Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Nekkid and Pissed

Now before you sickos out there (that would be think I'm funny and that makes you sick. Hee!) get any ideas about this post, I'm not nekkid. Nor are there any pics of me nekkid. You may thank me later. I am, however, pissed. At myself. See, this post was supposed to happen this morning. Or, early afternoon, whatever. Earlier than now anyway. Here's what happened.

See, I got up late this morning. No, later than usual. Shut up. So I didn't have time over my coffee this morning to upload pics or throw them onto my handy-dandy thumb drive for uploading from work. Yes, I suck, I know. So T says he'll take my memory card out of my camera and send me the files at work. Yay! So around mid afternoon I send him an IM about the pictures. Yes, it's another installment of stupid conversations. Yes, I know it's not original.

Me: Pictures! I demand pictures for blogging!

T: Ok, hold on. Getting you camera.

T: Umm....Where's your memory card for you camera?

Me: Umm...shit?


Me: Is it in my computer?

T: Yes. It is. Did you take pictures without your memory card?

Me: Maybe...

T: *sigh* Ok, where is the cord for your camera?

Me: Umm...shit?

T: Baby, where is the cord.

Me: In my purse. At work. With me.

T signs off the instant messenger. Yeah that's kinda how my day went. But I'm home now! I have pictures for you! Now we get on with the nekkid! Woohoo! I know some of you are wonder what was lurking beneath the carpet of death in my dining room. Who wants pictures?? Oh, you do? Ok! Behold, my nekkid dining room floor!

That, my dear Stalkees, is the original tongue 'n groove hardwood floors from when the house was built in the 1920's. We asked the neighbors who have the same floor and who's house was built by the same guy who built ours. They are also the people we bought the house from. It's not in perfect shape, but it just needs to be sanded, stained and water sealed. None of the boards are cracked or coming up, none separating and all of the problem spots can easily be sanded out. I cannot tell you how excited I am. The neighbors said they'd even come over and help since they did their own floors and know how to work the sanders and such. Woohoo!! Here is proof of some of the rough spots. Trust me, there are larger areas, but I'm not sharing those.

So, speaking of nekkid, yesterday the puppies had an appointment for the groomer. I make the mistake of letting T take them in for the first time ever. I know how I like them cut. He doesn't. He tells them he just wants a little hair left on the ends of their tails. That's ALL they have left people. I get home yesterday and I'm convinced he brought home the wrong dogs. I sent in Lhasa Apso's. I got back pugs. Proof of the nekkid!

Poor Alex. The boy has been in a bad mood since he got home yesterday. Then there's Saoirse. She just spent all day and night shivering. By the way, Saoirse is pronounced "SEER-sha." It's Gaelic for Freedom. Nekkid Freedom. Hehe

Also, speaking of not amused? The dogs? Are pissed. They are trying to figure out how to get revenge for being nekkid.

He's plotting.

Saoirse just wants a chunk of vital flesh. I'm running to hide now.


Sachi said...

Nekkid dogs and hardwood floors. Oh, you never cease to amuse.

janna said...

Those nekkid puppies are adorable! And hooray for the hardwood floors - why do people cover them up with carpet???

Anonymous said...

Yes folks I have seen and experienced the carpet of death. And am so surprised that the floor underneath is beautiful. Surprised but happy for The Stalker. About Alex and Saorise I feel bad. They are usually happy little dogs but even I am not gonna tempt fate and embarrass them by visiting until there hair comes back. Bad daddy for trying to do something good lol. Love you anyway T

Chris said...

Ohhh, poor little cute nekkid doggies! They might be pissed, but they look adorable!

And you are sooooo lucky lucky lucky to have found original hardwoods under the dining room carpet! Lucky!

chris said...

btw, that last one was from me . . . i forgot to change the info from my stupid blogger login default! EEP!

P-la said...

Girl, what are you waiting for?!?! Crochet those dogs some sweaters!

Eva said...

You got yarn... you got hooks and pointy sticks!!!! Make them something to keep 'em warm!!!

I love those hard wood floors... they're gorgeous!!!!

Cheers Eva

erin/pinkerbell said...

oh yeah. they're plotting. you guys are so screwed.

Christina said...

You need to make doggie sweaters Right Now! Seriously.

(And how did you take pictures without the memory card in the camera? Didn't it like give you a warning or something? Mine freaks out if there's no more room on one.)

Nanc said...


Ha ha ha - thos dogs are SOOOO man. T had better watch out! Poor pooches.

And the hardwood floor gold? Awesome! Sure, it'll be some work, but that's probably the best outcome for that situation. Now, are you going to TRY to get the floors done before family comes for a visit? (I sure hope not.)

Leeny said...

Oh, those poor puppies! They look so cute, though! I wonder if they'll start to itch as their hair grows back? I love your floor! I love hardwood floors but my husband doesn't. It's carpet for him all the way.

carma said...

MAN! It's a good thing you live in Texas. If you were in the MidWest you would probably get nabbed for pup abuse for causing the poor things to freeze.

But at least it's hair and it grows back... And dogs have that whole unconditional love thing going on for them.


knitnthings said...

The nekid lhapugapso's are cute!! What a hiddent treasure, finding that floor. People usually cover it with carpet because it's a mess - you totally lucked out!!

Denise said...

Oh the treasures you will find in a house built in the 1920s! The floor looks to be in great condition! It would be worth every ounce of sweat to recondition it! As for the pups--GRRRRRR! Thank goodnes they live in Texas. Here in Northern Michigan they would need sweaters, hats, booties and leggings; so I opted for a chocolate labrador!

Anonymous said...

OMG, your dogs!!! Angie, they are so cute, and boy do they ever look pissed. I'd be pissed too if I came home from the hair dresser like that.


Norma said...

Don't bother staining! Just sand and poly. WTF you want them dark-stained for, and making another time-consuming step in the process?

I can't believe your dogs are cold down in the HOT of Texas. My poor Vinnie, if I cut his hair now, would REALLY freeze.

s t a c i said...

Where were you at Kid N Ewe? Were you so secret in your stalking that we didn't even see you there??

Seriously, we missed you. We looked for you. Wish you could have made it.

Julia said...

We missed you at KnE. Hope everything is okay. The next gig will be Houston I believe, so you won't be able to get out of that one.