Monday, June 26, 2006


First off, hello to all the new people stopping by! And a big thanks to Steph over at Yarn Harlot for linking me and causing the demise of my stat counter. Hee! It's been fun reading all the new comments and the old comments and having unwary stalkees find out they've been stalked for a while now. Hi Rabbitch! Yes, I too lurk, too.

Oh and for those new comment makers that for some reason end up in Earthlink's Spam Folder of Doom and get the Email Rejection Letter That Hurts and Stings, never fear. I always check the evil spam folder first and rescue any comments having been wrongly shuffled off.

Bird Update!

Saturday morning, we got up and let the dogs out as normal and thank goodness they aren't morning people either. They stumbled outside right past the baby bird on the floor. *Whew!* Momma bird was in the room screeching at us, so we hustled out the door with the dogs and let em be. Peeking into the windows, we watched her fly down to the baby while it hopped around on the floor. She then flew up to the freezer and chirped at Baby. Baby chirped back then flew!! To the freezer!! Then Momma flew to the washing machine, chirped at Baby and he followed her over to the washing machine.

Momma then flew to the window in the back door and flew out to a tree and chirped again. Baby flew to the window and sat for a couple of minutes exchanging chirps with Momma. Personally, I think the conversation went like this:

Baby: Why are we doing this again?

Momma: We can't live in the nest forever. You're a bird, you have to learn to fly and get food.

Baby: But you bring me food.

Momma: If you think I'm feeding for the rest of my life, you're crazy.

Baby: Momma, I ain't goin' out there. It's too big and scary.

Momma: Don't you back talk me.

Baby: But Momma...

Momma: Boy, you get your sorry butt out that window right now before I count to 3! 1.....2.....

And with that the baby bird flew off to our fence where she joined him and they flew off. T thinks the Momma bird was calling encouragements to the baby such as "You can do it! You're the best flyer in the world! I know you can fly out here." Pffft. Dreamer.

Crochet Update!

I have no idea where I am on the shawl. I made progress this weekend and noticed I had screwed up one of the edges by making one too many shells and had to rip back 5 rows. Don't crochet exhausted folks. It just causes pain. I was hoping to have it done by this weekend for the Dallas trip and now it's gonna be a booger bear to finish on time. Yikes!

Did I mention I was going to Dallas this weekend? Cuz I am. Did I mention I was meeting knitting bloggers for the first time? Cuz I am. Did I mention that my legs are sore from all the happy puppy butt wiggles happening around here? Yeah. Just you wait til I get to stand up in front of the class for what I did on my summer vacation. All the other bloggers are gonna be so jealous.

Now, there's a list of blogs on the sidebar over there. Go. Read. Comment. Enjoy.


Sachi said...

I promise I'll get a buttom made soon. Sorry to hear about your hit counter LOL!!!

P-la said...

Squeeeeee!!! There's our button!! Wheee!!! Can't wait to meet you this weekend!!!

(and I think your bird conversation was right on the mark!)

Nanc said...

All I can do is repeat P-la's statements of "Squeeeee!", "Wheeee!!", and "Can't wait...!" I'm really getting pumped up for this weekend and think this may be the best thing ever since double-points!

BTW - I will NOT be your fall guy for when, er.. if you lift Chris' hand spun yarn!

chris said...

HAHAHAHA! I love the "bird conversation"!!

And I "third" the SQUEEEEEEE!

pacalaga said...

Cute birdies. ONE of my dogs would have noticed baby, and then somebody would have been wren-pecked because EVERYbody would have had to see what the fuss was about. I'm not entirely sure they would have known what to do with him.
(There's a neighborhood cat who likes to hang out in our back yard to see if the dogs notice him. They usually don't.)

CygKnit said...

Silly me. I apparently didn't realize that "Stalker Angie" actually was more than just a description, AND I somehow missed the link on the Yarn Harlot blog. I came over from one of your other stalkees, thinking "Wow, she really is a stalker."

*sigh* No excuse for my stupidity. Loved the bird story, though. In a gooshy happy ending kind of way.

M said...

Just saying "HI". :o) If the stalker gets stalked it's only fair that he/she/it know whom is stalking, eh?!

Teri S. said...

Yay for your birds! We have house finches nesting every year in the fern that hangs on our deck. This year I managed to get some pictures of them as they were hatching. It took two short weeks from the time they emerged from the egg to the time they flew off.

Enjoy your sounds like a blast.