Monday, February 27, 2006

Manic Monday

Hi gang! Yep, it's Monday. I've been told there is supposed to be a post today. One

I'm back. Ok so we had a really, really laid back weekend this weekend. There was very little cleaning, very little of anything but gaming, couch cuddles and a bit of laundry to tide us over for the week. The most complicated thing I fixed food wise was a bit of beef stroganoff yesterday and some grilled cheese sandwiches on Saturday. One

Back again. Where was I? Oh yeah, lazy weekend. I think last weekend was just soooo crazy we needed one to recover from it. Good thing too, because work today? Nuts. We had a conference call today at 2 pm. It covered all 4 location. Windsor, Ct., College Station, Tx, Boulder Co., and Bothell Wa. Nobody made one mention of time zone. Every one of us showed up at 2 pm. Our time. Ya'll, this was the longest conference call in history. We missed it by an hour. So we had a small impromptu one. By the time we got done, the Boulder folks were on. The Bothell people are still on it. I bet next time Windsor states the time zone for this sort of thing.

Ok, where was I? Oh yeah, today? Today is crazy day at work for some reason. It's just...busy. Insane. Anyway, I've begun to notice a trend here at Casa de la Stalker. I've had a few picture of yarn aquisitions, but ummm....not a lot of yarn "content." I'm not working on anything again. Oh I have projects going, but that's so not the same as working on them. This is supposed to be about stalking and crocheting and knitting....and it's not. I mean granted, it's my blog and I can do whatever the hell.....damn phone...

Whatever the hell I want with it but I really do owe you guys some good old fashioned yarny goodness with projects and such. I'll get on that. In the meantime, the phone is ringing. Again.


Imbrium said...

Well, aren't we popular? ;)

And now I'm craving a grilled cheese. Damn you!

Melinda said...

Maybe you should unplug your phone? Or at least get caller id so you know which ones you don't have to answer.

Did you ever determine the fiber content of the really soft, silky yarn?

Christina said...

I'm still waiting on the texas crochet massacre photos. Since you have nothing better to do and all ;)

Carrie K said...

Time zones. I love that. I'm always calling back east and wondering why they're not at work at 4pm. My time. West Coast.

Working on a project and casting on several new projects to keep the WIP's company is too knitting. At least in my world.

Jeanie said...

Hey Angie -- here's a little something for you. Check out CrochetCast at!