Sunday, March 27, 2005

Signs of Spring

Warning: Long-ass, personal post ahead.

It's what day?? Where in the hell did the week go? Sheesh. And still no pictures of my current finished objects for Dulaan. I really don't have any excuses. Yeah, work has been crazy, home life has been crazy, hubby likes to actually have attention...but the fact of the matter is, I'm lazy. Wait, let me correct that. I am LAZY. L.A.Z.Y. That stands for Lard-Assed Zany Yarnwhore. If I can get to my computer chair or the couch before some domestic duty rears it's ugly head, I am stuck there. I will knit or crochet while watching the stupidest thing on TV until all hours of the night because going to bed would require me to actually get up and move. On a positive note, acceptance is the first step to a cure. I accepted my laziness about 20 years ago. Can someone please tell me step freakin two?

On a major postive note, I got to spend the weekend at my mom's. Well, perhaps that requires an explanation. Hold on to your hats and if it gets too complicated, just skip ahead and accept me as the weirdo that I am. About 10 years ago I lived with the bass player for a heavy metal band. Oh so responsible. Anywho, this "relationship" was doomed from the start. But he made the mistake of letting me meet his mom. She has to be one of the most amazing people I have ever met. Funny, articulate, playful and accepting of people for who they really are. Everyone just calls her Mom. I do know her real name but saying it is like trying to call my real mom by her name. Freaky. So, anyway, Mom and I have been inseperable. She just adopted me as the oldest daughter she never had. The woman already has 6 kids. She didn't need another one. This is going somewhere, I promise. Once the "relationship" (snicker snort) ended with her son, I kept showing up at her house. And that doesn't even do it justice.

Imagine a place where you can go to when life is running you over, where the instant you walk into the door, you become the center of attention. All normal activity ceases. Younger children no longer have a bedime simply because you. Are. There. Imagine that these people call you "daughter" and "sister" and yet have no blood ties to you what-so-ever. And that this family genuinely loves one another and enjoys their time together. Imagine being in your 20's or 30's and there are no expectations for you to act that way. All you have to do is be fun and have fun. There's board games, singing, singing because of board games (I don't think we even know the rules to SongBurst) sitting around doing Mad Libs (remember those?) and just laughing yourself sick. There's music, singing, dancing, laughing, crying, and acceptance of the good things and even the bad. Imagine walking in the door of this household and everyone screams your name and there's about 10 minutes worth of hugging and smiling so big your face hurts. That's what I got to do this weekend. Yeah. So very cool. And don't even get me started on this lovely, Italian woman's cooking. Divine. The point of this story is, everyone should have a place like this. Perhaps you already do. If you don't, I recommend you getting one. It can be your own family or a new one you adopt. It can be a group of friends that have no relationship to one another except you. It just makes life good. And talk about stress relief.

Wait. This post is titled Signs of Spring. And I have proof of Spring. It may get close to freezing here tonight (This IS Texas, right?), but Spring is here, none the less. My proof? Bluebonnets!! Everywhere in central Texas, these little blue lovelies are popping up along the road. I got a picture of a small patch on the way home from Mom's today. The picture doesn't do the vibrant colors justice, but this, this is is Spring. In about mid-February around here, the state department mows the roadsides. This is in preperation for our bluebonnets. They don't mow again until mid to late April. They give the bluebonnets plenty of time to fluorish and then fade off. All of this for flowers. Our state flower, yes. But a flower? And we have festivals for this wildflower. Fess-tee-vuls. With craft booths lined with items that have these flowers painted all over them. It's an amazing sight.

And this is just a tiny patch. A teeny tiny one. Posted by Hello

Well, enough blathering on for today, my dear stalkees.

Hope everyone has a great day!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my sweet beautiful child....the way you bragged about me! You just had to go and make me cry!!! 8-) Thank you for all the wonderful compliments, although I'm not sure i deserve them. Always remember to hang in there baby...i'm only a short drive away! lol
Love you sweets,

Stalker Angie said...

Hi Mom!! hehe...always wanted to be able to do that.

You deserve all the compliments and then some.