Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Is it just me or is everyone going nuts this year? Christmas found a way to sneak up on us all, I think. I don't know how. We had Halloween. We had Thanksgiving. Everyone knows Christmas comes right after, and yet we all seemed to be deer in the headlights thinking "Well where the hell did that come from?" I have one day to get all of my work gifts together and the cards signed. That means I have to do it tonight. I have 2 days to get the in-laws stuff wrapped. 3 days to get my family's stuff wrapped, and 4 days to get my other family's stuff wrapped. My kitchen is a mess *shudder* and I have to cook something for each Christmas dinner. I need to do laundry. All 3 dogs need a bath. And their nails clipped. I need my toe nails clipped. It's amazing how the list just piles up there. Who are you again? Oh! Yes. Right. Extensions.

The previous rant was not to prove that my next 4 days suck worse than your next 4 days. Nay, friends. Indeed it was to announce that I have come to my senses and have decided to extend the deadline for the contest. With all of the holiday madness, it's silly to expect people to have any time to do something for a contest. The deadline is now January 30th. This will get us past the holidays and give something fun to do before tax season hits. *yurk* You can go here for contest details.

Hope everyone has a great day!


Christina said...

Yay! Thanks for the extension. I was starting to wonder if I was even going to bother. Now I can't use that excuse....

Imbrium said...

Ooh...maybe now I can wheedle the artist Boyfriend to come up with something. Because I guarantee you don't want my feeble attempts at art. :D