Friday, May 05, 2006

I Can Seeeee!!!

This post is brought to you by the word Vision. So my birthday was a couple of weeks ago and as usual I got some sort of expensive toy because I'm spoiled that way. For the past year I've had a laptop that I did everything on, including gaming. Laptops are so not meant for gaming. They lag out, they stutter, they can't process fast enough, blah blah blah. Don't get me wrong. I love my laptop. I love being able to take it anywhere. The graphics suck ass though.

So for my birthday, we went off and purchased me a new PC for my birthday. Hooray for income tax refunds in April! We also got a brand new graphics card for it that's awesome. It's a Radeon X1300 that gives beautiful game play. Umm..for non gamers, patterns are crystal clear and easy to read! Hee. To top it off, I splurged more than I normally would because I wanted this.

This is a 19" LCD monitor. It weighs like all of 5 lbs MAYBE and it's freakin huge! I love this monitor but at times it can be like sitting too close to the TV. I had to get used to playing on it because I would be getting attacked and not see what was attacking me cuz it was all the way in the top left hand corner and I had to move my head to see it. You can compare the size with the coffee cup full of pens on the bottom left of the screen.

Speaking of vision, yesterday was a very interesting day. most of you have seen my picture and will recognize these beauties.

Those are my glasses. Well, those are the frames of my glasses because when I went to take them off yesterday morning to clean them, they became this.

Those of you with glasses just went pale, swooned and said "Oh sweet jeebus no! Not that!" Luckily, I kept my old pair and was able to throw them on. Then I threw them right the fuck back off. See, I got the new glasses last year because the old glasses were already 7 years old and so damn scratched that looking through them gave everything a soft halo-like-headache-causing glow. So I called work, T called work and I started calling around town. No place in town had the same frame and it would be Monday or Tuesday before they got them in. Not happening Kemosabe. So I widened my search and just after noon we headed for Houston. They had the frames and could mount the lenses that day.

They didn't mention it would take 5 hours to mount them. I didn't tell them my lenses are hard to mount because I need prisms in my lenses. Hee. So, $125 later, we were headed home and I can see again! I could really use a little less adventure right now.


Christina said...

Oh I can totally relate to the glasses breaking. That really really sucks. I wear contacts usually, but have glasses for backups and mornings. Also, without them, I can't see much farther than the end of my own nose and am kind of a danger to myself. (Oh to be able to afford LASIK *dreams*)

True story: One day one of the little bitty screws that hold the side pieces on fell out. This is back when I still lived in the same town as the eye dr. I go to. I drop by their office one day and say can you fix this? The receptionist looks at my glasses, looks at me, and says How did you get here? You didn't drive, did you? I had to laugh and explain that it was ok, that I was wearing my contacts.

Imbrium said...


Look at that huge monitor. Thunder Bluff, large as life! Moonkin, huge and up close! I can only imagine....