Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I'm so sorry my dear Stalkees! We had a new software version release and I have been avalanched by calls at work. Home is currently for laying on my couch and staring into space and hoping nobody speaks to me.

"Yes sir/ma'am, we are aware there is an issue with that process in the software and our development team is working on it. We hope to have a solution as soon as possible to get it out to your agency."

I've said that at least 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times today.

Know what really sucks? I had an awesome weekend, got stalked and took pictures. I am hoping to be able to tell you that story soon cuz it's funny and y'all need a good laugh. I know I do.

Worst part? I haven't even been able to stalk ANYONE yet this week. You may pity me now. Break over. Hugs. Send alcohol. Or Chocolate. Or yarn. K? Thx.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Not Even A Little Surly

So I had my wine cooler and I didn't even get touchy. I did, however, get giggly as hell and slept like a baby Wednesday night. Experiment successful I suppose. Did I mention I felt like a total retard sitting in my house drinking? Hell, even buying the wine coolers were difficult for me. If I am going to someone's house and I buy wine to take as a gift, I always find some way to mention it's NOT FOR ME. Yes, I am an adult. When it's convenient. Shut up.

So anyway, I think I'm supposed to do the wine cooler thing about once every other night cuz, you know, feeling retarded for drinking in your own house will de-stress anyone (she says with oodles of sarcasm). I will say though, that T had an awesome time having a giggly wife. He would say stupid shit and I thought it was funnnnny.....so yeah. Also, he thinks it's an awesome thing to have a tickle war with a giggly wife and he fights dirty, y'all. He starts doing the Jaws theme and I ALWAYS start giggling when he does and I can't fight while laughing. Cheating bastard. Cheater McCheaterson. I do, however, appreciate the lengths you guys went through to help me along in my alcoholism. I found it awesome and hilarious to read comments suggesting different alcohols to try. You guys soooo rock. Also, for future reference? Raspberry = Ewwwww! Just sayin.

So Sunday is my dad's birthday, so I'll be going down to Katy, Tx. on Saturday and spending the night. I'm a total Daddy's Girl and always have been. In high school I was a choir geek and my senior solo was the song Daddy's Hands and it made him cry. I have made him cry other times, but those weren't warm fuzzy moments so we'll just move on, k? Thanks.

I have a yarn dilemma though. See, Katy has a relatively new yarn store there that's like, huge and stuff? And I wanna go? But I'm flat ass broke? Cuz the insurance company hasn't paid T for his disability time off for a month and stuff? But dammit, I really wanna go. I know they have fabulous yarns. What would you do? Multiple choice format, please choose one answer only.

a.) Avoid the store! It will be there when you have money again! You don't hit the corner when you can't afford the crack!

b.) Go to the store just to look around. Take a notebook and write down the things you'd really like to go back for. This will also give you the opportunity to look online and see if you can find it cheaper. It's possible to go and not buy anything and act responsibly. (Yes, I giggled like an idiot the whole time I typed that)

C.) You have money in your savings account right? What's the problem? It's not like your taking bread off the table. Take a little money out of savings for a little something for you.

D.) Why is this even a question? Close yarn store, money in savings that's YOURS and the insurance company has to pay T sometime......duh.

E.) OMG you selfish tart! It's your Dad's birthday, not yours! Use some of your savings money to buy HIM something or if you buy yarn, at least buy something you'll use to make him something. Damn, woman!


Saturday, October 14th is being worked on diligently. I have a couple of phone calls in to suggested restaurants and they are being picky and wanting numbers closer than "somewhere between 10 and 40 knitters/crocheters/bloggers." If anyone wants to start compiling lists of people you know are going let me know. It could help to be able to pinpoint numbers a bit better. Also, if anyone wants to step up and kinda coordinate things in your area, that would be cool too. Car pooling is a great idea for folks. Also, email me. We're only 2 months away. Hee!

Update: I have caved to the pressure (and cuz I want to) and I will be at Yarntopia tomorrow. I'll try and get there by 10:30 am, but warning, I am late to everything. I should be fine, after all, I managed to not buy anything when I went to see the Harlot. We'll see. hehe

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Argh And Also Erg And Stuffs.

Ok, so there's supposed to be a post here. Yep, and it's supposed to be entertaining and such. Yep. Hmmm....by the way, you people are a hoot. I lurv my commenters. Blogger really needs to make it easier to respond by email cuz I feel like a total dork weed commenting on my own blog to reply to the comments.

So anyway, not much going on. There's some knitting and crocheting, of course, but nothing worth reporting on at the moment. I mean, yay, I knit one more row! Or, yay! I made another granny square that looks JUST LIKE the last 20 I showed you. Not exactly inspring. Also, is it bad that I am beginning to resent work? Cuz it sooooo takes away from time I could be knitting or crocheting. See, right now I knit during my lunch hour (I work while I actually eat lunch so I can have more yarn time) and I hate having to stop, put away the yarny goodness and go back to work dealing with people who whine. Every time I end up with a bitchy customer I can't help but think "Hmm....I could so be knitting/crocheting right now but nooooo" and I'm afraid it may come across in my voice.

Maybe I can have myself committed to the bouncy castle and they'll let me knit and crochet all day as therapy and then I can write a book about how yarn saved my mind and kept me from going totally mental. It will sell millions and then I can stay home to knit and crochet and write a book about how yarn and the previous book kept me from going mental. It'll be great. It would be a funny book too. Cuz dammit, I'm funny. Also, serious isn't in my DNA. That gene skipped me completely.

Is it selfish to want to stay home and knit/crochet all day and design patterns to make googobs of money? Or maybe not even googobs. Maybe just enough to, you know, pay bills and fly around the country stalking. Cuz stalking isn't crazy at all. I could go to fiber festivals and be an attraction! "Come meet Stalker Angie! She's totally batshit! You'll love her! Don't get your fingers too close to her yarn, she bites." I'll be in the stall between the sheep and the llamas. I'll be the crazy chick playing with yarn and rocking back and forth. There might be drooling.

So T thinks I am stressing myself out too much. I'm not sure where he is getting the idea really. So I get nauseated and lose my lunch daily. Doesn't everyone? No? Well damn. Part of it is worrying about money, the house, T's health, my health and not enough yarn time. The other part of it is work. No, I'm not stressed about work in the traditional sense. It's kinda hard to explain. Cuz I'm weird, that's why.

See, most people hate deadlines and they hate having 100 things thrown at them and they cannot abide chaos. I thrive on chaos. If you hand me 3 projects to do and tell me they are all 3 due in a week, oh and you need these 5 reports done by then oh and this customer has an issue you need me to help on, then my brain clicks into happy mode and I excel at my job. If I have to sit here with X amount of time between calls and very little else to do in between, then tell me I can't play with yarn on the clock, I go into stress mode. I cannot handle boredom at work. I feel like excess baggage. I don't want a lot of down time at work.

Also, I love the nit-picky shit. Don't hand me the obvious. I love researching issues and finding a resolution. I love when my yarn is knotted, too. I know. It's not contagious, I promise. When I worked retail and got over stressed, I headed down to accessories and got out the bin of tangled necklaces and worked on them until I was calm again. I play a lot of puzzle games. Not word puzzles, but visual puzzles. Mental puzzles. For a mental person. So yeah, I'm the only person I know that can be bored and totally stressed because of it. Now if they would let me KNIT OR CROCHET at my fucking desk, problem solved. But nooooooo we have to find new projects for me. *sigh* At least my supervisor cares enough to understand me and try to find new reports for me to do and find other projects nobody else wants.

So the point of all of this random rambling form the mind of a crazy person, is that T is trying to turn me into an alcoholic. Seriously. See, I'm not a drinker. If we go out to lunch and everyone orders margarita's, I'll be the one with the iced tea. Others drinking doesn't bother me, I just. Don't. Drink. I've been drunk maybe 5 times in my whole life. When T started having a lot of stress issues, the doctor actually recommended ½ - 1 beer a day. It says something when you go home, open the fridge and stare for a full 5 minutes before you yell, "There's beer in our fridge!" and the hubby replies with, "Damn, you are observant, baby." And you wonder why I marvel that I have let him live this long.

So anyway, stress, blah blah blah, bored, blah blah blah, alcoholic. T seems to think his "prescribed therapy method" (Yes, this cracks me the hell up everytime he says it) would work for me. I don't care for beer. I'm so over wine having worked in an import wine store and going to wine tastings all the time. Hard liquer is so not me. I'm flabbergasted by beer in my fridge. Can you imagine if I found Jack Daniels in the house? I might faint dead away. Or hell, I might cook with it. MMmmmmm. Oh sorry. So the solution he came up with is wine coolers. Ok, I can handle a wine cooler. I hope. I am gonna feel so damn stupid if I go home tonight, open a wine cooler (a wine cooler for fuck's sake) and get totally sloshed. From one.

Oh, and the reason I don't drink? I am a mean drunk. A seriously mean drunk. As perky and happy as I am sober, you get me drunk and I will punch people in the face for no reason other than I think it's funny as hell when I am drunk. This has been proven many times over. Drunk Stalker = Mean Stalker. Bad stalker. No yarn. I'll let ya know on Friday if T has become a battered husband. *cringe*

P.S For someone who didn't have shit to post, I sure can ramble.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Who You Calling Easily Amused?

You guys will never guess in a million years what I got to do this weekend. No, seriously, try and guess. Nope, not that. Erm....that's none of your business, but try again. Give up? Huh? I'm all giddy with excitement. Picture me standing tall (well, as tall as I ever can), chest puffed out (some of you will enjoy that more than others, heehee.) and hands on hips in a very old Superman pose. Are you ready? Drumroll please!!!

I, Stalker Angie, shaved my legs!

Yay!!! Woohoo!!! Go me. Umm....hooray? Yes, I am in my 30's, why? Ok, maybe you're not getting the picture here. I had a gimpy hip. This does not make for standing on the right leg long enough to shave the left one. I just can't go around half shaved. Also, sitting in the bathtub to shave is not an option with a bad hip either. How the hell do you get back out? So this is a milestone! Oh for Pete's sake people, I hadn't shaved in 3 weeks. I had Yeti's flirting with me in the grocery store. It wasn't pretty. My dear, darling husband who is still alive and you may wonder why in just a moment, actually said to me, "Aww, it's so cute when you cuddle with the two dogs on the loveseat. Oh wait, those are your legs. Nevermind." Then he walked away chuckling at his own comic genius. And he's still alive. Feel free to ponder that one.

For those of you who stopped by for pictures of clean laundry, my sincerest apologies. I did do laundry, I just didn't photograph the process. I still have a load to do tonight in case anyone is really, really interested.

Also, you know what else was supposed to happen this weekend? I was gonna dye yarn with kool aid for the first time. I was! I was all excited. I was just gonna do a single color on a small bit to test it and see how the process went. Woke up Saturday morning afternoon and got myself some coffee, played on the computer a bit, and talked with hubby who was not drinking coffee. So we have us a conversation. You guys know how this goes.

Me: You're not having coffee?

T: Oh I had some this morning. You know, while you were asleep? All morning?

Me: Whatever Mr. Morning Person. Did you make tea?

T: I was going to until I saw the 2 packets of kool aid. That's good stuff. I haven't had koolaid in forever. Thank you for getting it.

Me: ...........

T: What?

Me: *whimper*

T: Oh hell what did I do now?

Me: You drank my yarn dye!

T: Oh good we had our crack this morning. What are you talking about??

Me: I was gonna use the kool aid to dye yarn!

T: Well there's half a jug left. Go dunk your yarn or something.

Me: You are so dumb.

T: I'm not the one dipping yarn in kool aid.

Me: It's a proven method! It's been blogged! You drank my yarn dye. Dork.

T: Ok. Yeah. I did. Would you like a glass of yarn dye?

Me: Yes, please. With ice.

Y'all, that yarn dye was pretty tasty. Guess next time I should by some for us then hide the rest, huh.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Because I Will Obviously Post Damn Near Anything

Hooray for Fridays! I am so glad this week is over. It's been a rough one. I want to thank everyone who commented on Monday's Pity Party Post. I would just about get a grip, then someone would comment and I go all weepy again. This is a good thing as it's really what I needed. I needed to be able to wallow in my own darkness and despair (so dramatic) for a while and just let it out of my system. This was ok cuz I have an awesome supervisor who understands, having lost a husband recently to cancer. This was not ok when I got home and would receive a comment that would send me into weeping again. T was very concerned about my apparent eye leakage. I chalked it up to PMS for him and he didn't pry. I have trained him well. I have found my sunny disposition again (bastard was hinding under the sofa) and all is right with the world. You guys rock. Seriously.

Good news!!! I am no longer cane bound! The hip is healing along nicely and I hardly even limp now which is pretty damn awesome. This also means I have to start working the hip, but hey, there are other activities besides walking, yes? Hee! Oh. Sorry. Somewhat family friendly. Umm...I was speaking of water aerobics! I was! I swear.....really? *ahem* *innocent whistle*

So.....damn.....not much has been going on. I've been knitting, but it's not really worth mentioning at this point. Ditto on the crochet. I have a few projects on the back burner but nothing that needs to be discussed at this time. I umm...hhmm...I gave one of the dogs a bath but that's not exactly exciting. I went on a cleaning spree on Tuesday but hell, that's boring too. I don't discuss work that much so it's not like I have any funny anecdotes. Well, you definitely deserve better than this tripe I've typed so far.

So, let's stalk, shall we?

Ryan has the latest "possible" numbers for the Dulaan Project, and it's staggering, people. She's also giving away yarn to people who wanna go to her house in Seattle. If you're close, pop on over to her site for details.

Dorky Erin has an awesome vintage purse she is relacing the lining for. She's balloting on which fabric to line it with so go put in your 2 cents.

Amanda has had some good news on her site and her daughters are pretty as ever.

Poor Norma Dear is so swamped with work she turned off her comments! We'll send loving thoughts her way.

P-La scored with her sock kit pal. Looks pretty awesome.

Someone finished her Eris and it's beautiful! However, it seems she celebrated by going out and killing defenseless Muppets. Strange.

Steph actually started Joe's gansey. I think the world may stop now. She's been spinning it for what, over a year now. Not that she's busy with kids, home, husband, blog, books and touring or anything.

Cookie is Kicking the Can with Norma and the can seems to be kicking back. Go show her some love.

S t a c i is showing off some tiny religious figurines. She has a chewed up Jesus. I don't know why it makes me giggle, but I know my chances of salvation are still pretty good. I believe Big J has a sense of humor. God definitely does.

Nikki has a new wee babe chihuahua. Too cute.

Sachi is peddling awesome knitting bags from Knitpicks.com and her spinning makes you drool.

Susan has pictures of not just socks, but a lovely girl child in said socks. Cute kid, cute socks and a Ken doll. Solid Gold baby.

Lee Ann co0ntinues to get better. In fact, she seems to be well enough to flash her arse to the Quebec police. Hehe

NanC is having her 6th anniversary today. Congrats!

So that's our stalking for the day. I don't think I've ever posted actual internet stalking. It was just assumed I did this activity. Hmmm.

Anyway, Monday seems to be more promising in the post department. Don't ask me why. It's not like I have plans for the weekend. Hell, you may just get pictures of my laundry. I promise only to post the clean. Eww.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Happy Birthday, Christina!!

It's Christina's birthday today. Go say hi. Give birthday wishes. Also, her hubby is coming home today on leave and that's ever so exciting. So go visit! Now! Why are you still here? I linked her. Several times. She's on the sidebar, too. Stop reading this! Damn!

(Update: Her hubby isn't coming home on leave. His ship is coming in and he's taking leave. Oops.)

Happy Birthday, my (picky! hee) friend. Enjoy your day and may you get everything you want.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Enter At Own Risk

This is not a happy, funny or light post. If you don't like the heavy stuff, come back Wednesday. I don't mind and I completely understand. I just need to vent in some form or fashion and tag, the blog is it. Today is an angry day. No, I'm not angry, I'm pissed. My husband fell this morning. Seems his MS is fucking with his balance now. This has been going on for weeks but he hasn't fallen before, he just got dizzy.

I only reacted enough to verify he hadn't been physically hurt by the fall. I say physically, because I know emotionally and psychologically, it's damaging as hell. We got him up, dusted him off and I got ready for work. Then I cried the whole way to work. Normally his MS doesn't get to me this bad, but I am really feeling it right now. If he is getting dizzy spells now, how long before he is in a wheelchair? How long before he's bed-ridden? How long before this shitty disease shuts down the part of his brain that keeps his heart beating? Or his lungs functioning? How long before I have to decide if he should be on life support or this shit disease takes that choice from me?

I work in a room with 4 other woman. All 4 of them have buried a husband. They joke that I'm not in the widow's club but here recently I get that lovely word running through my head. It's only 3 letters but it seems huge. The word is YET. And it pisses me off. I hate it. I want to scream and cry and rant at the world but there's nobody to yell at. I don't want to bury my husband at a young age. We want children but there's new studies showing MS may be hereditary. I get angry with family members who don't understand. I want them to back the fuck off without having to scream at them. I don't want to ask his mother if she wants to bury her son just to get her to stop nagging him about taking time off from work.

I hate watching him break down and weep in frustration. I hate watching him fight off depression. I hate watching him rage against everyone because there's really no one to blame. I hate that I am fascinated when he sleeps because he's so still. So quiet and peaceful. So everything he's not when he's awake. I love his laugh and I hate the fact that when I hear it I try to hold onto it and save it. My head says there will be plenty of laughs. My heart tells me I need to hold each and every single one as dear as I can so I can remember them.

My husband is so far from perfect it's scary. He's an ass, he's unforgiving, he's messy and he's selfish. I have people who can (and will) vouch for this. He's demanding, overly possessive and protective to a fault. He's also loving, gentle, playful, intelligent and funny. He puts up with all of my shit and still manages to say he loves me and mean it. He's never said "You have too much yarn." He's convinced I can do anything I set my mind to and he's always supported any life altering decisions I make. MS is threatening to take that away and I want to hurt someone responsible and there's nobody there.

It's exhausting to cry in the car and go inside and pretend your world isn't falling apart. I'm tired of being supportive all the time and not letting him see me break down. He thinks I'm strong and that I am taking it all in stride. He praises me for putting up with his mood swings and loving him enough to not leave him because of his disease. I'm not brave. I'm not strong. I'm scared and angry and hurting but it would tear him apart if he thought he was causing me pain, even inadvertently.

I'm going to get through work, drive home and then sleep. I'll wake up tomorrow and find my happy place again all will be right with the world. Until then, I'm going to knit and try not to use my needles as weapons. I'm also going to smoke (not at the same time as knitting though) and try not to use stupid people for ashtrays. It's not a great plan, but it's a plan.

Friday, August 04, 2006

It's Not Even A Hurricane Anymore People....

There's no real post today my dear Stalkees because all of the insurance agencies in Florida are going crazy over what is now a tropical depression. I know they're leary, scarred and jaded, but damn people. If you're that nervous, I hear there's lots of room in Montana. Florida may not be the state for you. Just sayin'.

This was supposed to be a post full of some philosophical shit that almost makes me sound intelligent, but only if you're easily fooled. There was going to be discussions of optimists, pessimists and realists and the differences of each. I am an optimist. T is a pessimist. He claims to be a realist. He must have one harsh reality. We'll have this discussion at a later date.

Basically I am actually real excited about a Meet N' Greet (everyone is invited. Come to Austin. You'll love it.) and it seems to be getting a positive response. So here's the deal for today:

What: First Annual (maybe only, who knows) Texas Knitters Meet N' Greet

When: Saturday, October 14, 2006 (all freaking day, baby!) (Saturday sounded good in case you wanted to grab a hotel room for the night if the drive is long.)

Where: Austin. Some restaurant. Probably Mexican food since everyone seems to like it and P-La and I have a queso fetish.

Who: Well, everyone. Whoever reads this and wants to go. Whoever you want to invite along. Since when did we become elitists? The more the merrier. This is all about meeting other Texas (or wherever) Knitters/Crocheters/Bloggers/Crazies. I am the shyest person I know. Seriously. My self confidence is total shit. YOU can do this. come play.

What I would like is suggestions on restaurants that are easy to find (Dear God make them easy to find) so I can call them and see if they can handle a crowd. Then once a restaurant is decided we'll see who all wants to come play so I can give fair warning to said restaurant. Then we can meet, greet, eat and possibly descend upon some poor unsuspecting yarn store. Glee!

Suggestions and or (really) early RSVP's can be sent to either the gmail account in the sidebar to the right, posted in the comments or sent directly to ami0701 AT earthlink DOT net where you will be shuffled into the junk folder until I can rescue you. The fun never ends.

Oops, break is over. Gotta go sooth some agitated insurance agents.

Who's going to Austin?!?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Well.....Hi there! Wow. I'm a better Stalker than I thought. So many awesome new people I have now met on the interweb because I took pictures of them. I'm getting around to stalking everyone and saying "Howdy!" and then those blogs are leading to other bloggers who were also at the Harlot sighting and it's just. So. Crazy.

Speaking of, you Texas knit bloggers are a few biscuits short of breakfast, ain't ya. I am having some serious Stalker love for all of you right now. I am considering seeing if anyone is interested in a luncheon meet & greet (cuz y'all, I saw some of the after party lunches and I am so jealous) and getting together in Austin, just cuz. I know, insane right?? Any thoughts or is anyone interested in trying to piece together a meet n' greet for Austin? Towards the Fall when we won't melt cuz we stepped outside? Cuz I would so be in.

I so wish I had had some semblance of sleep for that day and that I hadn't been gimpy. I'm normally not so stand-offish and have been know to walk up to people at events and loudly proclaim, "Hi! I'm Angie and you're new." This scares the new people at work, too. I also would have wheedled my way into one of those lunches and had a grand time. Have I mentioned I'm loud? I can be. I have good lungs for a smoker. I must say, it was still so awesome to see all of the knitters gather and be able to take pictures. There was also fun when I got home. Yes, it's time for another retarded Stalker/T conversation.

Me: Look at all the knitters and bloggers! I have awesome pictures.

T: Damn....That's a lot of people.

Me: Yeah. Hehe

T: So, who's that?

Me: No idea. A knitter. Isn't she cool?

T: Umm....Ok. So who's the lady with the...is that a Ken doll??

Me: Yep!

T: So who is she?

Me: Not a freakin clue but I blogged her! How cool is that? She knit him bermuda shorts!

T: Baby, do you know who any of these people are?

Me: They're knitters?

T: ..........

Me: Well, what?? They were there and they knitted and stuffs so I stalked them! The word is out there, baby. They'll come visit, see themselves and tell me who they are. I will meet them through blogging them.

T: You honestly think that's going to work? Are you on drugs? What are they putting in wool these days? I notice you people sniff it a lot.

Me with the pursey lipped, narrow eyed angry face: You'll see. You underestimate the power of the blog side.

T: Whatever, Dork Vader.

Me: Jerk

And what happened? So who won that argument, Obese One Kenobi? I did! That's right! Hah! And stuff. Yay knit bloggers! Yay internet! You guys rule.

So, responses to comments since Blogger doesn't always allow for emailed responses which sucks.

Christina - I totally got to hold the sock. Although I found out later that some people took advantage of a Harlot potty break and molested the sock. Shocking, I know. Hee!

Staci - Dig the handbag. Lurv the face eating sunglasses. Really. Very retro. I'll be over later for some TV Theme Song, k? I'll bring snacks.

P-La - I missed a Stitch N' Pitch in Texas?? WTF?? And there was nacho cheese spillage?? *cry* I demand a re-enactment! Hehe

Sachi - Right back at ya babe. *wink*

Kristin - Argh!!! Argh I say!!! I was like what, 3 feet from you? I call do over!

Caro - Lurv the Orangina. Ees veddy veddy nice. Pssstt, Susan, just kidding about the anger face. Hee!

Chris - Grr. You totally owe us a trip to Austin for a meet up now. Bring NanC and the rest of the grrls. You know you wanna. :)

Stacy - If it's any consolation, I didn't do a whole lot of introducing myself either cuz I felt like a dork for even thinking the words, "Hi, I'm Stalker Angie." It all felt like I should have on a polyester leisure suit with big gold chains and like I should lean back and do the finger pointy gun shooty thing with my hands then say it like, " Yo, I'm Stalker Angie, babe. What's your guage? Rowr..."

Meg - You sat in my pew. Not only am I in shock, but my juvenile side is now making me giggle like a moron. Yay! Sorry we didn't get to truly meet.

Childe - Blogless? I need a link woman! I cannot stalk without a link! Oh and yes, we seriously need to all meet up again. I feel like such a heel for not meeting more people. Chickie, I even checked over at Ryan's and the Harlots, scanned for comments and there's no link there, either. *le sigh*

Susan - You and Ken are now famous. You have been stalked by several people and it's a good schtick, let me tell ya. Also? I promise, no dead animals from me. I cannot vouch for any neighborhood cats who really, really like you though.

Jo - Hooray for stalking! It's an awesome gig. Ken was kinda hunky in the shorts, huh.

So, I may have some knitting updates for you on Friday, depends on how much knitting I get done. I just found out that my overly wealthy sister-in-law and her hubby are coming down from Colorado soon and want to come by my house. Which is still in a state of dog induced destruction. And I'm gimpy. Maybe we can claim no A/C and spend a quiet evening on the porch. Yeah, I like that. Easier than having to vacuum. Heee!

Update: You guys leaving comments are cracking me the hell up. I'm seriously grinning like an idiot. Who knew Texas had so many knitters? Definite Meet N' Greet in the Fall. I may do one in Dallas then again in Austin. No, I'm not going "on tour" I just seriously wanna meet you guys. Too fun. Yay!