Friday, May 12, 2006

Bad Blogger! No Comment!

Yeah this is a total cop out on a blog. I know. I'm sorry. My brain has melted and nothing is coming to me. I have stared at this screen since 9:30 am this morning and NOTHING, people. Nothing.

Ok, see that couple of sentences up there? That was written Monday. MONDAY, people! That was as far as I got before my brain leaked out of my ears. It was written about 3 pm. All day and that's what I had. Granted, it's been a weird week. Seriously weird. This is where this post goes once again into the land of TMI (too much info) also known as Sweet Jeebus Did She Really Mean To Blog THAT?? If personal info makes you uncomfortable, stop now. Turn back. Come back later to see if I have regained my senses. I won't have, but you can always try and optimism is so cute.

Ok, those of you who are regulars to Casa de la Stalker, know I have something called PCOS and that nothing about my body (female wise) functions normally. Until lately. March, then April (on my cruise no less. MY. CRUISE!) and now May, have all been...normal. I haven't been this regular since Junior High y'all. I haven't had cramps since Junior High. I don't have a clue as to what is going on.

So yeah, blogging this week just didn't happen. I was crampy and bitchy and totally weirded out by the betrayal of my uterus. Also, I have lost enough weight eating decently and walking at work on breaks, that I stood up earlier this week to stretch and had to make a grab for my skirt. It was headed flat for the floor. I don't care at home, work is a little inappropriate for losing your clothing. All of my under garments are loose and droopy. Not cute. Also, some of my skorts can now be removed/put on without the benefits of opening buttons and zippers. Time to find my previous clothes and see if I can get into them yet. Although, in a way, it kinda makes me sad cuz y'all, skorts. Comfy as shorts, look like skirts, I can wear them to work and nobody is the wiser. Yeah, the fat chick is whining about losing weight. Piss off.

So to top off all the weirdness, T is excited (excited y'all) that my body is trying to be normal. (He cheers when I bleed. Something wrong here.) He's ticking off days and times for optimal baby making opportunities. Shouldn't that be discussed with me? I really don't wanna be standing there washing dishes and be attacked by the baby maker. Ok, that's a bit of a lie, but you get my drift. Don't go buy the baby patterns just yet folks. I'll let ya know when the baby booty/bonnet/blanket marathon can commence. Yes, I'm trying to get into the breeder ranks. I promise (if it should happen) not to be the stroller in the shin lady at the LYS.

So, yeah, I think that's enough personal info rambling for one day. Besides, I'm leaving early from work today to go make a gift basket for the T's mom for Mother's Day.

Hope everyone has a great day!

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erin/pinkerbell said...

YAY! for weight loss, BOO for girly tendencies and ill fitting clothing. This is why I just do not buy cute clothes. Nope not until i lose some weight myself.