Thursday, July 20, 2006

Taking in the bad mojo

Miss me? Yeah, I've been laid up since Sunday with a dislocated hip. Yay! I am totally taking my cosmic lumps for Lee Ann's recovery. From reading around the interweb here, she should like, not only recover from her surgery, she should have perky breasts and tight abs, huge amounts of energy and never catch another cold as long as she lives. Here's to ya, sweetie. I'll take the gimpy hip so long as you're okay. :)

Real post tomorrow. With pictures. Ya know, the one I promised for Monday? Yeah, that one. Hee


pacalaga said...

DAYUM. That sounds bad. I have dislocated my knees a gajillion times (yeah, really) and that sucks big ass. I can't imagine a whole hip. That would be like KillMeNow pain. I hope you feel better soon, and don't do whatever it was anymore.

Sachi said...

Hehehe... I sent you an email before I checked your blog. :-/ I'm sorry you're laid up.

P-la said...

Put two skeins of yarn on that hip, drink a bottle of tequila, and it won't matter anymore!!

Hugs! Get well soon!

erin/pinkerbell said...

*whimper* I'm sorry. That sounds EXTREMELY painful. Should I ask how one dislocates a hip, or isit better not to know? Clucky departed for Texas on Friday.