Thursday, October 20, 2005

TMI or Why The Stalker needs to learn what "polite conversation" is.

Ok, first off, some of you just need to drop the needles. I am not pregnant. Not for lack of trying, mind you. But I have to take fertility drugs to get preggers, so until I lose some weight, I ain't takin the drugs, so it's not gonna happen. Sorry. I know there was hopeful fingering weight being cast on out there. Your day will come.

I have some personal things to say in this post before we get down and dirty, so here goes.

Chelsea, congrats on winning the stitch markers. I will be mailing them by weeks end and I really hope you enjoy them! :)

Christina, Welcome back! Glad to have you back with us on the ol' interweb thing. Glad to hear Daisy is doing fine and I am waiting on the pic of the garter. Oh and your package will be in the mail by end of week as well. Hehe

Ms. Ryan and TMK, Happy Belated Anniversary!! It sounds like you had a good one and I cannot think of two people who deserve joy in their lives with one another more. Awesome post by the way, TMK. Just hope the Blog Mistress was able to get all of the Mac germs off of the blog. Heehee

Ms. Steph, I was so sorry to hear about your loss. I wanted to post to you when it happend, but it seemed to happen when I was emotionally raw so I just sat on my couch and bawled for you. My thoughts were, and are, with your family.

My Dorky Friends, I love the meme and will fit it in tomorrow next post. Erin the shoes are to die for and I must have some. The pattern WILL be mine. Mwuahahahaha.

Norma Dear, niiiice spinning there, hon. Very nice. Must resist the siren song of unspun fiber.

For those of you who are uncomfortable with hearing personal stories about complete strangers, the rest of this post is not for you. Come back tomorrow or the next day and check back. There will be too much info here. Last warning. I may discuss blood and mucus. Just saying.

I know a lot of you were concerned about me during my hideout time, and I really am sorry for making you worry. It was not my intent and I should have posted a short hiatus, but I couldn't even do that. After the hurricane that never came near us (I've had outdoor ceiling fans stir the air more), there were a lot of factors contributing to wasn't really a breakdown, it was more of a withdrawal. The hubby has been out on short term disability for 3 months (that is soooo not short term to me) and is driving me nuts at home. Work has been crazy due to the hurricanes (have I ever mentioned what I do for a living? hmmm), the game I play online to reduce stress has become an issue due to guild politics, name calling (we're all adults people!!), and general stupidity. plus one of the people I have really grown to care about on that game tried to commit suicide and there's not a thing I can do about it. So, I pulled back away from people for a while. But, I will blog more about those subjects later.

A week after the hurricane I also got sick as hell. If you could combine mild pneumonia with bronchitis and the flu, then that would be what I had. I was a walking snot factory. There was coughing until my bladder said "screw you, lady" and I spent time sitting on towels. There was coughing until I threw up. There was coughing until there was blood involved and the doctor said "Hie thee to yon hospital," and I replied "screw you, Doc. I'll die at home." (Did I ever mention I don't do hospital stays? Yeah. That's a story for my therapist.) I slept sitting up on my sofa so I could breath. I missed 4 days of work. And the clencher? I quit smoking. Ok, it was only for 2 weeks, but I did not have one cig for 2 weeks! Hey maybe that was another reason for being depressed and cranky. Earth to Stalker. Sheesh.

To top it off, all of the coughing finally loosened up everything within the uterus so I got to play female while being sick. NORma! See, I have PCOS. Sometimes I go for up to a year with no period. That means everything just keeps building in the uterus, so when I finally have one, it can last for up to 6 months straight and involve days of not being able to leave the house. Plus, for the first time in.....7 years? 8 maybe? There was cramping. Holy shit women do this every month??? No thank you. I'll take mine all at once with no pain, please.

Then there was dealing with half of the blogosphere being pregnant and I'm not, plus all of the pregnant people still being thinner than me. I've been obsessing about my weight lately. Normally I am a happy, little fat clam. Despite my obesity (that just needs to be in bold.) I am just really cute. Everyone says so. And I am. But I could lose 100 lbs and still be in the morbidly obese category. This is a scary thing. I'm relatively healthy as far as blood pressure, blood work stuff, heart rate....I'm just round. So that's had me kinda down as well. Not to worry. I am sooo over it.

Next post: a meme and why my expectations for humanity have been lowered. (Basically, I am gonna bitch about work).

Hope everyone has a great day!


chris said...

Ohhhh, Angie, honey, you have had quite a bad time! I'm so sorry to hear it . . . I'm so glad you're back, too. If there's anything I can do/say/send that will help, let me know. HUGS!

Cathy said...

Hang in there ((hugs))
(OTOH you just said all this so we would quit envying that purpleheart wheel, didn't ya?)

erin/pinkerbell said...

we've missed you! Sorry to hear you were so ill, and about all the drama you've been put through. Glad to see you better and back. I'm telling you, it's the year of the baby. I'm really sick of cranking out baby stuff.

Thanks for the slipper compliment.

Cathy said...

just call me an idiot and be done with it. (sorry). Hanging head.

Stalker Angie said...

Thank you for the well wishes ladies! It means a lot.

Chris, you're awfully close. I may come hide in your backyard next. lol

Cathy, I never have any room to call someone an idiot. Seriously. :)

Pinkerbell, (giggle) I still love that name. And they really are adorable slippers.

Christina said...

Two posts in a row!

The garter photos are still being held hostage. And no, I haven't decided what their ransom will be.

Same thing goes for the dress photos.

I'm glad you're doing somewhat better, anyways.

Norma said...

Well, NORma that. My cramps have been sooooo bad all my life that when I was in actual labor I kept waiting for it to actually HURT. Meaning hurt more than my cramps that I had lived with for 15 years before that. This is why I almost had my daughter in the car on the interstate on New Year's Eve at 12 below zero. 20 minutes after I arrived at the hospital, she was born, and that's only because I had physically been holding her in.

Now. This wasn't supposed to be about me, but you see, you stirred up all those emotions in me. I'm SOOOO self-centered, as someone recently told me. It stung.

But dearie, WTF? You want me to come down there and slap you so you stay healthy? This sounds like QUITE the time you've had. I'm glad things are at least better enough that you feel you can bitch about it. And bitch away, dear. Bitch away. Blood, guts, mucous. We can take it. :-D

Stephanie said...

I'm glad you're not pregnant. I can't afford to lose another month of my life to sitting on my couch knitting wee shoes and talking about them like a moron.
(isn't day de cudest widdow shosies?)
It's embarassing.

Sorry about the flu/cold/hell thing. Been there.
Pass the kleenex.

Stalker Angie said...

Steph, if I ever stop laughing my arse off at the shoe thing, you might get a real response from me. Everytime I read it it send me into giggles.

I think everyone got this crud going around. If I find the creature that started it, I'll crochet them a cheap acrylic straight jacket to wear with nothing under it. Grrrrrr