Tuesday, August 30, 2005


There will be a longer post about this tomorrow maybe, but I had a great weekend. I really did. I got to spend Sunday with my nephew, who is the coolest 12-year-old in the history of 12-year-olds. Yesterday I spent at a day long Sweet 16 birthday party type thing that involved all sorts of fun activities. I am 33 and so out of shape, I get winded putting on flip flops. I kept up with the girls. I am paying for it today. And will probably pay for it tomorrow. I never knew I had muscles there. I want them cut out now, please.

I'm not feeling up to posting more at this time. The whole Hurricane Katrina thing has me kinda down. It's just...horrible. I'm praying for those involved and for folks with loved ones in those areas. 'Nuff said.

Hope everyone has a great day!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

It's All Lies

Ok, so about 2 months ago I made a conscious decision to drink more water. I have a Dr. Pepper (hereforeto or something like that know as DP) addiction and it's about time I did something about it. Now, I won't be cutting DP out of my life for good. That's just stupid. And it will never work. I LIKE DP. I enjoy drinking it. And if I try to quit drinking it entirely my mind will rebel. Simple. But if I allow myself to have one when I really, really want one, no biggie. In the last 2 months I have had all of 2 DP's. Seriously. Just the 2. So I'm doing ok, plus saving money. My problem was, I wasn't drinking a DP just when I wanted one. If I was thirsty, I just reached for one. Or kept one with me at all times. Rather scary stuff, dude.

So, enter water, stage left. Don't get me wrong, my dear stalkees, I'm not exclusive to water. I am a beverage whore and will spread my favor around. I like milk and juice in the morning, I drink about 2-3 cups of coffee a week now and the occasional tea at lunch. But I have this humongo cup at my desk and we have a free ice maker and water cooler. My humongo cup stays full and I drink about 4 of them a day just between the hours of 9am - 6 pm.. So here are some observations about all this damn water drinking.

1.) Why in the hell am I so damn thirsty all the time now? I drink more fluids than I ever did during my DP days, and yet I stay thirsty. Why??? Where is all the fluid going now? Is there some magical hydrating property in DP that I am missing out on?

2.) I am 33, purging my system of DP, drinking more than my share of water a day and my face is breaking out. Pardon me, but What. The. F*ck. I am not a 15-year-old on greasy french fries!!!!! Dammit!

3.) They say that drinking more water will help you lose weight. Lies. All of it. Lies. Drinking more water just makes you pee. A lot. A whole lot. What makes you lose weight is all the running to the bathroom. I used to go to the restroom once or twice on an average workday. Makes for a very productive individual. Now? Every hour. I look like a yo yo in my chair. Sit down, make a call, run to the bathroom. And it is a run. I'm one of those people who cannot casually go to the restroom. I think my bladder is broken in that it only registers as full at the very last possible moment. Then the race is on and by race I mean that fast little walk where your legs only move from the knees down in this rapid cartoonish fashion because to move any more leg would require a cleanup crew and a trip home to change.

4.) There are very few things I like in my water. Tea, coffee or kool aid just about covers it all. I don't want any kind of fruit in my water. Blech. I don't like it. Do I like lemonade? Oh you betcha. But not if I see, or have to participate in, the mutilation of lemons to get it. It pretty much has to be made before I ever see it. Besides, I can't make fresh lemonade because I am topically allergic to lemons. I can drink lemonade, eat lemon cakes, pies, cookies.....all day. If lemon juice gets on my skin I get tiny blisters that hurt. What is that all about?

So I am wondering if this water gig is all it's cracked up to be. What's your take on it?

In other news, our Norma Dear had a post about idiosyncrasies some time back. Which, of course, got me to thinking about if I had any. I have decided I am a complete weirdo.

I once, while in nursing school, got to help with an autopsy. I literally got to pull a man's brains out of his head. It was one of the most exciting moments of my life. I have seen a man on one table and his guts on another. I know what cancer smells like. Theses things I can handle. You show me an infected hangnail? I get woozy and nauseous. I also get the major heebie-jeebies and have to look away.

I cannot mix my food. And by that, I don't mean that my food cannot touch. I can handle that. But I have to eat my food, one item at a time. Let's say, for example, that I am having grilled chicken, rice, carrots, broccoli and a dinner roll. I will eat them in order. And just by imagining the plate I can tell you which order I will go in. Carrots first (all of them) then broccoli, rice, chicken then the roll. I cannot take a bite of carrots and then one of chicken, then maybe broccoli.....I just can't. I have to eat all of one item, then the next item. I even will turn my plate so that whatever item I am eating is right in front of me. This drives my mother insane.

I am a tactile person. I have to touch things to see how they feel. Certain things I can't stand because of how they feel. Flannel. Flannel is the best torture method known to man. You can hit me all day and you'll get nothing. Put me in a flannel nightgown between flannel sheets and I will be reduced to tears in an instant. I just....bleark. No flannel. I am the same way about food. I love love love the taste of coconut. I love the smell of coconut. I cannot eat coconut because the texture of it in my mouth drives me batty. Same thing with celery. I like celery. But I hate the way it feels in my mouth. Same way with Lima beans or Navy beans. Any of the real "meaty" beans. Ugh. And now that I have scared everyone away.....

Have a great day!!!

Monday, August 22, 2005

About Damn Time

*Ahem* Is this thing on? Oh. Umm hi, my name is Stalker Angie. You may not remember me, but this is my blog? Yeah. So ummm, how ya been? Good good. Yeah, not too bad myself, thanks for asking. Oh the dogs? Yeah, they're good. We still have Penny but she's at the top of the list for a new home. We're pretty happy with the decision at this point. We're just not right for her. She deserves more attention than we can give her.

Ermm.......Look! Stitchmarkers!

Yeah, they match my project bag. But I like blue and white together. I love the one with the row counter on it. I don't remember who's blog I got the idea from, so if it was you, holler out and let me know, k? No, I'm not gonna leave the tops like that. That was a temporary solution until I got some split rings of the right size. I have them now. These will be fixed. They work, and they don't snag yarn, but the tops aren't very pretty. A bit rustic for me.

Huh? Behind the markers? The bag? Oh! The project on needles! Duh. Silly me. That's gonna be a washcloth. I stole the idea from Christina, of course. She had asked me to finish her potholder for her, but she never sent it to me, so I just started this instead. I think it's coming along nicely.

I also have a square of.....uummm....well it's a square. Almost. It's not really blog worthy though, so we'll just move on.

Now a lot of people don't believe me when I say I'm short all over. I have proof! Sorta. Ummm...ok I have 2 pictures of my dinky feet that just shows how short and wide they are. They match the rest of me. Short and wide. Even my toes are short and wide. Oh, and the teeny tiny toenails? Those are grown out for getting summer pedicures. They are actually longer than I normally wear them.

That thick slab of meat above the ankle? Oh, my calf. Solid muscle baby. Can't say the same for the ol' thighs, but my calves are very muscular from...ummm..well, football. And weight lifting in highschool. My arms have always been weaker than hell, but my legs could move an elephant. Oh wait, they move me. Nevermind. Hehe Oh, and wanna know what's sad? That shot above is just below my knee. Not much else to my calf. Keep thinking dinky, people. And a final shot for anyone out there with a foot fetish. (That should get some good google hits, eh? Hehehehe)

Disclaimer: These photos were taken at my parents house. No way in hell would I have any-damn-thing Southwestern on my bed. *shudder* Besides, I don't even know where my ironing board IS, much less have it out and usable.

Hope everyone has a great day!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


There's this.....weather......crap.......thing just hanging over the center of my state just dropping rain by the bucket load. Now, normally, I am not one to complain about such things because I love the sound of rain. But this batch of storms has got my allergies so wonky it's insane. I counted. Fifteen (15) sneezes in a row. I think I broke a rib this morning. Seriously. Hurts to breath and I hate being a human snot factory. Oops. Probably TMI there. Hehe.

Well, as much as I hate doing short posts, I'm going to go take allergy medicine and drool on my keyboard for a while

Hobe everyoned has a grade day. *snort*

Monday, August 08, 2005


Ok, so this weekend was emotionally draining. No, I am not going into it because it's ugly business that is on the way to being resolved and so there's no need to drag it all up again. On the plus side, the stash is organized. I still have to get it out of the car and into the house, but at least it is organized now. It's not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

On the crafting front, since I wasn't supposed to be playing with yarn in any sort of knitterly or crocheting capacity (I am so weak, but I will post about that later) I did make stitch markers this weekend. I made 10 of them and they are so cute! I am just missing the rings so I just made rings with the end of the wire once my beads were on. I also made sure none of the wire ends could catch on yarn. There will be pictures. Once I get them out of the car. (Update: the yarn was taken to a friends house to sort through this weekend. The stitchmarkers were made at said friend's house and migrated to the car with the yarn. Thank you for making me clarify that, Libby. *giggle*)

Now, go say Happy Birthday to Christina. You know you want to.

Hope everyone has a great day!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Stalker Goes on Strike

Yes, you read it correctly. I'm on yarn strike. There will be no knitting, crocheting, tatting (or half assed tatting, in my case), or cross stitching until I get control of the stash. I can't pick a project because I have so much yarn, I don't know what I have. And nothing, I mean NOTHING sounds appealing right now. All of a sudden knitting is scaring the shit out of me because I don't want to do another round and round purse (as much as I loved Sophie), nor am I ready for charts to do lace *shudder*. Socks are still out of the question because I looked at the instructions. I did. I admit it. Hell, I bought sock books! I looked at dpns for sock knitting and thought to myself, "Why do they want me to knit with toothpicks????" So not happening. Besides, it still looks like an ancient Chinese torture device. I want to do a Soleil for my mom and mother-in-law. I have the yarn for it. Got it from Elann. But even with the lovely Christina (Hiya!) giving the helpful suggestions, I look at this tiny ass chart and break into a sweat. Scarves? I live in Texas. Scarves are a dumbass thing to knit here. Even if I want a Slytherin scarf.

I have decided what I need to do is organize and get a handle on the stash. Now, this may not sound so bad, but I have seen some of y'alls stashes. They organize into cedar chests. Pffft. My front bedroom has 3 rolling things with 3 deep drawers each. Full of yarn. My front bedroom has bags upon bags and a couple of boxes. Full of yarn. There is yarn in my closet. Yarn in the backseat of my car (2 huge bags and 2 clear bins) that has yet to see the inside of my house. Yarn in the trunk of my car that has yet to see the inside of my house. My garage has this great little office in the back that is dedicated, at the moment, to 3 huge boxes of yarn that was my grandmothers that I got when she passed away last year. Then there are the books, pamphlets and magazines about yarn in some form or another every-damn-where. I honestly have more yarn than my LYS. And yet I keep buying yarn. I'm not a knitter. I'm not a crocheter. I'm a yarn whore.

Maybe I'm going about this whole knitting business the wrong way. I need to approach it like I did crochet. Knit an ass load (that's a whole bunch) of squares in coordinating colors, turn it into a sampler afghan, give the sum'bitch away to somebody and move on. That way I am learning the stitches, doing small projects and eating up the stash. But not until I get the stash under control. That starts this weekend. I am dragging all the yarn I can find into the living room and going through it. Period. Don't try to stop me. Christina, if you see me on GW this weekend(and you will *sigh*) , harp on me about my stash situation. Please.

So, since what I have is Guild Wars right now, I shall speak of it. And no, this is not turning into a GW blog. It's an everything blog, dammit. Read the top thingy, up there. The lovely, aforementioned Christina, also, as you are probably aware, plays Guild Wars. But she also knits socks, so she's my idol. She has also joined our guild and graced us with bringing over friends and folks from her previous guild, who have brought friends of theirs from another guild.. She has tripled our numbers. She has turned our quiet, little, unassuming guild into this raging chat machine of people grouping up for missions and guild battles. I have to turn off my guild chat and ignore my own guild sometimes to be able to complete missions. These people she brought to me and T are chatty, saucy, belligerent and have attitudes the size of a 7 year-old beauty pageant winner. And I love every single minute of it. DH and I have had more fun over the last week or so grouping with these fun folks and meeting new people. Thanks, Christina! She's probably turned all shades of red by now. hehe So, to further embarass her, I have screen shots of her and I in GW. This is her half naked ranger and my half naked warrior. Please, do not tell her she is hot. She knows. We all know. Everyone in the game tells her over and over and over and over and over and over.......oh, here's the pic. Click on it to get a larger view.

And the next 2 are of myself and T's female warrior (Don't ask. He likes to watch her run. o.O) and then one of my warrior doing a healing spell and striking one sexy pose.

And don't I wish I really looked like this.

Hope everyone has a great day!