Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I Have To Quit Liking Trees.

Renovations here at Casa de la Stalker. We had (until Monday morning) a chain link fence that encompassed our back yard. On the left fence, we had a lovely grape vine (non producing as of yet, but I am hopeful) and on the right fence was an ivy that is just beautiful and hardy. I willingly gave up my vines knowing they'd grow back anyway, neener, neener, neener. For those of you confused, here from a previous post, is the left hand fence.

And here, from a really, really previous post that contained actual knitting content (you may have a moment if you need one) is the right hand fence. With a Sophie bag in the making.

So what did I give my chain link fence for? This.

I've got some butterfly vine going along that back fence next year and some other ideas for the yard now and...........there's something missing in this picture. Dammit all to hell.

See the big red circle?? That used to have a fruit bearing pear tree! They cut down my Pineapple Pear tree! With Pears! See it had a pear tree in that very spot like this.

Ok, you have to click on this next one and make it bigger cuz I have proof ya'll.

And y'all, I totally did my artwork and words with my right hand. I'm left handed. I'm a genius. Really.

But they cut down my pear tree. My husband let them cut down my pear tree.

Et tu,Brutus Thomas?


Norma said...

What the?!

P-la said...

how sad....

but it is a pretty fence!

Anonymous said...

It's so sad when a mom has to come onto her daughter's blog to find out she got a new fence & lost a pear tree. Children these days!!! Geesh!! It does look very nice.
your megamom

Kaitie Tee said...

WTF?! I don't think I'd ever recover. We have a cherry tree, an apricot tree, and an apple tree. I love them all equally.

KnitterBunny said...

No! WTF?! I hate it when the men take things out that they aren't supposed to. My father cut down a whole fence line of wild black raspberry bushes a few years ago. I could have killed him. They made great pie.

My fiance pulled out my clematis last year. My tempermental finally growing and looking really good clematis. Grrr.

Mary said...

I think I might have to kill someone who took down a happily-fruit-bearing tree in my yard. I'm amazed at your restraint.

And just so you know, I'm a knitter, and I stalk crocheters, because someday I want to learn.