Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Random Acts of Kindness

This morning on the way to work I wanted a donut. I've done well with continuing to lose weight and walking but dammit I wanted a donut. So, I went to Shipley's (my fav!) and I tried to decide what kind of donut to get. I also decided on a sausage and cheese kolache cuz it's better than JUST a donut for breakfast. Or so I tell myself. Then I realized I'd be walking into our office with a warn kolache and a fresh donut. I bought donuts for our office. It just seemed like a nice thing to do this morning. I still only had one donut, but everybody got to have donuts this morning. It was an appreciated gesture and we all had the warm fuzzies today. I didn't do it to get the "praise" of being thoughtful. I did it because I know how good it feels to get random acts of kindness. When someone does something nice and out of the ordinary that just brightens you day. I wanted to give someone else that feeling this morning.

Last night I sat on the sofa watching Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (one of the best musicals of all time, in my opinion) and crocheting a bit. I was missing my grandmother because a.) crocheting and b.) watching one of her favorite musicals of all time. (She always danced during "Goin' Courtin'" and she always laughed like an idiot at the barn raising. Now I laugh remembering her laughing.) So I decided to have lunch at one of our old family haunts in town today to celebrate her memory again.

When I was growing up, we spent several years in this town and every Sunday, without fail, our family went to Luby's Cafeteria for lunch. Luby's is a southern restaurant, and it's one of the old grab-a-tray-tell-them-what-you-want-and-get-your-food-right-then types of cafeterias. Kinda like school, with better food. We visited this place enough that the line ladies knew us by name. They'd ask how our choir/band/orchestra concerts went. How that spelling test came out. Did we bring up our History grade? When our family moved away, my grandparents continued to go every Sunday and they always took pictures and lists of accomplishments to share. When my grandparents moved back to Oklahoma, the waitstaff and line ladies had a going away party for them.

So back to the story, I decide to go to Luby's for lunch. Great memories and I can get a salad and fresh veggies to balance out the donut I had for breakfast. When I get there, the guy in front of me was waiting for them to cut up a tomato for his salad (cuz salads come first, ya know) so he told me to go on ahead. I said "Oh no, you're fine. I'm not in any hurry." We smiled at one another and went on to get our foods. When we got to the ticket lady (you pay after you eat but you get your ticket at the end of the line.) he turned to me and we had us a weird conversation:

Him: She put your lunch on my ticket.

Me: Oh, well we need to fix that. *chuckle*

Him: Yeah *laugh* Merry Christmas (haha funny funny I'm gonna buy your lunch. NOT!)

Me: (thinking) Just hurry up and fix the tickets so I can eat. Damn.

She prints out his ticket, hands it to him, he looks it over, turns to me smiling and says "Perfect." and folds the ticket into his pocket and walks off to find a table.

I get to the ticket lady:

Ticket Lady: Thank you.

Me: I need my ticket.

TL: It's on his ticket. He bought your lunch.

Me: He was serious??

TL: Yeah. Enjoy your lunch.

Me: Guh.

I felt weird for most of lunch y'all. Some random dude just bought me lunch. He didn't say why, or flirt or anything. He just....bought my lunch. He was just nice. Another random act of kindness in the day. Wonder who I can buy coffee for in the morning.


P-) said...

That is so cool! I love the random acts of kindness!
I was thinking about my grandmother today. She died over 15 years ago but I still miss her so much.

erin/pinkerbell said...

omigosh how sweet. you do something like that around here and it might land you with a restraining order....

Imbrium said...

*warm fuzzies*

The little things can make such a difference.

carma said...

Oh wow... That's so cool, your own day of "Pay it Forward" very very cool

**Warm Fuzzies**