are cracking me the hell up. I'm seriously grinning like an idiot. Who knew Texas had so many knitters? Definite Meet N' Greet in the Fall. I may do one in Dallas then again in Austin. No, I'm not going "on tour" I just seriously wanna meet you guys. Too fun. Yay!


susan said...

I'm gonna be sad if I don't get at least one dead squirrel...wait, my cat may take care of that. ;-)

I feel all rock-starry! You're the bomb ya little stalker! Ken is such a camera whore that he's jammin' on this stalking thing. Those shorts he was wearin' are gettin' a little ripe, though. Ewwww.

kristin said...

Angie you are so funny! I am totally down for a Texas get-together in the fall. We knitters sure know how to partay

chris said...

HAHAHAHA! Angie, you never cease to crack me up! And in the fall? I will SO get as many Dallas girls together for a trip to Austin -- just let me know well in advance!

S t a c i said...

Austin is cool...I'd be into making the drive again to meet up with a bunch of zany knitters.

Even though I haven't really been "stalked" (since I approached you first), can I still use one of your "stalkee" buttons on my site? I'm a terrible stalkee, walking up to you and introducing myself and all.

Jo said...

Let us know where and when...I like the idea of an Austin trip, fo'sho!

Thanks for the shout out on your blog! I especially love the "power of the blog" line!

In the meantime, maybe lunch in DFW?

Mander said...

Just wandered over here from Yarn Harlot- love your blog! The Stalker/T convo is too funny. So jealous you got to meet The Harlot in person! She was the first person I've ever sent a fan e-mail to, hee hee.

Anonymous said...

I think I just wet myself - this has to the best knitter blog concept I've seen! Thanks for the laughs.

wenders said...

IF you happen to have a Texas event in October, I may be there... all the way from Boston. ;)

I love Texas.

Sachi said...

LMAO! Wish I was in Texas... Not really because of the heat and weather and all but I think you know what I mean. ;-)

Seriously, I'll get a package in the mail to you soon. I just keep spinning stuff and thinking, "Hey... I'll bet Angie would like a snip of that too." I'll quit soon. I promise.

Sarah said...

I came here via The Yarn Harlot's Blog--I can't believe I missed out on meeting so many other TX bloggers! :( I drove up from Corpus Christi and had to have a quick turn around time from going to Austin and back. I would bookmark all of them, but would probably loose my sanity trying to keep track of all of them.

Love the blog! :)

Nikki said...

Girl, you CRACK me up!!!!! I wish to have a stalker like you someday. You can stalk the knitwear for my chihuahua. Mabye the Ken doll can ride her. LMAO Keep up all the stalk-y goodness!

meg said...

hah you said pew. that's even how i spell it. man you crack me up.

can't wait to see your knitting progress. keep us posted on the austin visit. i'm in.

Nanc said...

Heck, even if Chris (skitter) didn't wanna drive to Austin for a knitblogger meet up, I'd totally make her. I've got ways, ya' see.

Okay - you're recount of the conversation with T. When he called you Dork Vadar? Yeah, I might have peed my pants.. just a little. Ha!

Funny coincidence, a blogless friend of mine way up in PA e-mailed me because of your reply to Chris. She found your site from Harlot's links. Crazy, no?

Lisa said...

Hey Angie! I found ya via the Harlot's blog - would love to do knit up with you in Dallas - just let me know where and when!

Tracey, in MI said...

Stalk away- Angie;)

Lotta said...

Angie, you're just too funny! :) And I'm going through some serious spouts of jealousy for not having been able to be there to meet fellow knitters... Come to think of it, I could have sent my husband, who is in TX right now, except that he just MIGHT not have understood the importance of a knitter get-togethter. Kind of like T... I can just hear my husband say "So do you or don't you know these people??" he he

brooke said...

OK, So now your totally FAMOUS!! I am going to see the Harlot in Los Altos in Sept or was it October?? Can't remember - It's a 4 hour drive for me and totally worth it in my opinion. Congrats again on your claim to fame - I'd be braggin' big time to my knitty friends if I were you!!

Christina said...

This newfound fame from being linked by the Harlot is totally going to your head, isn't it?

Lee Ann said...

Obese One Kenobi.

God, woman, I just love you.

Arsie said...

Darn it, I can't be the first one to say I followed the Harlot's link to you.

Ah well. You, my dear knitter, are quite amusing. I'm going to be watching you.

Abigale said...

Hey, I just posted about some big trees - and I was just reading about how you have this thing for, you know, trees...

Oh - and I knit too - you can stalk me if you really want to - I won't mind :-)


carma said...

Embrace the dorkiness... Seriously. : ) It's fun.

Ok I'm not in TX (I visited Austin once, does that count?) but can I get in on this Meet N' Greet? I'll bring Erin....


Cookie said...

Some boys just don't understand the Power of Knitting&Blogging.

Silly boys...

Miss Violet said...

Dork Vader is soooo my new name.

And I'm totally jealous that I'm not being stalked yet. Come on up to the upper midwest and Lime & I will make you some muffins. We do that for stalkers.