Thursday, November 16, 2006

Guess who swatched!!

No, it wasn't me, but I have a confession of swatching. I do. See, I talk to Christina just about daily (until she remembers she has more of a life than I do) on Yahoo and I was being her seaming support for her sweater. Then....she confessed it. Just came right out and blurted! She swatched for her sweater. She's a swatcher now! And now for the confession:

[17:54] lionessria: I'm sleeve-seaming now! lol
[17:54] stalkerangie: *scared*
[17:55] lionessria: I'd kinda like to know why they're so short though.
[17:56] stalkerangie: uh oh. that doesn't bode well
[17:56] stalkerangie: umm...3/4 sleeves maybe?
[17:56] lionessria: we're going to have to have some serious ribbing. lol
[17:56] stalkerangie: don't make it look like an 80's sweater lol
[17:57] lionessria: Pfft
[17:57] stalkerangie: all tight below the elbow so it's poofy above. not a good look lol
[17:58] lionessria: Or I could actually knit a swatch in stockingette and knit downwards before starting the ribbing.
[17:58] stalkerangie: oh now that sounds like a much better idea
[17:59] lionessria: Swatch! *runs away*
[17:59] stalkerangie: lol
[17:59] stalkerangie: I've never swatched before....
[17:59] stalkerangie: unless you count that scarf I never finished....I could call it a swatch
[18:00] lionessria: You wanna know a secret? I actually swatched for this sweater on the machine before I started.
[18:01] stalkerangie: I am so blogging that. I'm telling the world!
[18:01] stalkerangie: or, the few people who read my blog anyway
[18:02] lionessria: Go ahead. I was going to anyways when I posted the finished pics and stuff.
[18:02] stalkerangie: well damn. it's no fun then. lol
[18:02] lionessria: Oh right. I mean.. No! No! You can't!
[18:03] stalkerangie: lmao. yay!! now I can! I shall blog it and tell everyone!!

So there it is folks! Head over and mock her for the swatcher she is. Or bug her on Yahoo and tell her you heard of her swatchiness. Swatching indeed.


Sachi said...

Geez... should I be glad that I'm not permitted to IM with you two while I'm at work?

Christina said...

I'd object to this posting, but as we can all read, I did say you could do it. I just didn't think you would ;)

Also I'm finding it pretty funny that nobody else has been brave enough to comment except Sachi.

(btw Sachi, you know you'd enjoy the im-ing. It's great fun!)

Carol said...

Maybe if I tried that, my stuff would fit better ;)

Knitting and Chocolate are better than zoloft! said...

I totally swatched last night. I went to Hobby Lobby (because here in Waco we don't have real LYS and they were having a darn good sale)went home and totally swatched the red yarn for a scarf. Then decided it looked so good I just kept going *g* thats about the extent of my swatching ;)


catsmum said...

well I swatched for a tip top secret stalker project this morning and just as well... now I know that I have to wait till I can get to the store 45 mins away on monday to buy a 2 sizes bigger hook!

Leeny said...

Um, don't laugh, y'all, but what's a swatch? I mean, I know what a swatch is but as it relates to knitting? It's probably obvious. You just knit a small sample to see what the yarn/color would look like then continue with the project if you like it, right? I don't knit btw...yet.