Monday, August 14, 2006

Who You Calling Easily Amused?

You guys will never guess in a million years what I got to do this weekend. No, seriously, try and guess. Nope, not that. Erm....that's none of your business, but try again. Give up? Huh? I'm all giddy with excitement. Picture me standing tall (well, as tall as I ever can), chest puffed out (some of you will enjoy that more than others, heehee.) and hands on hips in a very old Superman pose. Are you ready? Drumroll please!!!

I, Stalker Angie, shaved my legs!

Yay!!! Woohoo!!! Go me. Umm....hooray? Yes, I am in my 30's, why? Ok, maybe you're not getting the picture here. I had a gimpy hip. This does not make for standing on the right leg long enough to shave the left one. I just can't go around half shaved. Also, sitting in the bathtub to shave is not an option with a bad hip either. How the hell do you get back out? So this is a milestone! Oh for Pete's sake people, I hadn't shaved in 3 weeks. I had Yeti's flirting with me in the grocery store. It wasn't pretty. My dear, darling husband who is still alive and you may wonder why in just a moment, actually said to me, "Aww, it's so cute when you cuddle with the two dogs on the loveseat. Oh wait, those are your legs. Nevermind." Then he walked away chuckling at his own comic genius. And he's still alive. Feel free to ponder that one.

For those of you who stopped by for pictures of clean laundry, my sincerest apologies. I did do laundry, I just didn't photograph the process. I still have a load to do tonight in case anyone is really, really interested.

Also, you know what else was supposed to happen this weekend? I was gonna dye yarn with kool aid for the first time. I was! I was all excited. I was just gonna do a single color on a small bit to test it and see how the process went. Woke up Saturday morning afternoon and got myself some coffee, played on the computer a bit, and talked with hubby who was not drinking coffee. So we have us a conversation. You guys know how this goes.

Me: You're not having coffee?

T: Oh I had some this morning. You know, while you were asleep? All morning?

Me: Whatever Mr. Morning Person. Did you make tea?

T: I was going to until I saw the 2 packets of kool aid. That's good stuff. I haven't had koolaid in forever. Thank you for getting it.

Me: ...........

T: What?

Me: *whimper*

T: Oh hell what did I do now?

Me: You drank my yarn dye!

T: Oh good we had our crack this morning. What are you talking about??

Me: I was gonna use the kool aid to dye yarn!

T: Well there's half a jug left. Go dunk your yarn or something.

Me: You are so dumb.

T: I'm not the one dipping yarn in kool aid.

Me: It's a proven method! It's been blogged! You drank my yarn dye. Dork.

T: Ok. Yeah. I did. Would you like a glass of yarn dye?

Me: Yes, please. With ice.

Y'all, that yarn dye was pretty tasty. Guess next time I should by some for us then hide the rest, huh.


carma said...

Well at least he thanked you for buying it...


He didn't just do the sometimes typical male response of, "It was here so I assumed it is mine by right of me being male and here."

Ok I promise I'm not a man-hater or basher... That sounded worse than I meant it to... heh ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Kool Aid story - I just sat here laughing and my co-workers thinking that I'm crazier than I already am :-)

P-la said...


Anonymous said...



*full on laugh*

Yarn dye on ice please, make it a double.


Tiphanie said...

*laugh* Now I want some yarn dye- on rocks! :D

Mindy said...

And that is why I keep my Kool-Aid for dyeing in my bedroom with the yarn. Great story!

Dragonsinger said...

Yep, sudden craving for yarn dye myself here! ROFL

kmkatt said...

I'd love to be a mouse in the corner of your kitchen to listen to your conversations -- that cracked me up!

Sachi said...

Oh, crap. I would call it justifiable homicide and I wouldn't tell a soul.

S t a c i said...

Make sure he understands that not ALL yarn dyes are as tasty as Kool-Aid. Nor can you make popsicles out of most yarn dyes.

Just because something is purple doesn't mean that it tastes like grape.

And when the Yetis start flirting with you...yeah, that's probably a sign. (You made me laugh in that unexpected sort of way that made me choke on my coffee a little bit.)

Julia said...

That's pretty funny. So do all husbands fancy themselves comedians? And what I would giv eto sleep just once until after noon. *sigh*

Kristin said...

Congratulations on the smooth sexy legs! And the more I read your posts about the conversations with your husband, the more he sounds just like my husband. It's almost scary. I could definitely drinking the kool-aid (in fact I have to buy him kool-aid on a regular basis).

Cookie said...

Woohoo! Congrats on the shaving.

Maybe if you'd gotten more than just two packets of KA. Just sayin'...

einsteinella said...

Angie, you know it takes about 8 packets of kool-aid to die a skein any kind of real color, right??? Plus, one or two of another color to make it interesting. Example: 8 packets of blue and 2 packets of black cherry. My son did the same thing and I got, "Oh, so-REE!! Silly me thinking the KOOL-aid was to DRINK!! What was I THINK-ing" Add in adolescent eye-rolling to resemble a seizure... you get the idea.

Cathy said...

Ha. You know koolaid isn't "real" dye, dontcha? And there are people who make a big deal of telling us who dye with koolaid and food coloring that we are spending alot of money coz "real" dye is so much cheaper. yada yada yada. But you can't drink the "real" dye and I guess that's part of the fun, right? No? Yes?
Anyway, I love dyeing with KA and FC and just did 3 lbs of roving the last few days with blue and green FC.

Nanc said...

Ha ha ha ha! I lovelovelove the transcribed conversations with T.! It's like a stand up routine with the two of you. Hee hee!

Yay for the smooth legs. Did you have T. rub your legs afterwards? Sometimes (if it's been a while - I'm lazy) I make M. do it just to fully appreciate it. Oh.. and for the leg massage.

As for the KoolAid... are there any flavors T. doesn't like? There are some pretty colors with nasty (IMHO) flavors out there.