Wednesday, May 31, 2006

And It's Wednesday!

Hi ho neighbors, Stalker Angie here and happy to be back from the land of "Oh dear sweet deity on a pogo stick I swear if you whisper that loud again I will rip your throat out." Thank you to everyone for the well wishes. Yes, migraines suck the big one and I haven't had one in over 4 years, so of course I have no migraine meds at home. Go figure, huh. It must have been pretty bad. T said he opened the door to the bedroom Saturday,causing the dog to bark, causing me to scream, writhe on the bed, fall off the bed, throw up and reach in the night stand for my gun. Somebody was gonna die so it would be quiet, by God. Then I passed out. I think he lies.

Have you had these things? People, you hair hurts. I don't mean moving your hair causes pain in the scalp. If someone touches your hair without moving it, it is still agony. Ag-O-Knee! Yes, we're all so very glad it's over. Now to get past the "Who in the hell beat me up" stage. Cuz y'all, your body hurts after the migraine goes away. It leaves little presents of muscle cramps and such. Bastard.

So, anyway I had a post for Friday. Said post is now being absorbed/assimilated by this post and we shall now all move on past the pain and yurking. Yay! So in the absence of blogging, I have been making new and exciting travel plans. See, what had happened was, I was over at Skitter's blog home one day and she had said something witty and I had commented with something to the effect of "you should give me a tour of Dallas yarn stores." As in "Oh haha yeah like I'll get off the couch long enough to go somewhere. Not!" Skitter said, "Yay!" I laid low.

Another time I was on the Skitter's blog and she went and decided to get herself a new spinning wheel to learn to use. I, being a smartass (Gasp! Can it be? Alas, 'tis true), did respond to Skitter with "You better learn it so when I come to Dallas you can teach me." (Meaning, remember when you thought I was coming to Dallas? Haha! Aren't you cute?) Skitter, being the darling that she is, replied with something to the effect of "Omg omg omg wtf bbq stfu lol when are you coming to Dallas???" (Some creative license taken by blogger.) Yes, I am sure Skitter speaks with multiple question marks. She just seems the type.

Anywho, after reading that e-mail a couple (dozen) times, I thought to myself, "Well why the hell not? Why shouldn't I go to Dallas and meet Skitter? Chris seems like a lovely person and it would be fun to meet someone new and see new yarn stores and such. She can tell me why my knitting sucks ass so bad, and I can ummm.....learn. Or corrupt her with crochet. Woohoo!"

So I asks the hubby and we had us a conversation in which he did much blinking and ticking points off on his fingers:

T: "Let me get this straight. You wanna drive to Dallas. *tick* To see a bunch of people you have never met. *tick* Except on the internet. *tick* Because you all love yarn. Sorry lurv the 'fibery goodness.' *tick* And these people knit. *tick* You crochet. *tick* But you are all bonded by the fiber goddess." *Blink blink*

Me: "Yep!" *grin*

T: "You wanna drive to Dallas. *tick* To see a bunch of people you have never met. *tick* Except on the internet. *tick* Because you all love yarn. Sorry lurv the 'fibery goodness.' *tick* And these people knit. *tick* You crochet. *tick* But you are all bonded by the fiber goddess."

Me: "Ummm.....yes?"

T: "Sweetie, you hate Dallas."

Me: "Do not."

T: "Yes. Yes you do."

Me: "Nooooo, I hate Dallas traffic and the drivers."

T: "But you do plan to drive there."

Me: "Yes. What is your point?"

T: "By yourself *tick* in a city you hate driving in *tick* to a location you've never been to *tick* to stay in a hotel you haven't even booked? *tick*

Me: "Stop doing the finger thing. I hate the finger thing." *pout*

T: "Baby, you don't know these people except on the internet."

Me: "We met on the internet. Look how well that turned out."

T: "That was different."

Me: "You're right, it is different. Me meeting you for coffee at 3 am across town after meeting on the internet was really stupid and dangerous. This will be fine."

T: ...................

Me: "Yay!"

So the weekend of July 1st and 2nd, I am heading for Dallas, folks! I'm definitely meeting Skitter and NanC and hopefully I get to meet Good Girl Purl and the Purling Pirate P-) of the Purling Ps fame and if I am uber lucky, I might even get to meet the Squid! (Happy birthday, little stalkee dude!) Anyone else in the Dallas area wanna get in on the meet n' greet? If nothing else, I am always willing to meet in the lobby for social time. No strangers in my hotel room. Just, no. Weird. Who are you people again? For those of you not in the Dallas area, I should tour. Or something. I know that for next year I am planning a trip to Seattle, Washington for a few days to meet some of the lovely folks up that ways (You know who you are. You're lovely and you live there. I'm coming to see you.)

I am awfully excited about the Dallas trip and I would love to meet as many folk as possible. If ya wanna meet up, let me know and I will get with Skitter and see what we can come up with. Or something. I can't just invite total strangers to crash her 4th of July barbeque just cuz I'm in town. Seriously, people.

Until then, a couple of random pics of what I see when I step out my back door and look to the left. The sunflowers are in the neighbors yard but I love the layering effect of the tress, sunflowers and the ivy taking over our fence.

And a close up of the flowers.

Hope everyone has a great day!


Sachi said...

LOL!!! I think my DH would have a full-on heart attack if I left him behind. I'm a big girl and he's paranoid to have me go to the ATM. Sheesh.

Have a fantastic time!!!! When are ya leaving?

chris said...

You *totally* have me pegged with the multiple question-mark thing!

Also, for the record, you will NOT corrupt me with your evil crochet ways. NoNoNoNoNONONO! Heh.

And BTW, YAY! You're coming to Dallas!

erin/pinkerbell said...

oh how cool. I'm a wee bit jealous.

P-) said...

Yeah!!! You're coming to Dallas!! Yeah!!! (Oh, and me... I totally dig the crochet thing!! Been doing it alot longer then knitting!)

Anonymous said...

I am so IN! I have a new wheel too, I live close to Dallas (dallas adjacent as Aunt Purl would say) and I lurv the fibery goodness!


Ryan said...

LOVED the "tick" dialogue! Too funny!

Did you say Seattle?! Should I be scared? Should I get a gun? Or should I just start cleaning my house?

Christina said...

Look what your big mouth has gotten you into now ;)

T's going to be a mess when you get home, y'know. Or he'll be calling you so often you won't get a chance to visit.

Dallas. Hmmmf.

Angi (the other one) said...

Dang! I'm going to miss the fibery love fest! I have a command performance at my best friends wedding in *gasp* North Dakota.
And good luck trying to corrupt skitter. I've been trying for two years and it ain't worked yet.
I hope you have fun here in D.

Nanc said...

Hazzah! Yer coming to Dallas and we'll all get to play and have fun and stuff! Wo0t!

Okay, that might've sounded a bit looney and hyper. Tell T to never mind that bit up there. Nothing to worry about. Nope. Nothing at all.

(Hee! Fun will be had! And fibery goodness will abound.)