Monday, June 12, 2006

For The Love of 2 Shells

So I worked on the shawl this weekend to some extent. I got another couple of rows done anyway. I spent most of my weekend cooking food on the grill and cleaning around the house. Food wise, we had an awesome weekend at Casa de la Stalker. Saturday afternoon was fresh corn on the cob, baked potatoes and the most expensive steaks I have ever bought from a store in my life all cooked out on the grill. It was amazingly good. See, I don't splurge on steaks. I'm just gonna marinate the shit out of them anyway. But damn, was I ever wrong about meat. These just melted. And I'll never, ever, ever boil corn on the cob again. It gets grilled, baby. Grilled. Just, yeah. I need a moment.

Anywho, Sunday was turkey burgers grilled outside and I just wasn't impressed. We're trying to eat healthier and everything was wheat bread and grilling and turkey burgers, but dammit, I want big greasy burgers from a grill. I'm a total carnivore. I like pink steak. I want greasy burgers. Gonna take some time to get used to the whole turkey burger idea. Is there a middle ground? Some sort of middle step? Like...pork burgers or something? Anything?

So on the crochet front:

I made T drive us to work today so I could work on the shawl. I was delighted to get crochet time in this morning. Brought it to work with me so I could work on it at lunch and during breaks. Got halfway down the row and my yarn must have broken. I feel an end. What the hell? Check the bag. Dammit! Not only did the yarn break, but the rest of it fell out of my bag! I checked as well as I could being strapped into the seat. Put the shawl away until we got to work. Fumed the whole way there. Got out. No yarn. It hadn't broken. I had finished the skein and forgot to bring a second skein with me. Not a happy camper.

So on the drive before I discover what a dumb ass I am, T takes an interest in the shawl.

T: So.....what's it gonna be?

Me: A shawl. Been looking for a pattern like this forever for this yarn.

T: so how big is it going to be?

Me: Not sure yet. I know the top stretches atop the bed.

T: Wow....that's kinda big. Is it supposed to be that big?

Me: Well, it started with 20 of these shells across the top, so yeah. And you lose one shell every shell row until you get to one shell for the point.

T: Cool. How many shells are you at?

Me: *counting out loud* ....17, 18, 19........What the fuck. Oh my God, no.

T: Is..that too many?

Me: *Groan as I count the top row.* ....19, 20, 21, 22. Shit.

T: If you rip that out for 2 extra shells I will tell all your blog friends and they will hunt you down.

Me: *Glare*

T: Besides. It's now 2 shell thingies wider. Most of these patterns are for toothpick women. It's no biggie, right?

I hate him when he's right. I really do. Two extra shells. *Pout*


Sachi said...

Unless there's some complicated edging, totally leave it.

Christina said...

Yeah, I agree with Sachi. It's not like a sweater, where being off by that much would matter. How can a shawl not fit?

Let's hope you have enough yarn to make it bigger ;)