Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Shawl Update!

Ok peoples, settle down. I know we're all here for a shawl update and you'll get one. My model is just running a bit late. You know how models can be. She won't leave her dressing room until her hair is perfect and 30 people tell her she really is beautiful and no that last bite of wheat grass did not make her bloat and look fat. Models. Hmmmfff.

So until she gets here, lets look at the shawl itself, shall we? Oh let's! I'm pretty proud of how far along I am and I have a couple of pictures sans moody model. Here we have the shawl doubled so you can see how big this sucker is really going to be. It takes up the middle of my bed so opened? Yeah. Huge. Yay!

Next we have a picture of the pattern developing further in the shawl. I really like how this is turning out guys. I have plans already to make another one and the yarn(s) to make it with. It'll be for a 16 yr old girl, so there's regular yarn and a railroad yarn involved. It'll rock. I'm all excited. Oh, right. Picture. Hee model yet. Well ok, as I was saying, I'm pretty impressed with the shawl so far and my progress on it. I've completed 6 shell rows out of 20 so that's 30% right? No! Wrong! Re-think this. The rows are getting shorter so row count isn't exactly accurate. So I decided to go by shell count because that's really what's important here after all. So with (Bear with me. Math is NOT my strong point) 22 (grrr) shells in the beginning row and losing one shell each row you progress then you're adding 22+21+20+19 and so on and so forth. I know there's a Trigonometry formula for this kind of calculation out there somewhere but high school Trig was my Junior year and that was 17 years ago. Can I get some slack?

Anyway, so it adds up to 253 shells in all and I've completed 117 which leaves all of 136 shells to go. People, I am 46% done already. Almost half! Sweet! Screw the row count! 46%! That's so awes...huh? Oh, finally the model shows up. Ladies and gentlemen, I present Saoirse the lovely in her modeling debut for Casa de la Stalker.

Saoirse: Momma, am I pretty enough?

Me: You're the prettiest girl out there, baby.

Saoirse: But the colors...are they ok?

Me: Oh they're gorgeous on you sweetie. Hold still for the picture.

Saoirse: It doesn't make me look fat?

Me: No Baby Girl, you look nice and svelt. Now hold still for another picture.

Saoirse: Momma, it's nice of you to make me this nice cuddly shawl.

Me: Umm....Baby Girl, the shawl isn't for you. It's for Mommy.

And with that she threw the shawl across the room, stormed out and hasn't spoken to me in hours. Models. Hmmf.


P-la said...

Hover a twinkie over her nose and I bet all will be forgotten! Great shawl!! I have the pattern and the yarn and just haven't got around to starting it. And the model, she's gorgeous (even if she is tempermental!).

erin/pinkerbell said...

aww such abeautiful sahwl on a beautiful model. Of course I'd be a little pissed at you too....;)

Sachi said...

Haha!!! Fantastic post! The shawl is grand. I can't wait to see it done!

Anonymous said...

Shawl is looking awesome! Saoirse carries it off very well. Saoirse a tempermental model?? oh BIG surprise!! lol
your megamom
PS...the 16 yr old will love it!