Friday, December 09, 2005


I owe thanks to a couple of folks who have really helped with this contest. I'm really not all that put together on most days, so I need all the help I can get. First I want to thank Norma for the free advertising. She told me she would mention it and I'm glad that's all she did was mention. Three paragraphs on her blog is one hell of a "mention." Thank you, Norma Dear!! I got a lot of hits from her "mention" and a great big "Howdy!" for all of you who stopped by and for those of you who delurked.

*Update* Kudos to my Dorky friend Pinkerbell (giggle). I got free advertising for the contest on her blog as well. Thanks hon! I feel so loved. Heeee

Deenz asked in the comments if there was a deadline for entries. There isn't one for entries, just one for designs. I would like to have all designs by December 30th. If some of you would like that extended due to the holidays, just let me know. I'm a very flexible Stalker. Well, in this sort of thing. The only reason I can reach my toes is because my legs are so short.

The other huge thanks goes to Christina. She's my personal Jiminy Cricket most days. If I post on a decent schedule, it's because she sends me an IM to "pester" me. It was also her idea to have the contest, to have the Stalkee gear and she's a damn good editor. If anything gets spelled correctly, it's because she proof reads my posts and giggles at me. She also made sure you guys had all of the information you did for the contest. Once I posted the entry for the contest, our conversation went something like:

Christina: What about this? Are you going to tell them about this?

Me: Crap. Let me update.......There.

Christina: Better. Now what about this?

Me: Dammit! Forgot that. Hold on......Got it.

Christina: Now, what about image sizes.

Me: Huh?

Christina: CafePress has image resrictions, you know.

Me: *Sigh* Let me see if I can find their image size rules.

Christina: Well here, try these 2 links. They should have all of the info.

Me: *blush* Thanks.

Me: Ok, it's all updated. Anything else?

Christina: Nah. It looks good.

So you see, this blog may be about me, but she really runs everything. Hehe Thank you again, Christina. Even when I grumble, I am so grateful for you. Oh, and "Haha!! I posted before you pestered me! :P" And, yes, I am a dork.

Now, it's freezing outside and I have a camera to go find before Ms. Ryan beats me to death with some Mongolian camel yarn.

Hope everyone has a great day!


Christina said...

"Like any conscience, Jiminy is occasionally late on the job, and frequently ignored even when he is around. Fortunately, Jiminy is nothing if not persistent, and he eventually succeeds in steering Pinocchio back to the right path."

Gee, thanks. I think. See what I get for clicking on your link?

erin/pinkerbell said...

Nope never been to Texas.......hmmmm there might be a roadtrip in my future.

Norma said...

Aww, t'warn't nothin'.