Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Stalked! Also Hi!

Yes, it's me! I still have a blog! I just don't know if I still have any stalkees. *pout* So yeah, life has been ever so busy and it sucks and I am trying to get back into the swing of the blogging and the stalking. I have so many blog posts to catch up on it's not even funny. Well, I'm sure the posts themselves will be funny, but you get my meaning. The hardest part of this is getting back into my groove for the blog. I have a writing style. Kinda. Sorta. Shut up, do too. I just need to remember what makes you guys snort and spew coffee on your monitors is all. Cuz, ya know, I find that shit funny.

Anywho, waaaaaaay back on Aug 19th, I went to Yarntopia cuz my arm was twisted and such. You guys know how I hate yarn stores.

This is an adorable yarn store. The folks are friendly, helpful and they have a really nice selection. So anyway as you walk in, there's this sitting area on the right with a sofa and 2 chairs and as I walk in I hear:

"I'm stalking the Stalker."

I heard it, I'm just not sure I heard it right and I'd have loved to see the look on my face as the lady on the couch repeats herself with less surety and a slight question to the statement. Good job Ang. Let's make faces at the stalkees and scare them. And who was stalking me? Why none other than the very lovely Dene!

I like Dene. You guys would like her too. She's funny and tall. OMG so tall. Yes, I know I'm short as hell. Also, shut up. Dene is awesome and we had a good time playing with yarn. I promise she was having a better time than what the above picture shows. I think I caught her off guard. This is more like Dene.

I'm angry about this picture though because it was supposed to be a stalking shot and the yarn I was hiding behind didn't make it in the picture and it just looks like I tried to shove my camera up her nose for a picture. She looks lovely though. I also learned her real name and in true stalker fashion, I'm so not sharing. My info. All mine. Mwuahahahaha....*cough*...sorry.

So Hi Dene!! Maybe next time lunch can be involved cuz you were a blast to talk to. There might have been yarn purchases, but we're not saying. What happens in the yarn store stays in the yarn store, right? Like a mini Vegas? Hee!

So I've noticed something rather odd, and you guys can tell me if I just need to lay off the crack, if I just have an obsession or if it's just this way. I try my damnest not to judge people on the way they look. Some of the sweetest people I know can scare children and adults alike just by walking in the room. By the same token, I know some physically beautiful people that will rip your heart out because they want to. Granted, there are moments when some people just make me think "Oh someone needs a makeover soooo bad." But I slap myself mentally and try to find pleasant things about people.

Then there's knitters. What's the deal with knitters? I've met several in person now, I've seen a horde of them when I met the Harlot, and lots of them post their pics on their blogs. So what is it about knitters that there aren't any ugly ones? Why haven't I met any ugly knitters? Do they just appear beautiful to me because they have yarn with them? Is it because they are usually draped in something hand knit that we can fondle? Everytime I see a picture on a knitting blog I'm all "Oh wow, she's pretty/cute as hell/beautiful." Why haven't I seen a pic on a blog that made me say "Well, it's a lovely shawl....she should stick to pics of FO's."

Is it possible with all of my stalking I have just become enamored of knitters as a whole? If someone in need of a serious makeover picks up knitting needles and yarn, will I think they're pretty all of a sudden? Maybe we don't need makeover shows. Maybe we just need to teach everyone to carry yarn with them and everyone will be pretty and shiny. Maybe I need to lay off the wine coolers for a while. Or dammit, maybe you're all just that damn lovely.


Anonymous said...

Welcome Back!!!

Ugly knitters? I've never seen any either, but then again, I can see beauty in just about anything or anyone (must be the mom in me)

ps - wow, first comment :-)

chris said...

Yay, Stalker Angie is back!!! Woooo! This stalkee has certainly missed you.

Cookie said...

There are you! Welcome back.

I think as a whole, we're a cute group. Outgoing, helpful and friendly help, too, I think.

Unless I've got the weird skin, then all bets are off. o.0

erin/pinkerbell said...

You haven't seen me in person yet :) mwahahaha! Knitters: millions of beautiful people, and 3 ugly ones.

P-la said...

Maybe it's because you're beautiful. And when you see a knitter you see a part of yourself in us, which makes us beautiful!

susan said...

Glad you're back!

Christina said...

Who are you again?

pacalaga said...

It's cuz we ugly ones don't post our own pictures. We distract you with puppies and babies.

Dene said...

Angie! you finally got around to posting - I was waiting for you LOL! I had a super time that day and it was a great distraction. Do get in touch if you are ever this way again. And thank you for your nice comments - that bribe was well worth it :)

Post about what I remember is here:

Take care!

Brenda said...

Alright, so I stalk the stalker! I've been lurking for a while, then I wondered where you went. Glad you're back.
Maybe we're all beautiful because we're so content when we have yarn and needles in our hands - like there's nothing wrong with the world. Or maybe you've been drinking too many wine coolers.

Nikki said...

All the fiber makes us glow, that's whay knitters are gorgeous. Fiber Therapy at work!

catsmum said...

glad you're back. I missed you.
as to us all being beautiful... well no ... that's why there are pics of cats, goats and scenery on my blog!

S t a c i said...

It's the lanolin in the wool. We touch the yarn then we rub our faces and we don't even realize our amazing beauty secret.

Denise said...

That settles it; I'm never putting my knitting down again! LOL

P.S. Welcome back.

Anonymous said...

Do they just appear beautiful to me because they have yarn with them?

Love that! I will carry yarn everywhere I go now.

Rabbitch said...

Welcome back. And yes, we're all that lovely.

Holly said...

Maybe we're just happy because we have yarn....I think happy people always look beautiful.

Christine said...

Wait. You were here at Yarntopia stalking and I didn't know about it so I couldn't come and stalk you? Damn. Heck, that could have been my next podcast - meeting Stalker Angie. And I missed my chance not only at the Harlot, but at Yarntopia too. *sigh*

I'll pay better attention, I promise. I don't want to miss the chance to stalk you next time.