Friday, May 19, 2006

Friday Randomness

Happy Friday all! Not much going on at Casa de la Stalker, so I thought I'd throw in some random picks for you to peruse. Below is 3 pictures of the field outside of where I work. I see this field every morning and then every evening because I park facing it. I always take a moment and just look before I head in to start my day or head home to end the day. I love Texas wildflowers.

Also, totally random, is one of my wedding pictures! Yay! Happy day! It also gives you a chance to see the height difference between the hubby and I. Yes, I am the shortest one in my family. My nephew is shorter in the pic, but he's 13 now and taller than me already. I don't stand a chance. Nothing wrong with the photo. The left bottom corner is just a reflection of light because it's a picture of a picture. Did I mention I don't have a scanner? I don't know why. We had one once. Guess I should pay closer attention, huh. Click as always for a larger image.)

Anywho, from the left is my oldest brother, my too tall hubby, my nephew in front of him, me in the big white thing, my mom, my dad, my grandmother who used to knit and crochet and my older brother. Yes, I am the youngest of three, the only girl and a total daddy's girl. Hee!

I am off to spend the weekend with Mom (of the didn't really give birth to me variety) and recharge the old batteries with some fun, family, laughter and some promised kick-ass BBQ.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Imbrium said...

Oooh, I love wildflowers. Here in Colorado we've got riots of purple on the pretty.

And speaking of pretty...thank you for sharing your wedding picture!

carma said...

Hey! I'm the youngest and the only girl too! I have 3 older brothers.

LOVE the picture! :)

Happy Friday!

Christina said...

Yay, pictures!

Enjoy your weekend getaway :)

Kari said...

The wildflowers are beautiful.