Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

First off,

That lovely collage of pics includes one from our dear Stalkee, Christina. The one on the left is her ranger in Guild Wars having some in-game Halloween fun. Thanks, Christina!

I did dress up for Halloween today, but the pics will have to wait. Cuz I don't have them yet. I'm supposed to be Raggedy Ann, but I so didn't feel like painting my face this morning. I hate anything on my face. So I was basically just cute. Heee! I did make my own shoes for this costume though. I crocheted some Mary Jane shoes and they turned out so freaking cute. People are trying to order some! I wanted to knit some since I have Erin's pattern, but i didn't have time. :( But! some knit ones are due.

In keeping with the holiday again, I have some very scary photos. These are more.....disturbing than scary really. I have mentioned before the size difference between T and myself. I have proof. I was goofing around one day and tried to grab his flip flops to run outside. My feet are tiny. His are...not so tiny. I give you, "I promise that is an adult foot in another adults shoe." And next to it is our grungy flip flops next to one another. Can you guess which one is mine??

Now, keep in mind that my shoe there is a small flip flop and I have lots of room around my foot when I put on the shoe. Mini feet. Weird. *shudder*

And now for yarn porn!! Yaaayyy!!!!There are some yarns I got off of Ebay that I absolutly love. Someday they too shall tell me what they want to be. The first one is a sport weight wool Called Maine. Both of these are hand painted yarns and I love the colorways.

Sooo pretty. The next one is my fav. I really wana do it justice when I use it. It's a fingering weight wool and the colorway is Spring. It's just....yeah. I take it out about once a day and play with it and smell it. Such a weirdo.

Next post, my Halloween costume and why the Stalker needs to avoid baggy clothing.

Hope everyone has a great day!


Christina said...

I think the other one in the picture is Aeris.

Happy Halloween back!

carma said...

Ooooo so jealous of your eBay finds!