Friday, June 16, 2006

What The Hell? Friday Already?

Totally random stuff today, my dear Stalkees. Also a serious rant at the bottom you may wish to ignore. It has no bearing on anything.

First off, shawl progress. I'm down to the 14 shell row which, by shell count, means I am 64% done with the shawl. W00t! No, Christina, I'm not done with it yet. I'll get there! Hee No pictures today cuz I'm a slacker and , well, it's the same guys. Just longer and getting more narrow. That's not too totally exciting. Seriously.

If you want exciting: There's a new blog collaboration happening that is completely fictional and way too much fun. Won't you visit the neighborhood and say hi? Oh and go say hi to Sachi. She's like, famous now and stuff.

Also, the highway I drive to work was, until a month ago, a beautiful hilly drive with trees on either side. Now, they are expanding so they have ripped out all of the trees and burned them to expand the highway which totally doesn't even need it. Yeah, they burned the trees. Miles of trees that could have become paper to go for school supplies for homeless kids or lumber for housing for homeless people or firewood for the next winter for people who can't afford to buy any. I mean, seriousy. Just rip the trees up and burn them? I get pissed everytime I think about it. Hey beaurocrats! Fuck you! The tsunamis and earthquakes and hurricanes? Maybe that's Mother Earth's way of saying "How do you like having your homes ripped apart, you bastards??"

Seriously! Why is it that for us to progress we have to destroy something? Why, as a species, do our advances come to the detriment of everything else? Oh, yeah, I'll have more lane choices as I drive to work. I already had 2. I only need one. Gimme a break. Tell the deer, the raccoons, the 'possums, the coyotes and the wild pigs that lived on that land how nice their options are now. I see that raw barren earth every morning and I just want to cry. It's so damn ugly. And not just visually.

It's raining outside. I think I'll go stand in it until I feel clean again.


Sachi said...

LOL!!! You're so funny! I like how you did the linky thing to everyone. Kristin's joining us soon too. I'm just waiting for her stage name.

P-la said...


Katie - The Knitting Mama said...

Amen, sister! What really gets me is when Hollywood spends millions on making some really stupid-ass movies when they could have used that money to feed all of Indonesia. I know that is totally unrelated to environmental destruction, but it is the same kind of thoughtlessness. :(

Tara said...

Hi Stalker Angie ... new here from Harlotville and made it this far before I just had to comment. (I was restraining myself). You fucking ROCK! I love trees too ... spend a huge chunk of my free time planting them (even grow them from seed in a little non-profit nursery) when I could be knitting (I'd be a really good knitter by now if I didn't plant so many trees). Anyway, just wanted to encourage your rants and say go girl. Get pissed and express yourself. Consider a letter to the editor or your local elected representative (not sure what they're called in the US) and keep up the great blogging.