Wednesday, July 12, 2006

PMS + Bad Hair Day = Drastic Hair Measures & Weeping

First off, let me just say to those who may be concerned, my uterus is still where it belongs. I believe that particular crisis is over. For now. I make no promises to what may happen in a few weeks from now.

Pacalaga - I think I am the only female on the planet that wants nothing to do with chocolate during "that time." It tastes gross to me then. Any other time, bring it on.

P-la - You sure know the way to a girl's heart. :)

Norma - Thank you for making me laugh hard enough to make the hubby ask me if I was ok. Totally batshit indeed, Madam.

Chris - He knows who Ryan is cuz he's heard the name for over 2 years now and she's the one what got the Stalker Angie gig started. He's still worried I am gonna run off with her.

Ms. Ryan - You rule. You truly do.

Now, who remembers this picture?

Bad yellow lighting, bad blonde streaks, hair whacked off, and still looking too dry for it's own good. This was right after I got 7 or 8 inches of my hair cut off. And here a back side view of same haircut with less yellow lighting and a better idea of my blonde streaks.

Well, I got tired of the blonde and the tangles it caused. I got tired of the length again. I had PMS. Friday I had it all whacked off again. I didn't blog it on Monday because I was still crying. Looking at it now, it looks so much healthier and it's really pretty. All I could see over the weekend is it didn't look like I got a haircut. It looked like I dyed my hair 2 shades too dark. Yes, there's still some of the color left on some of the tips because my hair grows stupid and I didn't want it too short. Still looks cool. Hehe

Behold. The Stalker's natural color that has not been seen in over 2 years.

Now compare the 2 back views. Yeah. Its a big change.

There's shine there now. There wasn't before. There's healthy hair where there wasn't before. The color isn't bad, just not used to it. I guess I'm done crying about my hair. I'll just blame it on the PMS.


Cookie said...

I like the new cut. It really does look like healthier and happier hair.

chris said...

I love the new cut! I also have a personal policy not to get my hair cut while PMS is in town . . . too many times I have ended up angry and tearful.

kristin said...

The hair looks fabu! Being a curly-haired girl myself I can understand about the hair growing weird. The brown will look so much healthier and there's not as much maintenance.

Sachi said...

Your hair is so amazing. I wanted just this type of curl all my life. I've only achieved it chemically once. Never again, I'm afraid.

I have just enough twist in my hair to be annoying but not enough to be called "curly" Meh.

erin/pinkerbell said...

I love the au naturel stalker hair. The color's so pretty. Clucky is waiting to go to the post office.

carma said...

Ooooo pretty.


Like my Mama always said, "It takes a couple days for the ends to know they're ends." Hey she needed a ready-made phrase for the daughter that would drastically change her hair then SOB, regularly.

For the record I don't like chocolate when I'm PMSing either... I crave things that are orange... colored.

Anonymous said...

Sisterfriend, I love your hair! Man I wish my hair were long enough to cut off all of my "not mine" color so I could have my natural (whatever that may be) color back. My hair grows so damn slowly.


P-la said...

oooh!! I like!!! Wait, is that something there on your let me get that for ya... ;)

Petra said...

I really like it, it's so shiney! And your curl is perfect! Wanna swap?