Wednesday, August 10, 2005


There's just hanging over the center of my state just dropping rain by the bucket load. Now, normally, I am not one to complain about such things because I love the sound of rain. But this batch of storms has got my allergies so wonky it's insane. I counted. Fifteen (15) sneezes in a row. I think I broke a rib this morning. Seriously. Hurts to breath and I hate being a human snot factory. Oops. Probably TMI there. Hehe.

Well, as much as I hate doing short posts, I'm going to go take allergy medicine and drool on my keyboard for a while

Hobe everyoned has a grade day. *snort*


Christina said...

Sorry to hear about the allergies!

(so where are the stitch marker photos, anyways?)

Norma said...

Bubber aboud de allergies. I know what you're talkin' about..I suffered a lifetime with them. Started as a child when they really had no medicine for them and very few people had "hay fever" as they called it. They just thought I was a sickly child. Now it seems that nine children out of ten has allergies. Then suffered for years taking drowsy-making medicines, then got possible liver damage taking Seldane for over a decade. Then turned to homeopathy, and cured! (except I have been wondering, are these headaches caused by allergies?)

chris said...

Poor baby! I hope you feel better soon . . . as a fellow allergy-sufferer (does anyone in Texas NOT have allergies?), I can relate.