Monday, July 31, 2006

You Harlot!

I. Met. The. Yarn. Harlot. I did. I so did. I stalked her and everything. So let me tell ya the story.

I spent Friday night at mom's cuz she's closer to Austin and she had thought she might be able to go and she had my first 2 Harlot books from reading them and such. Then she and I got to talking on Friday night and the next thing I knew, it was 7 am and I had to hop in the shower to leave her house by 8 and be in Austin on time. That's right folks. No sleep. I didn't care. There was stalking to be done.

So off I head to Austin, cane in hand, worried that when I get to meet her I am going to totally dork out. I probably did, but I have an excuse. Ha! Anyway, I wasn't worried about falling asleep because I love the drive to Austin, where the motto is "Keep Austin Weird," so there's always something entertaining on they way. Like this little gem. Female biker. Love the license plate.

Rocket Bunny, indeed. Yes, we were stopped at a red light. Jeez, people. Do you think I take pictures while driving?? Ok, yeah so I took this one (and literally 8 more just like it) on the way.

This is why I could never fall asleep on this drive. It's gorgeous. It's like going through tree tunnels...and I think we all know how I feel about trees, huh. So, gorgeous drive, blah blah, motorcycle babes, blah blah. I found the church where she was speaking (does anyone else find this slightly ironic? Yes? No? ok) with no problem what so ever and man....was there a crowd! Here's the early crowd from my vantage point..

And that's just from 2 angles. I didn't get what was behind me. She had a nice turn out! I must say, it was a bit creepy to find people in the crowd knew who I was. If you guys papparazzi'd me, let me know would ya? I wanna come see how bad the pics turned out. To top off the heat of the day (Steph agreed with me that it was damn hot) my face broke out like 2 days before from my hip meds and I swear I had 15 yr old boys stopping me on the street giving me Clearasil money. It was sad.

So anyway, Steph was introduced as "Just another Harlot on South Congress" and we all laughed, but Steph? You're not just any Harlot, k? And here she is! Blogging us!

I know everyone says it, and it always comes across as sucking up to Steph or just, I don't know, insincere, but dudes, she's awesome. No, I am not gonna fall at her feet and worship her (unless my hip gives out and she calls 911 for me) and I know she's not perfect, but she is quite something. She's funny as hell. She had us rolling with tears in our eyes. Or it might have been lack of sleep. I don't know. I do know I watched her while I was in line after the reading and over at Hill Country Weavers and she treated each person individually with care and spent time with everyone. She viewed and commented on projects, asked about blogs....she is a lot more patient than me. Just another way we are polar opposites. She is also, quite lovely. Proof!

Before I got up to meet here, there was another lady in line who's name was Angie. Steph asked her if she was Stalker Angie. She was not. So I worked up nerve and went with the dorky and yelled "Steph!" She looked at me and I told her that I was, in fact Stalker Angie and I got the same response as Skitter; "Wow, you're a real person!" This cracks me up. It must be pretty awesome to travel the country and meet all these people. So then I got up there and I am so impressed that I didn't go total fan girl on her and just start screaming. Point for me. But I did get a Harlot hug, and we talked, we laughed, we blogged....

I totally dorked out when I got to hold the sock.

The lady behind me in the red skirt does NOT look amused. I'm sorry I took too long. Really. I know how bad the heat was. I promise. I know how hard the line was too. Thank you for not beating me with your circulars.

We discussed how now that we are face to face, polar opposites getting along, it was a bit disappointing because I think we both expected world peace to descend. I fully expected the middle east to suddenly sit down, pull out yarn and needles and discuss gauge and swatches. Someone in line said they would check the news when they got home. I like that person.

I didn't want to leave. I wanted to steal the stool next to her and just chill with her while she made nice with everyone. Or maybe I just wanted to sit and get off the gimpy hip. We may never know. I would, however, seriously love to spend an afternoon of tea/wine/beer and knitting with her. I think it would be a total hoot.

So I ended my Harlot adventure, stepped outside and stalked.

I uhh...don't know who these people are. By then I didn't know who I was. If you're in the picture, tell me! Hee!

I also got to meet Very Pink (very briefly, she liked my shirt) who is in one of these photos I believe. It was all a whirlwind but it was all wonderful.


Christina said...

You got to hold the sock!

(Any chance it remotivated you to make some of your own?)

Glad you had fun.

In a church. Hee.

S t a c i said...

Angie - coolest post. Your post was almost as much fun as being there.

And yes, I was in one of your photos (I'm'm the woman with the red handbag and the giant sunglasses that look like they're eating my face. :)

I do so very much love the shirt you were wearing that day.

P-la said...

And now we have another thing in common!! We both met the Harlot!! *sigh* I thought about you last night...we were at Stitch N Pitch..I was eating nachos...and there just may have been some spillage!! hugs!!

Sachi said...


kristin said...

I can't believe you were there and we didn't meet! I was totally looking for you with your cane. But you did get a picture of me without my knowledge like a true stalker. I'm the chick in the pink shirt in the picture with staci.

caro said...

The woman in the red skirt is Susan from . I promise she's super nice and fun and she probably wasn't impatient at all, you just caught her mid expression. I'll vouch for her!
I'm the one in the black Orangina with her back to the camera talking to Staci VeryPink outside. So, uh, hi!

chris said...

Ohhhh, I SO wish I could have been there! And yeah, you so pegged the Harlot better (and funnier) than I could have . . . she had me rolling around on the floor laughing til I cried (no, it wasn't lack of sleep --she's just that funny!), and I think we all left feeling like she had made special time for each and every one of us -- what a talent!

I love tree tunnels, too.

Stacy said...

I wish I had known that was you in the cool shirt! I turned into the biggest doofus walking around with my mouth open wide - thinking to myself "Wow - I recognize these people!!!!" Did I introduce myself to anyone? Nope. It was a wonderful day anyway.

meg said...

i just found your blog - linked it off of the harlots comments. omg, i've been reading all of your old posts and im in tears.

oddly enough, i sat right next to you (same pew and everything)during the harlot revival.
thanks for making the last part of my "work" day pass in laughter.

Childe said...

Day-um! I wish I had known that was you - how fortunate to have your picture taken with the Harlot -

My son and I were in the third row; nice to see Stephanie up close but a real disadvantage when it came to getting grouped for the Signing - I was in the Very.Last.Group and spent most of the waiting hours in the house across the street -

Anyway, next time I will recognize you and will say hello.

Wasn't it a fun day?!!!

Susan said...

I'm the chick with the beer and Ken. You are completely awesome and I'm thrilled to have found your blog.

I'm completely honored to have been stalked. Just don't leave any dead animals on my porch, 'kay?

Jo said...

Stalker Angie! I want you to know that when I got to the signing, and told Stephanie who I was, she got all excited and started jumping and nearly screamed "Stalker Angie is here, too!" (for bacground, see my blog entry "Stalking the Harlot"). You are officially famous! By the way, Steph LOVED your T-shirt! The only bad thing, I didn't get to meet you...but I did have a few intimate moments with the Bermuda short Ken!

Julia said...

Dearest Stalker Angie,
Loved yer Harlot post(s). I wanted to i.d. some folks for you from one of yer photos:
This one:

From R-L: Rete(, don't know who is on the ground behind her, Katy(blogless but traveling buddy of Christine (bpc), Me, Julia (, Abbe (, Staci (you know,, Caro, her back side anyway(, Kristin ( and last but definitely not the least, Christine ( but we only see her fooling with her hair in the forground.

I was inside HCW scarfing brownies and when i came out they told me I missed you. I'm sorry, it was a crazy day and I was supposed to say hi to you from Chris (skitter). I met up with her in Dallas when I went home for a visit with my mom. We've been pals ever since. Next time you do Austin, be sure to holler at me. I can holler too and cuss, real bad. Long live the Harlot!

Anonymous said...

woohoo! i'm in stalker angie's pictures! 2nd one down, I'm in the gray shirt, meeting Julia and Katy. What a great day! Come back to Austin anytime.

denny Mcmillan said...

I like to check out harlot's blog to catch up on her travels,I am an arm chair traveler. I like that she links , (I don't know how to do that yet)and I don't just get her vantage point, but everyones who was there. I don't seem to miss her when she's home, but when she's away it's so fun following her.I just wanted to say I love your entry.It just gives me a proud feeling that everone likes her.(not that I have anything to do with making her a nice gal,she's jusy made that way) luv dennyxox0xox

catsmum said...

Angie you rock! Found you linking from Steph's blog and now I just have to go read your archives I think.

Rabbitch said...

You should come stalk further north. Texas is too far ...