Monday, August 22, 2005

About Damn Time

*Ahem* Is this thing on? Oh. Umm hi, my name is Stalker Angie. You may not remember me, but this is my blog? Yeah. So ummm, how ya been? Good good. Yeah, not too bad myself, thanks for asking. Oh the dogs? Yeah, they're good. We still have Penny but she's at the top of the list for a new home. We're pretty happy with the decision at this point. We're just not right for her. She deserves more attention than we can give her.

Ermm.......Look! Stitchmarkers!

Yeah, they match my project bag. But I like blue and white together. I love the one with the row counter on it. I don't remember who's blog I got the idea from, so if it was you, holler out and let me know, k? No, I'm not gonna leave the tops like that. That was a temporary solution until I got some split rings of the right size. I have them now. These will be fixed. They work, and they don't snag yarn, but the tops aren't very pretty. A bit rustic for me.

Huh? Behind the markers? The bag? Oh! The project on needles! Duh. Silly me. That's gonna be a washcloth. I stole the idea from Christina, of course. She had asked me to finish her potholder for her, but she never sent it to me, so I just started this instead. I think it's coming along nicely.

I also have a square of.....uummm....well it's a square. Almost. It's not really blog worthy though, so we'll just move on.

Now a lot of people don't believe me when I say I'm short all over. I have proof! Sorta. Ummm...ok I have 2 pictures of my dinky feet that just shows how short and wide they are. They match the rest of me. Short and wide. Even my toes are short and wide. Oh, and the teeny tiny toenails? Those are grown out for getting summer pedicures. They are actually longer than I normally wear them.

That thick slab of meat above the ankle? Oh, my calf. Solid muscle baby. Can't say the same for the ol' thighs, but my calves are very muscular from...ummm..well, football. And weight lifting in highschool. My arms have always been weaker than hell, but my legs could move an elephant. Oh wait, they move me. Nevermind. Hehe Oh, and wanna know what's sad? That shot above is just below my knee. Not much else to my calf. Keep thinking dinky, people. And a final shot for anyone out there with a foot fetish. (That should get some good google hits, eh? Hehehehe)

Disclaimer: These photos were taken at my parents house. No way in hell would I have any-damn-thing Southwestern on my bed. *shudder* Besides, I don't even know where my ironing board IS, much less have it out and usable.

Hope everyone has a great day!


Christina said...

Good thing I finished my own potholder instead of waiting around for you to do it!

It's about time we get a new blog entry, anyways.

And I really like the stitch markers. Rustic works for me (hint,hint).

erin/pinkerbell said...

Yay! Dinky-people-who-lifted-weights-in-high-school unite! except I had the opposite problem lots of upper body strength (read which now has turned to flab) No lower body strength (also turned to flab.)

Ryan said...

Mmmmmm, white and blue, one of my fave combos! The stitch markers are wonderful, as are the pictures of your amazingly small tootsies.

Glad you posted!

Joan in Reno said...

Your foot looks remarkably like mine. I always say my feet are triangular; narrow heel and wide, square toes. Welsh feet as opposed to English feet (long and narrow with longer second toe). I read an article once saying that was why the Welch women had so many bunions, having to wear shoes designed for English feet. I'll buy almost any shoe, regardless of looks or cost, if my toes have room to wiggle. (Hope you see this, it is so late.)

Stalker Angie said...

Hi Joan! Welcome to the blog. :)

As far as I know, I an English, Irish and Scottish, but I am sure there is some Welsh in there somewhere. And I am the same way, if it fits right, I will buy it. During the summer I just stick with flip flops and my toes love me for it. :)

TheBunny said...

hobbit feet!

Stalker Angie said...

Hey! My feet aren't hairy! >.<


Joan in Reno said...

I can't wear flip-flops, my little toes hang completely off the side of the shoes and I don't like the feel. I need a strap to corral those toes.

Anonymous said...

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