Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Stalker Goes on Strike

Yes, you read it correctly. I'm on yarn strike. There will be no knitting, crocheting, tatting (or half assed tatting, in my case), or cross stitching until I get control of the stash. I can't pick a project because I have so much yarn, I don't know what I have. And nothing, I mean NOTHING sounds appealing right now. All of a sudden knitting is scaring the shit out of me because I don't want to do another round and round purse (as much as I loved Sophie), nor am I ready for charts to do lace *shudder*. Socks are still out of the question because I looked at the instructions. I did. I admit it. Hell, I bought sock books! I looked at dpns for sock knitting and thought to myself, "Why do they want me to knit with toothpicks????" So not happening. Besides, it still looks like an ancient Chinese torture device. I want to do a Soleil for my mom and mother-in-law. I have the yarn for it. Got it from Elann. But even with the lovely Christina (Hiya!) giving the helpful suggestions, I look at this tiny ass chart and break into a sweat. Scarves? I live in Texas. Scarves are a dumbass thing to knit here. Even if I want a Slytherin scarf.

I have decided what I need to do is organize and get a handle on the stash. Now, this may not sound so bad, but I have seen some of y'alls stashes. They organize into cedar chests. Pffft. My front bedroom has 3 rolling things with 3 deep drawers each. Full of yarn. My front bedroom has bags upon bags and a couple of boxes. Full of yarn. There is yarn in my closet. Yarn in the backseat of my car (2 huge bags and 2 clear bins) that has yet to see the inside of my house. Yarn in the trunk of my car that has yet to see the inside of my house. My garage has this great little office in the back that is dedicated, at the moment, to 3 huge boxes of yarn that was my grandmothers that I got when she passed away last year. Then there are the books, pamphlets and magazines about yarn in some form or another every-damn-where. I honestly have more yarn than my LYS. And yet I keep buying yarn. I'm not a knitter. I'm not a crocheter. I'm a yarn whore.

Maybe I'm going about this whole knitting business the wrong way. I need to approach it like I did crochet. Knit an ass load (that's a whole bunch) of squares in coordinating colors, turn it into a sampler afghan, give the sum'bitch away to somebody and move on. That way I am learning the stitches, doing small projects and eating up the stash. But not until I get the stash under control. That starts this weekend. I am dragging all the yarn I can find into the living room and going through it. Period. Don't try to stop me. Christina, if you see me on GW this weekend(and you will *sigh*) , harp on me about my stash situation. Please.

So, since what I have is Guild Wars right now, I shall speak of it. And no, this is not turning into a GW blog. It's an everything blog, dammit. Read the top thingy, up there. The lovely, aforementioned Christina, also, as you are probably aware, plays Guild Wars. But she also knits socks, so she's my idol. She has also joined our guild and graced us with bringing over friends and folks from her previous guild, who have brought friends of theirs from another guild.. She has tripled our numbers. She has turned our quiet, little, unassuming guild into this raging chat machine of people grouping up for missions and guild battles. I have to turn off my guild chat and ignore my own guild sometimes to be able to complete missions. These people she brought to me and T are chatty, saucy, belligerent and have attitudes the size of a 7 year-old beauty pageant winner. And I love every single minute of it. DH and I have had more fun over the last week or so grouping with these fun folks and meeting new people. Thanks, Christina! She's probably turned all shades of red by now. hehe So, to further embarass her, I have screen shots of her and I in GW. This is her half naked ranger and my half naked warrior. Please, do not tell her she is hot. She knows. We all know. Everyone in the game tells her over and over and over and over and over and over.......oh, here's the pic. Click on it to get a larger view.

And the next 2 are of myself and T's female warrior (Don't ask. He likes to watch her run. o.O) and then one of my warrior doing a healing spell and striking one sexy pose.

And don't I wish I really looked like this.

Hope everyone has a great day!


Christina said...

You forgot to mention you're totally obsessed with Guild Wars. Second account ring a bell?

I think the sampler afghan is a good idea. Small projects for miserable weather that still turn out useful!

Stalker Angie said...

The second account was merely to be able to have all 6 character types so that I would be able to play whatever character my guild needed in a group. Seriously, I did it for the guild. It has NOTHING to with not having a ranger character and wanting that druid's armor.....nothing.


mira said...

A yarn strike?!?!?? Oooh, sounds serious. More so than a yarn diet =:0 But if you get it all organized and categorized you may actually find inspiration. That's what happened to me. I went on a yarn diet and reorganized my entire stash. I was actually really good and gave things away!!! (how's that for brave?

Squares could be a good thing, make afghans or jackets (line up the squares to make the pattern...if you're interested I'll find the magazine article about that) or even stuff like slippers. Hey, everybody needs slippers.

Have fun going through your stash though...it will probably bring back memories.

erin/pinkerbell said...

THe sampler squares are a great Idea. One year for my birthday, my Ma bought me a book of knit stitches, and I just blew through all my random skeins. I learned a lot. Like bobbles are evil.

Norma said...

I'm right there with ya on the yarn strike. Except my resolve for that is about as strong as my resolve that I won't have another Diet Coke or another handful of chocolate chips. Not so strong, the resolve. ;-)

Christina said...

Hmm. Should we discuss last night y'think?

TheBunny said...

Sell the yarn you want to get rid of on ebay. You would be AMAZED how easy it is to sell. Then you can invest it in sock-kitting lessons. ;-)

Stalker Angie said...

Sssss......Seeeeee......Sell it? As in have less yarn? I need my binky. The world is spinning. I just don't think I am able. hehe

I had thought that once I get everything organized, either donating it to charity or asking some of the local women's shelters if they would be interested in a volunteer coming in and teaching the women to knit and crochet. I have the yarn to start, I think. I couldn't sell my grandmother's stuff. She would kick my butt once she saw me again. Now charity, I could do. :)