Friday, July 14, 2006

Knock Knock...

Who's there?
Dwain who
Dwain the bathtub, I'm dwowning.

Yeah bad joke. I know. No real post today, I'm afraid. I am drowning in stupidity at work and callers who think I have a magic "fix-it" wand shoved up my butt. For the record? I don't.

Real post on Monday with pictures and everything. We have 2 new additions to the family I have to show off and there might be yarn content. Ya never know around here.

See ya Monday and have an awesome weekend!

1 comment:

Sachi said...

Ahem. I need to send you a twist, BTW. A twist of Colonial (green/blue and the brown/red you saw before) and maybe a twist of alpaca... and I'm thinking about getting my hands on some yak/merino that was sort of like a cloud. It was hard for me not to stuff my face in it.

Oh, and a twist of maroon merino and a twist of merino/tussah... Care to drop me your address? *grin*