Friday, February 03, 2006

Check it out!

Y'all, I totally made this. Yes, it's my second one, but it amazes me every time I finish something that I can actually do it. Plus it's tiny! It's standing next to a normal sized gravy boat for Heaven's sake.

Do you ever finish a project and after all of the knitting/crocheting/tatting/quilting and tucking in ends and such, sit back to look at a finished object and just think "Wow. I MADE that. With my own 2 hands. I f*cking rock, dude!" Yeah, I did that with this bear. I have carried him with me for 2 days now and I kept taking him out and putting him on my desk. He's actually now headed to Washington state to a friend so she can gift him to her sister. I really hope she likes it. If not, she can send him home and we'll be ok with that. Hehe

This weekend I will work on getting the Cafe Press store set up so I can get the prizes set up and sent to the winners. I am so excited!

I also spent yesterday at lunch getting photos taken for a passport. I have been saving for over a year now and April 2nd I am taking my mom on a cruise. A cruise. No seriously,y'all. A real honest to goodness get your ass on the boat we're headed for the Caribbean cruise. I booked it today. Scary stuff that. The kick-ass camera is going with me. I am bouncing off the walls. Wheeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope everyone has a great day!


Christina said...

You really think something that cute will be sent back? Not likely.

You'll just have to join the crochet olympics and make one for you.

(PS. Nice to see you've remembered how to use that fancy camera!)

Elizabeth said...

Nahh, a cruise isn't scary! My husband and I went on one last January, it was abso-friggin-lutely awesome! We went to the Caribbean on a 10-day trip with Princess. Who are you going on? It's gorgeous down there and our favorite place was Grand Cayman. Yeah, we liked everything so much, we're saving to go next year. I could ramble on and on about everything, but I won't take up all your comment space! ;-) I know you'll have fun. Take lots of pictures, we took over 300!

Imbrium said...

Aw! He's so CUTE! (Yeah, I know it's pink. It still strikes me as a he.)

I love the "I MADE that!" feeling. Knitting for me is all about the act of creation.

Norma said...

He's adorable, but the whole thing for me is upstaged by you saying you're going ON A CRUISE!!!!! You go, girl!!!!!

Helen said...

It must be passport week!
I spent this afternoon geting passports for myself and the girls.
We toyed seriously with a Carribean cruise, but somehow it turned out that we're headed to Belize. I've been making cracks about running away to Belize for years,.... now I know where it is... and we're going.
Ain't this travel planning stuff grand? (as long as you ignore the price tag! 3 passports at once -OUCH)

Jeanie said...

Your thread bear is adorable! I'm totally addicted to making thread bears and am always amazed at how they turn out... they all seem to have their own unique personality. Weird.

Gosh, a cruise. How wonderful... you will have a blast!