Friday, December 30, 2005

I Win Neener Neener

Update: I am a horrible, horrible person. No, I really am. See, I wrote this post last night. I forgot to mention something and I should be shot. *cry* One of my very awesome Christmas gifts came from Christina over at Llama Llama Duck. Do I really need to link her? She's in every other post, I promise. Plus she's on the sidebar. Anywho, Christina sent me one of these for Christmas.

The saddest part? I had it on my wrist while blogging. And I forgot to write about it. I even forgot to take a picture of it. I'll be hiding under my desk and flogging myself with some cheap acrylic yarn if anyone needs me.

Ok, so Erin had this cute little contest on her blog about guessing Santa. I cheated and guessed twice so she made me pick one. I picked right. Yay me! She was sweet enough to ask me what I wanted and I responded with "Meh, I'm easy to please. I'm happy with a postcard!" Well, my prize was on my coffee table when I got home. Did I get a postcard? Hell no. What I got rocks so hard it isn't even funny. Ok, it is a bit funny. Plus, I got to take pictures of it with the new camera. Glee! Actually, all of the pictures in this post were taken with the new camera.* Shall we begin? Let's.

First off, I'm not sure if I liked the contents of the box or the box more. Erin is truly imaginative and the box just cracked me up. I giggled like an idiot. Why you ask? Because it was the perfect addressing for a Stalker.

(Address erased to protect the not so innocent.)

Does that not rule?? A ransom note for the Stalker. Heehee! Next we have the contents. Hoo mama. I am a lucky girl.

That's a little bag and buttons from the Piddleloop Store (Adorable stuff, check it out)and the cutest little card. Click to enlarge as always. Under it? Oh that knit stuff? You don't wanna see that. Nah. No, seriously, you don't wanna see it. Ok fine. Erin also made me this. Oh. My. God.

That, my Dear Stalkees, is a hand-knit shawl. The color is beautiful and it's soooo freakin soft. I must have pet the darn thing for a good 10 minutes. Ok, I got a little teary-eyed, but we won't go there. Must have been some dust or something. Erin, it's gorgeous. I am truly touched and so completely unworthy. Did I mention it's soft? Oh, and ummm....It smells good too. hehe

On to the Christmas booty! No, I am not gonna show a picture of my booty on the blog. It was pirate talk. Geez, people. Anywho, I believe we have discussed in the past that T and I don't have any kids. (Yes, our initials are T & A. Yes, this makes me giggle. My brother and his wife are S & M. That makes my mother uncomfortable and makes me giggle more.) This means my folks have 3 grandkids (2 out of state) and T's folks don't have any grandkids. This means we still get to rake in all the presents at Christmas. This is the best birth control on the market. Yes, we have covered how selfish I am, let's not retrace our steps. So a picture of the pile of my gifts and the "grandpuppie's" gifts.

See the square white box on the right and the long box on the floor below it? Ball winder and swift, baybee. Score!! No, I don't have any photos of it out of the box because I don't have any place for it yet. That is Saturday's project. I am so excited. Yippee skippee! This means that the 23 skeins of cotton, alpaca and silk yarn I have for sweaters isn't quite so daunting any longer.

Now, my in-laws have a gorgeous home and the perfect place to try out the uber camera. First a picture of the Christmas tree, in a dark room, on the fireworks setting.

Pretty! Now a photo of the tree in a dark room with just the flash.

Yes, the tree is tied to the shutters. My in-laws have 2 cats that think the tree is there just for them to play in. Don't all cats think that? Meet Lola (she's 2) and Ilyushin (he is 16). Yes, even their cats match.

One of my mom's Christmas gift is still at my house. I'm guessing it is now a New Year's Gift. Works for me. It's a pillow with a story. On one of her trips up to see her dad, she brought back some things of my grandmother's for me. One of them was what looked to be an unfinished pillow. In the same bag was yarn she was using to make it. Mom asked me to finish it, and while it's a simple granny square, I had to make do with what yarn there was because all of this yarn is no longer made. I don't mean the colors have been discontinued. I mean the companies no longer exist. Some of this yarn is from the 40's, some from the 60's and some from the 70's. They don't make them or the colors anymore. Oh goody. A challenge. I also had to figure out which size hook she used and try to match her gauge. This is the results.

Yeah, I'm pretty proud of it. Mom is going to love it. One last photo to show off the camera skills. This is some of the stuff on my overflowing mantle, taken with the zoom from the couch. (It was Stalker Angie, in the living room, with the camera. Sorry. I had to.)

Look at the freakin detail! You can even see the dragons scales. I am so impressed. Oh the dragons? Those are 2 little kissing dragons. They were the cake toppers on my wedding cake. I am such a dork. *giggle*

Hope everyone has a great day!

*No cameras or items were harmed in the making of this post.

P.S. Everytime I use the word "freakin," the spellcheck wants to replace it with the word "foreskin." This would totally change my posting style. Hehe


Norma said...

LOL, spellchecker is a hoot! Wow, that is SOMETHING you got from Erin, grrl! And I was chagrined to find that Erin's blog was NOT on my Bloglines, but I fixed that. That is also quite SOME camera you got there! Geesh. I paid umpteen bazillion dollars (well, not really) for this supposedly uber-wonderful Nikon Coolpix, and I know it's probably just ME, but I'm not getting the greatest photos from it at ALL.

Imbrium said...

Wow...that pillow is amazing! I can't even tell where you picked up with it. Your mother will be delighted, I'm sure.

carma said...

SO jealous of your package from Erin.... Glad it went to someone as cool as you though. I was, of course, exempt from the contest being as I was previously privy to her relationship to Santa (I knew him before her even).

Seriously cool camera... I need to get myself one... Maybe then I would actually post to the blog once in awhile.

And you should be VERY proud of that pillow. BRAVO!

:) Have a wonderful New Year!

Christina said...

I love that shawl. So pretty.

Pyo said...

Cool blog you've got here!
How do you call that wrislet thingy you got from Erin? I'd like to buy one!

Stalker Angie said...

Hiya Pyo! The wrist thingy came from the dear Christina and I believe if you put "yarn ball holder" into google, you should be able to find one. :)

Pyo said...

oups! Sorry for the mistake!
Thank you for the info, I lacked the knowledge to make a proper search!
I found a few wrist ball holders and think I grasped the concept. It is actually a great tool for any fiber-ist. I might try to make one myself... I like this one : .

Happy New Year Angie!