Friday, October 28, 2005

Hello again!

Ok I am totally whinging about how busy work is and no I shouldn't be posting at work but home is busy too. :P

*sigh* There is no yarn porn here. There will be on Monday. I don't blame you for leaving. *sniffle*

On the plus side, I am thinking Penny will be in a new home by the time I get off work. She has a foster home now and after this 60+ lb "puppy" has had 3 Lhasa Apso/Shih Tzu's to play with, she gets to go play with a 150lb Great Dane! I'm thinking she will love it. We're very excited for her and I look forward to having yarn stashed safely all over the house again. Glee!

Ok, time for Fun Stuff Friday! Not that I'll keep it up, but it's a thought. As of last night, Guild Wars has gone Halloween and it is the most awesome thing ever. I would have bought the game just for this. If you have it (Hint Hint Christina!) I insist you go play. You won't regret it. It rocks.

In keeping with the upcoming Halloween, I have something so very creepy...this site is not for the weak-hearted. If you are easily frightened, do not go here. If laughing so hard until you pee yourself is scary beyond words, then avoid opening this page at all costs. They look so proud.....*shudder* These are the people who almost took over the world.....the dominant sex. Hahahahahahah!!!!!

Next we have The Worst Halloween Costumes Ever. *snerk*

A real post on Monday. Seriously. There might even be me in my Halloween costume on either Monday or Wednesday. Be afraid......

Hope everyone has a great day!


Norma said...

Oh, Stalker. I came over here to kill you. But first I have to kill all those wierdos with beards and mustaches, and that'll take me some time. Just WHERE do you find such CRAP? How much time do you HAVE on your hands, anyway? Anyway???? So because you posted that and made me laugh, you have a bit of a reprieve. But I'm going to steal the Worst Costumes link for my blog. Just to spite you, or something. And because when I was a kid, that was exactly the kind of shite we used, too. I would have chosen Farrah Fawcett, for sure! Mwahahahaha! BOO!

Sharon said...

How'd you like to wake up next to one of those beards or moustaches? Yikes! And those men are so PROUD!

As for the costumes, in my neighborhood, it was a contest among the parents to make the best/most elaborate costumes for their kids. We all longed for the boxed type but noooo! We had to have something CREATIVE! (And honestly, I don't know how my folks did it!)

Christina said...

Growing up, my mom made halloween costumes for my sister and I. Sometimes they turned out good. Sometimes not. Especially since we lived where it was possible to get snow by then, so costumes needed to either be warm or fit over a jacket. I'll never forget the year my mom decided I should be princess barbie or something and everybody called me pregnant barbie because of my bulky jacket under the costume.

This year I'm dressing up the dog.

Robbyn said...

Just wanted to thank you for mentioning the Guild Wars Halloween transformation. Between one thing and another, we haven't played for a couple of days and when I mentioned it to Myria this morning, she hopped right on over to the computer and logged in.

WAY cool!!