Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Exploding Stalker

My living room has exploded. Rather, Santa exploded all over my living room. I can't find my loveseat. I know it's in the room, but it seems to be buried under this mound of boxes, baskets and bags. T and I got so much at Christmas I need a storage building. His parents and mine always go a little overboard since there are no grandkids for his folks and only 3 for mine. This makes for groovy Christmases for the older "kids", namely, us.

My dining room has exploded. Rather, my dogs have exploded all over my dining room. Sometime between Friday and Christmas day, my dogs decided outside was not a necessity. They quit asking to be let out. This is so unlike my dogs. Now the Demon Dog never minded where she went, but my 3 babies have always begged to be let out. I got home Saturday night from our Christmas With The In-Laws, and there were these little.....presents....all over one half of the room. The other half looked like they had dragged all of their toys and plopped them all into a pile. It was insane. They have been fussed at. The "presents" have been exchanged for a cleaner carpet. The treats have all been put away as punishment. That will surely teach them. At least they rediscovered the great outdoors again. Ugh.

Ye Olde Stalker has exploded. Rather, no, wait. Nothing exploded all over me. Eww. And I only feel as if I should be exploding. There was soooooooooo much food over the weekend. It was nuts. There were 4 of us at my MIL's and she cooked for like, 9. I swear. Then there were 6 of us at my folks house. My mom cooked for 12. I went to the other Mom's (of the adopted family) house and we pigged out there. Every house had too much food for dinner, every house had appetizers and what T calls "grazing material", and every house sent food home with us. Large quantities of it. We could feed 12 people on everything we brought home. There's 2 of us. The puppies would love to help, but they don't get table food.

Now, there has been some interest in the comments about the new kick ass camera T got me for Christmas. Well, here's the info for it and a picture of what it looks like.

Yes, I love it. Yes there is way too many pictures on it already. No, I don't have any of them loaded. Cuz I'm lazy dammit! You know this! You've read this blog how long now? Been stalked by me how long? I will have photos for Friday. I have a few gifts from Christmas that I must share with the blog world because they rock too hard to keep to myself. My MIL got me exactly what I wanted and Dear Stalkee Christina sent me something oh so wonderful to have....hell, I may update later tonight so I can share quicker. Glee! So, if your camera is dying, I recommend this one so much it's ridiculous. It has a fireworks mode. Yeah. If this camera were a man, I'd so cheat on T. Ok, maybe not, but I would be tempted for the first time ever. Hell, if this camera were a woman I'd still have some very naughty thoughts. It. Rocks. That. Much. You'll see. I'm gonna prove it to you.

Until then, Hope everyone has a great day!!


Imbrium said...

Ew...exploding Santa, exploding sounds very gooey over at your place. Have you figured out a good way to get brain-bits out of carpet? ;)

I look forward to more pictures with the spanky camera!

Stalker Angie said...

Imbrium, you'd be surprised at what a good shop vac will pick up. rofl