Friday, October 06, 2006

Real Quick

Cuz did you know that when you get a lay off notice that it's a silent request for everyone in the damn company to demand you do something for them RIGHT NOW? Yeah. It is. I didn't know either! They should send out a memo or something. So yeah, it's been crazy busy and stuff.

Anyway, just thought it was a good idea to say "Hey! Look! I'm alive! Woohoo!" Things are looking up even though I am still losing my damn job (bitter much?) and don't have another one lined up yet. BUT, I have some leads and I've got ideas running through my head (but there's so much room!) that I might try selling stuff on Etsy, creating patterns and maybe try my hand at writing...something....or something. A Stalker Angie book.



Pppfffttttttbuahahahahahahaha! Heehee....damn that's funny.

But seriously, thanks to those of you who have sent me job ideas and application links. They are all being seriously considered (Do you think you could work with me? Do you think you'd get anything done with me around?) and some applications have been sent in. So again, thank you!

Keep your eyes open for an Austin countdown timer on the side somewhere. I'm so ready to go. I'm also gonna try and stay in town that night cuz....ya know....there's alcohol and such. Not that I'll be getting drunk (cuz we all know I'm a mean ass drunk) but a couple of drinks might be nice, ya know? Plus, someone might wanna hang out and sit around a hotel room and knit or something. It could happen. Shut up.

COME TO AUSTIN!!! (It's not that far from Washington/Vermont/Illinois/Canada dammit. Carpool or something)

Back to work. *sigh*

Update: The countdown time was wider than I thought so it goes up top instead of on the side bar. Thanks for the link Christina!!


EarthAmi said...

Oh if only I could make it down there, but then I would lose my job and I'm not sure how great a get together that would be. ;)

I hope it is a blast. Glad you are finding somethings that interest you, and hey I'd buy your book. :D

Christina said...

Ticker-maker site:

Also, it is too far from Washington. And I get carsick. I'm still not coming.

Carol said...

I would definitely come if I wasn't so damn far south. I was gonna email ya, cause I was getting worried you went on a ten state killing spree or something. I'm glad you're treating yourself to a good time though, ya need a party woman!

GaiaGal said...

Oooh. So glad to see a post. Been thinking about you two and hoping for the best! Hang in yarn, it helps!!


Anonymous said...

LOVE the Stalker book idea - I'd definately be in line to purchase :-)

Norma said...

Well, I can't make it to Chi-frickin'-cago, but Austin, here I come! (riiiiiight) Well, maybe. I've always dreamed of going to the Lake Austin Spa. Yeah. Letcha know as soon as I win the lottery....!!!

P.S. Is Lake Austin anywhere near Austin?????? hahahhahaha. Seriously, after I typed that, I thought, "fuck, I bet it's not even NEAR Austin."

Knitting and Chocolate are better than zoloft! said...

You know it's not such a bad idea...I'm thinking you wouldn't even have to write much just collect stories from other yarn/knitting/crochet stalkers and stalkees and put them all together!

I'm still planning on being in Austin...just need to find gas and drinking money lol

Jo said...

And yes, Virginia, there will be drinking!
Gas money is much cheaper than when the Harlot was here (so much more for yarn and drinking!)
Perhaps a late night Queso Qrawl?

Rabbitch said...

According to MapQuest it would take me 37 hours to drive there. I think I'll have to miss it this time around.

Leeny said...

Glad to see you hanging in there, good for you! You'll be okay, you'll be more than okay!

Sunflowerfairy said...

Austin has very large and hairy spiders. It's off the list.

Come to Connecticut.

Anyways, glad to hear you're still hanging in.

And we wouldn't be able to work together. I'd be too busy rolling on the floor clutching my stomach from laughing.

Nanc said...

Good to see you post again. (No, not worried so much as 'concerned' - not that I know what the difference is.) Still thinking good job vibes for you and T.

I doubt I'll be hanging out overnight, but you can count on me laughing along all day long!